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Men Must Get Checked Too

Here’s a little truth that I discovered going for fertility tests: Women are often presumed to be the cause of the problem.

Since we decided to have a serious go at having children in 2009, and finding out quickly that we couldn’t, we started seeking treatment. 366 more words

Where do I even begin..?

Yesterday was shitastic in so many ways! If you recall, Brad’s second follow up appointment at the urologist was yesterday; his semen analysis at 7:30am and meeting with the doctor at 8:30am. 771 more words

One appointment down ... One to go!

Hey all! It’s been awhile since I last posted … I’m kinda slacking at this whole “blogger” thing. To be quite honest though, I haven’t had much to say or inform you all of since we’ve somewhat been at a standstill waiting for Brad’s urologist appointment and some answers!! 485 more words

MicroblogMondays: Bob's Misadventure

As required, Bob arrived at the clinic to give a sample for his semen analysis.  This is not the usual location, the one that he was used to.   445 more words

BE Aggressive, B E AGGRESSIVE!

Ok so I feel like I’ve used the word “aggressive” a lot today, and every time I say it, that stupid cheer goes through my head! 1,081 more words


Are You Kidding Me?!

Life can play cruel jokes sometimes. The last 24 hours have been awful. The lack of sleep, worry and constant pit in the bottom of my stomach… 182 more words


Another One Bites the Dust!

Up until today I had no news to report but alas, 14 DPO came (pat on the back moment for not giving in sooner) and with it came a stark, plain as day negative. 556 more words