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The Semi-Colon - Part 1: What has it done to deserve such hatred?

I used to be very critical of cricket. Not for any rational reasons. I couldn’t really play it and never bothered to understand the rules. Also, I didn’t particularly like the people who played it: they were rather snobby and superior and looked down on those who couldn’t play the game. 642 more words

Grammar Explorations

Self preservation...

So I’m on a mission. A mission to reach a stage where I feel like I can finally be in ‘recovery’. Don’t get me wrong I know that is a long way off but out of no where I suddenly fee something I haven’t felt in years – hope. 371 more words

Good Guys Might Be Playing Softball Tonight

The ‘Guys hope to be back in action tonight at 6:30!  The opponent:  Standard Aero: Aviator edition.  We think…  Who the hell knows anymore.  After week one, the ‘Guys supposedly played Midwest Militia when in actuality it was Yuengling.  217 more words

Don’t Use a Semi-Colon. Period.

I can’t find it in me to use semi-colons. I know they’re useful, in theory. But since when has effective writing been about theory?

With my thirteenth book about to appear, I can honestly say I have rarely felt the need for that little key just to the right of the L.  417 more words


Why I don't have a semi-colon tattoo 

It’s common with the mental health and tattoo ‘community’ that those who have survived suicide attempts or particularly traumatic episodes of mental health have a semi colon tattood on their body. 343 more words

New Tattoo.

Okay, I need to apologise. I said in my last blog post that I would start writing/uploading at least once a week… then I didn’t upload again. 369 more words


The Semi-Colon Project

By: Cassandra Vella

What is That Semicolon Project Everyone Is Talking About?

The Semicolon Project is a way of instilling hope in those who have ever thought about ending their life story. 270 more words

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