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Looking Closer at the Semi-colon Used in Lists

During the writers’ meeting on Tuesday, we discussed the use of semi-colons in a list following a colon. The published historian in the group, an academic professor who knows a great deal about grammar, punctuation and writing in general, brought it up. 473 more words

Lessons In Writing

My Next Tattoo

I’ve been doing some searching for my next tattoo.  I know what I want it to include… I know that I want it done professionally (not semi-professionally like my other three).   254 more words


Why We Must Keep Fighting For Our Mental Health Even After Amy Bleuel's Death

If the name Amy Bleuel does not ring a bell to you, she was the founder of Project Semicolon, a support community that advocates for mental health awareness. 752 more words

Cogito Ergo Sum

The ashes of you
Scatters through the wind
You are everywhere
The lakes, the mountains,
The rivers, the forrests
Here you are
On mountaintops,
And the deep blue sea… 208 more words


C Tricky Question: Print "Hello World" Without Using Any Semicolon In The Program

Unlike a natural language such as English, a formal language such as C adheres to strict code of conduct in which no redundancy, ambiguity or word-play exists. 130 more words



I’m taking a quick break from Reblogging Rae – nearly finished anyway – to make comment on something…

I just saw this article regarding the lady that started the semi colon movement. 138 more words


Sweet joy

Someone asked me today how I am and without thinking or analysing or overthinking I replied that I’m good. That I’m busy at work which is fantastic. 188 more words