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A week ago I added some new ink to my body. My parents weren’t very happy, but I didn’t really care. I added to my love for Harry Potter by getting a small glasses and scar on my right shoulder. 445 more words


Colons and semicolons

It doesn’t do any harm to have the occasional reminder about the difference between colons and semicolons.

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Grammar & Usage

Much Sorry to Grammar

Hey guys.

Me goes on camp tomorrow. Me goes until Friday. Me gets back on Friday. Me makes new blog for you on Friday.

Me also kills grammar. 100 more words


Give me a break please before full stop
A period, a time of night, before a day.
But now a poem stops at stanza break… 32 more words


semi colon vs. colon


  • To join two independent clauses when two clauses are related or equal or to restate.


  • After one independent clause to introduce a list or quotation.
  • 9 more words

So, I (re)emerge once more ...

As the title of the post suggests, I am re-emerging from another temporary hiatus.  If you have followed my blog before, you will know what I mean.   433 more words

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