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A Common Misconception regarding OWL Properties

A misconception w.r.t. OWL properties that I come across from time-to-time is that people mistakenly think that properties express relations between classes rather than relations between individuals. 681 more words

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Understanding OWL Universal Property Restrictions

In my previous post I explained existential property restrictions. In this post I want to deal with universal property restrictions. In designing ontologies existential property restrictions tend to be used more often than universal property restrictions. 1,112 more words

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Creating, Writing and Reading Jena TDB2 Datasets

Jena TDB2 can be used as an RDF datastore. Note that TDB (version 1 of Jena TDB) and TDB2 are not compatible with each other. TDB2 is per definition transactional (while TDB is not). 265 more words

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Creating a Remote Repository for GraphDB with RDF4J Programmatically

In my previous post I have detailed how you can create a local Ontotext GraphDB repository using RDF4J. I indicated that there are some problems when creating a local repository. 528 more words

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Creating a Local Repository for GraphDB with RDF4J Programmatically

If you want to create a local repository for Ontotext GraphDB, according to the documentation. The are essentially 3 steps:

  1. Create a configuration file.
  2. 766 more words
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Classification with SHACL Rules

In my previous post, Rule Execution with SHACL, we have looked at how SHACL rules can be utilized to make inferences. In this post we consider a more complex situation where SHACL rules are used to classify baked goods as vegan friendly or gluten free based on their ingredients. 869 more words

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Rule Execution with SHACL

In my previous post, Using Jena and SHACL to validate RDF Data, I have looked at how RDF data can be validated using SHACL. A closely related concern to that of constraints checking, is rule execution, for which SHACL can also be used. 192 more words

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