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Day 52: Gearing up

Goal update: The entire day was spent for University prep works that included meeting with the Course coordinator, finalizing enrolment plans and shortlisting/ applying for projects. 253 more words


Day 7: Exam and Planning Ahead

Dear Hazel,

Just to recap from yesterday: my presentation went well, and I should not have freaked out as much as I did. There was no need to get that worked up over it. 257 more words

Day 51: Decision made

I will be majoring in marketing in my Business Analytics course. I was confused as to which major to choose for my Master’s course. There was data science, sports analytics as well. 438 more words


Week 4: Studio-First Group Crit

Monday February 19th
Long, long day today. First group crit. Thankfully I was third one to do my presentation. I intentionally did not make a lot of preparation, just a few notes, as I figured I wanted to convey the chaos in my work and see what came out if I just winged it. 795 more words


Head Injuries Hit Life Hard: Surviving the Semester as a Concussed College Student

By: Sydney Berman

Nine times out of ten, symptoms of a concussion only last for about a week. If you seem to have terrible luck like I do, you may find yourself recovering for eight full months. 898 more words

Five-Hundred Word Challenge 375: Smiths Lake Once More

It is a Sunday today. Today is Sunday and this is the day that I head off onto one more field trip to add to my list of field trips that I have been a part of during my time spent being a student. 514 more words


Freshman Year, Season 2

With a new year comes a new semester.

In my opinion, winter break happened way too quickly. However, I did a lot of things during winter break like binge-watching all six seasons of Game of Thrones and going to Europe for ten days. 500 more words