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#ProjectSemiColon. #TriggerWarning.

(Trigger Warning: Suicide Prevention and Needles).


Project Semi Colon has been around since 2013, but it has slowly crept into our popular culture, for the right reasons, in the past few weeks. 763 more words

Mental Health

A Tattoo in the Name of Mental Health

The semi-colon tattoo has been gathering much attention and support recently so I thought I would share.

An author uses a semi-colon to show where a sentence could have ended but hasn’t. 56 more words

Mental Health

Anxiety & The Semi-Colon Tattoo Trend

As many of you may have read, I recently collaborated on a piece about the recent trend of semi-colon tattoos that has emerged for http://www.readunwritten.com… 575 more words



Over the years I have felt the deep sadness around the suicide of people I knew or had met and, no stranger to the Darkness myself, I was reminded of one in particular because of some incident I´d read about in the US and the recent use of semi-colon tattoos for those who have overcome and survived. 181 more words


The Abuse Of Capital Letters

Every six year old primary school student across the world is taught to start a sentence with a capital letter. This practice is also appropriate for names and God. 49 more words


Project Semi Colon ;


Many of you have probably heard of “Project Semi Colon,” or saw the “Hipster” trending tattoo over the Internet… Many think that it’s just a teen phase, but they might not know the importance behind the rarely used punctuation and the symbol that it stands for. 632 more words