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General Thoughts on the Nature of Business – Strategy of Preeminence

Below is a collection of quips, sayings, and advice on how to make an impact in your industry I got from a lecture. Below are my notes: 1,526 more words


Professional practice: session 4 (Friday 19th Feb)

Reflection: what is Economic experience?

An experience add value of a product, people will pay more for an experience rather than the product.

Examples of economic experience… 280 more words

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Professional practice: Creative industries

Creative Industries (C I):

  • advertising
  • architecture
  • crafts
  • design: product, graphic, fashion
  • film, tv, video, radio, photography
  • IT, software, computing
  • publishing
  • museums, galleries, libraries
  • Performing arts  & music…
  • 204 more words
Uni Work

Professional practice

swimming pool theory relating to professional practice

Steps – follow steps(apply to job, interview)

Toe  dipping – trying it first

Dive in – do research then diving in… 87 more words

Uni Work

Acedemic writing style and referencing 27th Nov & 4th Dec '15

Acedemic writing

  • avoid opinionated writing – back up points
  • avoid first person writing (i, me) apart from writing about own writing and conclusion
  • avoid contractions (didn’t, hasn’t, it’s)
  • 164 more words
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Research & Development 17th Nov'15

How do you document your work?

  • blog
  • notebook
  • sketchbooks
  • sheets of paper
  • photographs (photos of what you have done weekly)

How are you reflective?

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182MC - Seminar Notes - TV

Rise of reality TV in late 90s – cheap – no actors, scriptwriters etc.

BBC charter

Unique creative form

US advertising – prescription drugs, Christian organisations… 521 more words