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Consider This Before Labelling An Artist As A Sellout

Nowadays, this term “Sellouts” has become very common and is being used for a lot of artists or has been used for artists, but in this blog you’ll know if it’s right to say so. 850 more words

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Pernicious Weeds and Business Deals

I guess this is why I kept this domain—to post about once a year. After hearing of another brewery snatched up by ABI, it’s time to dust off the old MacBook and jot down some thoughts. 755 more words


children love the corn

a child is running through the

blackened corn maze when

a helicopter flies overhead

and is chased by giant robot which has

tentacles.  the child feels in his… 41 more words

What McDonald's and your highschool crush have in common...

Alright I know, this is a bit off – in the sense that it is not travel related – but I had a revelation the other day… about McDonalds… 445 more words


Opportunism: The Judas Error

Watching the Republican convention may have convinced America that never have so many white people gathered for such malevolent purposes. But, every now and then, the TV cameras pick up a dark face and zoom in. 384 more words