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1 Year TTC & Choosing Our Doctor

In May of 2015 my OBGYN began talking to me about starting some testing since we had been trying to conceive (ttc) for a year. We started with a routine pap smear and also blood work for me. 302 more words

The Urologist.. the tests.. more waiting

After waiting an excruciating long time (by long time I mean two weeks, which in the infertile world is FOREVER) my husband finally met with the urologist. 1,131 more words

Every Journey Starts with the First Step

Aug 2015:  Go for annual with my gyno and tell her about trying off and on for over a year.  Sent out for CD 22 progesterone blood work and BG’s semen analysis.   464 more words



I’m going to try and keep this short & sweet as I’ve gone through this information multiple, multiple times today over the phone … and still personally trying to wrap my head around it all. 195 more words


T-minus 7 Days -->

It’s been quite some time since I stopped by here … actually it was shortly after our first follow up 2.5 months ago. It’s hard to blog when there’s really nothing new to say. 411 more words


Last Ditch Sperm Check

My phone rang just as I turned on the TV to watch some 90 Day Fiancé while stuffing a salad down my throat at lunch.  It was Ryan calling, not the doctor’s office, only Ryan told me he’d just gotten off the phone with Dr. 314 more words



…And the clinic called me today with profuse apologies, taking total responsibility, and regretfully informing me they made a mistake when testing Ryan’s sample.  He will need to come back and give another. 26 more words