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Life After a Suicide Attempt

A little over a week ago, my sister and I got semi-matching tattoos. Two halves of the same butterfly with the semi-colon as the body. I chose the words “Love, Laugh, Dream” to remind me how to live. 753 more words


Book Review: Armageddon In Retrospect

Kurt Vonnegut’s straightforwardness in story-making is refreshing to read. His sarcasm is fun to read and to think about just like his opinion about the use of semi-colons: 357 more words


mood swings.

Status today? perfect, feeling good, optimistic, clear head, no head ache, not tired, positive, energetic, looking forward to things, full of ideas and creativity.

Status two days ago: Horrible, depressed, negative, head aches, tired, angry, mad, pessimistic,  no energy, sleepy, blurry mind, couldn’t look forward to anything. 196 more words


Yesterday, my father figured out I wasn’t kidding when I called myself crazy

Surprise, Dad! And step-mother! And whoever else is foolishly reading this blog.

I went out to lunch with my father, my step-mother, and a friend. My father noticed – possibly not for the first time – the semi-colon I have tattooed on my middle finger. 752 more words


A week ago I added some new ink to my body. My parents weren’t very happy, but I didn’t really care. I added to my love for Harry Potter by getting a small glasses and scar on my right shoulder. 445 more words


Colons and semicolons

It doesn’t do any harm to have the occasional reminder about the difference between colons and semicolons.

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