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Life of an engineer!

The story’s about me, my past and my present,

From my 12th boards to this MI event.

It all started when my 12th boards ended happily, 413 more words

Week 2

OMG it’s day one of week two and best believe I walked out of school Fing and blinding. These grown toughback people (God forgive me) are so loud and obnoxious it’s unbelievable. 250 more words

A poem I wrote for microbiology

Just a little side note here. I do not usually write poems but this is supposed to be a personification poem. So that basically means you give something that doesn’t have human characteristics, human characteristics. 171 more words


En Weekend i Banff

Det var snöoväder här i Edmonton på Fredag, fredagen då vi skulle åka iväg till Banff för att fira våran årsdag. Vi är inte helt säker på när våran årsdag är, bara att den är på slutet av året så vi tog det som en anledning att åka iväg. 1,512 more words

Resor Och Utflykter

Almost Done

I know I haven’t been able to post a lot since the semester started. I’ve been really busy. I missed writing.


The semester is finally almost at its end. 307 more words

12th October, 2016.

A few minutes back, I wrote a 5 poem series in 10 minutes. I am crazy I guess.

I’ll be uploading those poems soon as it needs a little description before I start that series and I’m going to be quite busy for the next 7 days because of my Semester examinations which are starting tomorrow. 57 more words

Daily Blogs

Insights from this Semester

My first semester in my third college is almost over and in the five months I’ve spent here, I’ve gained a few insights and realizations, but most of them are comparisons between my current university experience and the traumatizing experiences I had in a School-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. 957 more words