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LifeCell Dx Dr. Lani Burkman Debunks Male Infertility Myths -Is Infertility The Woman’s Problem?-

Infertility is mostly a problem for the woman to manage and figure out. Is that a myth? Total fabrications, prejudice, sexism, denial, male insecurity and a cultural norm pushing infertility as a  female dysfunction — these are all embedded in young couples’ minds. 1,198 more words


Transfer day (IUI)

Day 17 but no longer an IVF cycle. IUI – intra-uterine insemination. The day is a blur of emotion to be honest. We both arrived at the clinic for 11am, DH disappeared to Andrology. 432 more words

The day after

Yesterday I went to the doctor to find out why I have had no luck getting pregnant after two years of trying. I was diagnosed with PCOS,  and quickly a plan was set in place to get the ball rolling.  357 more words

Meeting RE

I am so glad that I sought a Specialist! Yesterday was the most informative appointment I have ever had.

First off, The doctor was sooo personable. 319 more words


Semen Analysis

Today Wayne had his semen analysis done. You would think that it was an invasive procedure that required lengthy recovery time by the way he was acting!   31 more words