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Before the year starts again...

As February rolls to an end, some might be happy that summer is finally over, some may be glad that 2017 is 1/6th over, and others, university students that is, are dreading the 4 months ahead. 758 more words


København a Great Time

Ashley Hong

DIS Copenhagen

Markets and Culture major, Art History minor

Ashley spent Spring 2016 at DIS Copenhagen. While she was there she took The European Experience: Why Cities Matter, Strategies in Urban Liveability, History of Copenhagen: Structure, Plan, and Design, 330 more words


Settling in to Semester 2

It’s currently week 3 of the second and last semester. 10 weeks and counting left plus the Easter holiday in between. There’s still so much left to get done whilst in Oxford before I leave this year behind and get ready to start my summer holidays. 440 more words

How to be ready for the new semester?!

Zdravo svima! Danas je poslednji dan mog februarskog raspusta i mislila sam da vam dam neke savete kako da budete organizovani. Potrudite se da ovo drugo polugodiste bude odlicno!Krenimo! 606 more words

Summer to Semester

I seriously cannot believe that the uni holidays are nearly over. Three months off sounds like a really long time, but it always manages to fly by! 604 more words


What I Learned in a Coffee Shop

I told myself I wasn’t going to blog. I was pretty firm on this decision as well. I told myself I would journal so it can be more personal and I don’t have to worry about annoying everyone with my constant posts. 698 more words


study abroad

I think this will really happen. A year ago I really wanted to go for this. A semester ago I didn’t want to let go of my position as Station Manager to achieve this. 117 more words