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Rewind - Tests, tests and more tests

Now we get to the tricky one – The testing.

Before we set out we decided to spread our eggs over two baskets – the private basket and the NHS basket. 618 more words


A positive result – but not the one I am looking for

Quite a lot has been going on lately.

Firstly some good news.

Our semen analysis came back as all positive. So that is one thing less for us to be concerned about. 593 more words


My beta came back 90!!

“Just what we are looking for” the nurse said.

Ryan and I are doing happy dances across town, me at work getting nothing done, he at home supposedly changing electrical outlets (but really telling the cats they will be big sisters). 69 more words



6 days post 5 day transfer.

Number of pregnancy tests taken: 2.  Results both times: Negative.  We took the first 2dp5dt (that’s right – 2 days – pathetic I know, but Ryan talked me into it) and the second 5dp5dt.  184 more words


Stim Day/ CD 11: Trigger Shot and a good hormonal cry

The estradiol is increasing, which they say is good, but at a peculiarly slow rate compared to the wild growth of my follicles.  Dr. still ok’d me for the trigger shot last night, CD 10, and I left the office with specific instructions and times on when to take my last injections of menopur, follistim, ganirelix and the HCG and Lupron triggers. 358 more words


IVF has begun

I got my preliminary “instructions” via email yesterday – I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little overwhelming.  And this is the easy part!  169 more words


Pity Party for one, please

I have mentioned my sister is pregnant. Leah is 2 years older than me and we’ve always been close.  This is her first child, the first grandchild in our family in 12 years, and everyone is very excited.  763 more words