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Not one

I drew a semi colon on my arm last Wednesday- colored it in teal for PTSD, and have been re-drawing and coloring it in everyday since. 44 more words

Let's get inked.

Let’s cut to the chase; I really like tattoos.  Seeing someone all tatted up with artwork that means something to them, coloured with memories, obsessions, or interests.   803 more words


About that semi-colon tattoo...

This year, Mental Health Awareness month is May. And for a few years now, I have seen articles and blog posts about semi-colon tattoos pop up in my timeline. 707 more words

GCSE English Language Technical Accuracy: semi-colons

The post today is going to explore my most favourite of the misunderstood punctuation marks: the semi-colon. If ever a punctuation mark needed someone to champion its cause, it is the humble semi-colon, so often abused, so little understood. 1,730 more words


Inside the Mind: The Semi-Colon ;

I was that kid in school that would draw on himself during class when I was bored during a lecture (which was a lot of the time). 364 more words

Inside The Mind

Semicolon (National Poetry Writing Month 2018 #11)

The semicolon means our life doesn’t necessarily end when it stops abruptly;
Instead we can keep on writing until we reach the ending we were supposed to have.

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My story isn’t over yet;

My mum bought me a semi colon charm to add to my nomination bracelet, it goes well with my tattoo. 😁