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Lesson 3: Sentence Construction

In order to construct a sentence, you need to know all of the perpetrator’s offenses. Like, for instance, if murder is… oh wait, wrong sentence… 713 more words


Fear Isn't Friend Nor Foe

“Fear, to a great extent, is born a story we tell ourselves…” -Cheryl Strayed

This is my favorite quote of all time, it’s meaning to me personally isn’t something that needs to be discussed in detail, but it’s meaning in general is something I want to talk about today.

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Lesson 2: The Apostrophe and Semi-Colon

While the correct use of the apostrophe isn’t a big deal, using it incorrectly can make you look pretty stupid. Correct use of semi-colons, however, can really give your writing a real nice look. 562 more words


"A Tribute to the Printer Aldus Manutius, and the Roots of the Paperback" - Jennifer Schuessler - New York Times

Current show on at the Grolier Club in New York featuring some of the books printed at Aldo Manuzio’s famous Aldine Printing Press. Manuzio is largely credited with establishing modern reading as we know it, by making smaller portable editions of classic books. 58 more words


A Battle-Scarred Red Admiral

Had I had no success with the computer problems that beset me this morning, you would not be reading this post, and I may have gone off my rocker. 606 more words

A hyphenated individual or a semicolon(ized) identity?

What fate do transitional beings like us have? I have had restless discussions about this in the past week. Yes, Bobby Jindal’s comments and the AIB Roast did propagate these debates. 903 more words

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