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No steps back

I’ve never been very good at opening up. Yea big coming from me but honestly hiding behind a computer screen opening up is a lot easier than in person. 705 more words

A Touch of Ink;

I have never been a tattoo person. I loved looking at them on other people, but I never once thought I would be getting one. But like I often say on here, the beauty of being an adult is the freedom we have to change our minds whenever we want. 204 more words


Rescuing the Semi-Colon

Do you use semi-colons in your writing?

Or were you – like me – taught in elementary school that the semi-colon is a half-extinct sort of thing, more stubborn than a comma and weaker than a full stop, and therefore good for nothing but to divide the items in a list? 133 more words



How do I describe the feeling?

The feeling when your head feels like it’s going to drop, your skin is on fire and your throat hurts from choking back the screams and tears? 767 more words

; A new chapter

Well, this is something new. People have been telling me to blog and journal my trials for years. I guess I’ve been journaling for a long time, but most of that lies locked away, in archives and corridors as deep as the originals in my soul. 303 more words

Semi-colon.Lover or hater?

Hated by some, revered by others: the semi-colon is the marmite of punctuation. Use wisely!


  • Kurt Vonnegut – “transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing.”
  • US, Donald Barthelme – “ugly as a tick on a dog’s belly….
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Weekly Literacy Focus

In Jeopardy on Jeopardy

Whenever my husband David and I visit my father-in-law, we have to watch Jeopardy so that sweet man can count how many answers his Son-the-Genius gets right. 856 more words

Life Lessons