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Remembering How To Sell

It’s a strange process to approach a group of people and ask them to exchange their money for a product you’ve made. In stores the customer gets to initiate the sale and at trade fairs people are there to buy or engage with our product. 620 more words

Everyone has a Story, Sell it !

Being raised on the east coast was a blessing and I loved my childhood but to say i was an entrepreneur would be a far far stretch. 160 more words


Selling Telstra Stocks in Logan City

Selling Telstra Stocks Telstra Corporation (ASX:TLS), known as Telstra, is Australia s largest telco and media firm. Telstra builds communications infrastructure networks for voice, mobile, internet access and pay television and provides [ ] The post Selling Telstra Stocks in Logan City appeared first on We Sell Shares.

There's Always Something to Learn in Selling

No matter how long I’ve been training and coaching salespeople, it really frustrates me when people feel they know all there is to know and they believe there is nothing they can learn which will improve them. 820 more words


New in store!


This month I’ve uploaded 3 more images on my store. Two short collections:

Bloom, inspired by a summer pool party

Coming soon… 46 more words