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Mostafa Fallah to present on Friday

All are cordially invited to a graduate seminar talk to be given by Mostafa Fallah.  He will give talk  titled “Coordinated Deployment of Multiple Autonomous Agents in Area Coverage Problems with Evolving Risk.” 384 more words

Seminar Announcement

Arian Panah to present this Friday

Everyone is cordially invited to hear Arian Panah present a talk on his MASc work: “Nonuniform Coverage with Time-Varying Risk Density Function”. The abstract of the talk is attached.  343 more words

Seminar Announcement

Drag Reduction on Airplanes using Laminar Flow Control - FRIDAY FEBRUARY 6th!

Special Seminar!  Speaker: Professor Dan Henningson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

DATE: Friday February 6th, 2015

Location:  University of Ottawa    
Colonel By Pavilion,  Room  D207,  161 Louis Pasteur     226 more words

Seminar Announcement

Last seminar of 2014 this Friday at 2:30pm!

In the final instalment of our seminar series for 2014, Maha Manoubi will present a talk on her MASc work: “Criteria for a Flame to Propagate Between Neighboring Pockets of Reactive Gas”. 353 more words

Seminar Announcement

Hassan Shaban to present on Friday

Hassan Shaban will present his PhD seminar talk this Friday on “Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Measurements in Gas-liquid Flows”. The abstract of the talk is below.   293 more words

Seminar Announcement

Samuel Leblanc Robert to present on Friday

Samuel Leblanc Robert will present his MASc seminar talk this Friday on “Restoration of damaged aluminum parts on aircrafts”. The abstract of the talk is below. 216 more words

Seminar Announcement

Christian Poupart to present on Friday

You are all cordially invited to hear Christian Poupart present his MASc seminar talk on “Control of ignition temperature in hybrid thermite-intermetallic reactive materials”. The abstract of the talk is below.  337 more words

Seminar Announcement