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Spring Semester: Done

The end of the term. . . finally.

The spring term is a notoriously breathless run from January through to April every year. The semester starts a bit early down here, and it is relatively unbroken by vacation days. 395 more words


Birthday fun and dumb deadlines

It’s my birthday! And I’m stuck writing a blog and working on my final project that’s due Monday. It still needs a lot of work, unfortunately. 165 more words

J2150 Blog

Exchange in Italy

I am currently on a semester-long exchange in Italy, which means my diet consists mostly of pasta and pizza and the occasional gelato. Fine, not that occasional. 407 more words

I wonder

Is it sadness or being alone

that makes one feel depressed

sometimes it just might be the

sad movie you just watched

or the act of staring at blank walls… 21 more words

end of semester is almost here

Teeth situation has improved substantially after a much needed visit to the dentist. All the nerves were extracted and life went from nonstop literally nerveracking pain to no pain! 779 more words


A Broken "Tomorrow"

If tomorrow never comes, will she know how much I loved her?
– Ronan Keatin, “If Tomorrow Never Comes”

As I lie down on my bed, I remembered those days.

566 more words
Literary Pieces

Week 14: 4

I’m still trucking along. The end of the semester is really kicking my butt, but I am making my way through. It’s hard to believe I only have one semester left and then I will be graduating. 122 more words