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Selvage Storage...

I don’t know where I’ve been for all the years I’ve made quilts, but I’ve never saved my selvage until this summer. So when I started I just grabbed the nearest container I saw and started putting them in there. 105 more words

Quiltn Party

Lee 101 Union B jeans

This was a find from the Sales. Lee 101 collection Union B Dungarees from propably a couple of seasons ago.

Made of surprisingly nice selvage denim and nice mix of vintage features and modernized fit without been too slim or low. 19 more words


Materialistic excuses and the daily joy of something lovely

I’ve been told I am a snob and an elitist many times, either about my taste in movies or the things I fill my house with. 590 more words


Skinny Selvedge Pincushion (tutorial)

(Or skinny selvage pincushion in the US). I started saving selvedges because it seemed to be the thing to do. When I started quilting and following the on-line community, a lot of the bee blocks used selvedges, and I didn’t want to be caught out if I needed some! 301 more words


Grain, Selvage & Yards... Defined!

Grain, bias, crossgrain, lengthwise grain, selvage and yardage are a mouth full of fabric related words. They can also feel like terms that are confusing and hard to understand. 425 more words


Secrets/Tips – Fabric Selection & Design 3

FINALLY!, this is the final installment in this particular series, stay tuned for other tips for other categories. Oh, yes, there will be more!

8. Decided you were in the pre-wash camp because of a bleedover. 556 more words