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SEMB Warrants and Poor Investment advice.

Earlier this year, the Financial Times carried an article titled Analysis of various warrants listed on the CSE that included a table of warrants and their pricing. 220 more words

Warrants - The Black Hole of the CSE

Barely a week after the SEMB warrants stopped trading we have an announcement that SMLL warrants will stop trading on the 2nd of January. Predictably the price of the SMLL warrants plunged today, it was out of the money at the start of the day and inspite of losing 30% today and 7% yesterday the warrant ended up still being out of the money. 147 more words

SEMB Warrants

Today is the last day of trading for SMB Leasing PLC’s (SEMB) Warrants. As at this moment (10:40) the selling queue for SEMB.W0016 is 105 million. 242 more words