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At 10, I experienced bullying…

I was on my 5th grade that time, everyone calls me “blacktooth” because my front tooth was literally black. I was good in Art but nobody noticed that, people only see how you look and judge you by that. 1,909 more words


I’m not sure if any of you know about Project Semicolon, but learning about this non-profit organization changed my life.

If you have read my previous blog posts, you know I suffer from depression and anxiety and have for quite some time now. 387 more words


Hashtag: Keep Going

It has recently been a rollercoaster ride in the Philippine entertainment scene after a famous host of one of the longest-running noontime TV show announced nationwide that DEPRESSION is just a make-believe and that people suffering from it shouldn’t be supported. 610 more words

Here’s to those who feel like the world is put on their shoulders;

I wouldn’t say “Hi!” or “How are you?” or “It’s going to be fine.”

I would rather hug you if you’re in front of me right now. 1,228 more words

Being Strong

Anchor tattoo

As most people know, today is #mentalhealthawarenessday which is something if you follow me, you’ll know is close to my life. Struggling with anxiety and depression is bloody hard, it’s never easy, even the good days can have a cloud, but I’m here still. 103 more words

Semi-Colons & Colons: How and why and which?

This blogpost is going to deal with semi-colons and colons, their grammatically correct use and the way people actually use them.

If you go ever go on social media and read any post, you will most likely not find a semi-colon, and very rarely a colon. 576 more words

One Invitation

the semicolon,

ever winking, ever promising

two independents can come together—

a tiny constellation

glittering beneath my pinkie