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College Semester Spring 2018


That’s going to be my word for today. Wow! Making the decision to finish my degree was one of the hardest I had to make this year. 424 more words


Blog #11

This semester has been really hard and really crazy. I would say that my greatest achievement is probably survival, first of all. But I also made it through my first music therapy practicum and tomorrow I will be giving my senior recital. 277 more words

Stress and Self-Love

I’m coming up on the end of my semester, and oh boy has it been stressful. Most of this semester I was able to relax, get work done slowly, and manage the workload well. 667 more words


Freshman year ending

My second semester of College has gone by very quickly. It is crazy to think that after three more weeks, I will be considered a Sophomore in college. 232 more words

Four and a Half Months

That, my friends, is how long I have off until my third semester of graduate school begins.

Earlier today I took my last quiz for my Children’s Literature class (before 8am) and instead of wasting the next five hours before work reading or wasting time deciding what to read next, I figured, ‘what the heck?  95 more words


Tips to Finish the Semester Strong.

It is probably the hardest time of the year……. the end of Spring semester. All of a sudden, everything is due, exams are coming up, and it is getting harder and harder to concentrate on classwork (can it just be over?). 603 more words


Semester Reflection

This past semester in Composing Digital Media has been a whirlwind of frustration, excitement, relief, and confusion. I have never considered myself to be particularly “tech-savvy,” and so I struggled a lot with figuring out how to use the different software and programs in the class.  355 more words

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