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Make sure you click on this link because they are having a writing contest and it looks like a lot of fun!

Wouldnt the written word be frustrating to read without its punctuation?  477 more words


Dear, suicide note,

I have always been a soul, lurking at the end. Awaiting to enter the eternal realms. Don’t fret, my dear. I am finally home.

Seems extreme? 896 more words

Henry Miller, "Tropic of Capricorn"

“Once you have given up the ghost, everything follows with dead certainty, even in the midst of chaos. From the beginning it was never anything but chaos: it was a fluid which enveloped me, which I breathed in through the gills. 83 more words

Paragraph Paddock


A permanent reminder
of a temporary feeling
I am the writer of
my story
And this is not how
it ends ❤


Reading Challenge 2016: Book 14 – Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss

(My Rating: 4 /5)

I had skimmed through this book when my father bought it for me about 8-10 years ago, but now, inspired by… 493 more words


Types of English Sentences and Common Punctuation Errors

Types of English Sentences

English language has four types of sentences. They are simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, and compound-complex sentences. 900 more words


One More Day

The sad stuff gets to me. For instance, my cat is dying. I find it next to impossible to go about my day. I am easily stressed, overwhelmed, and depressed. 184 more words