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Two Mini-Seminars: "Helping Parents Talk to Kids About tragedy"

This next Wednesday, November the 9th, FBC and Alethia Family Counseling will host two short seminars for adults – moms, dads, grandparents, teachers and others – 58 more words

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Talking to Kids about Death Video Series

Hello everyone – a few years ago, I was invited to speak at a church about talking to kids about death.  Recently, a child had died in their community, and they wanted tools to talk to their children about it.   33 more words


Navigating the Holidays Is Tomorrow!

I think this will be of great value to anyone regardless of what the holidays mean for you! We will be covering all topics related to enjoying and navigating the highs and lows of the holiday season. 23 more words

Seminars & Conferences

New Group Starting - Mothers of Anxious Children

This is a group I highly recommend that is starting in November:

For every mom who has ever been overwhelmed by their child’s fears, for every mom who feels isolated and unsure of how to deal with the extreme emotions their child displays regularly, for every mom who could use a little guidance in helping their child move through their anxiety – this group is for you. 130 more words


Navigating the Holidays Seminar - Nov 1

I think this will be of great value to anyone regardless of what the holidays mean for you!

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Mapping Spectral Traces 8: The Place of the Wound – Attending to places wounded by the legacies of historical violence

 “The struggle of embracing our moment—is the struggle
that we live in the most destructive moment in 65 million years!”

Brian Swimme, Professor of Integral Studies and evolutionary philosopher,

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Cathy Fitzgerald

Sharing the Hollywood project in the Open Fields - Riga 2016

I’m delighted to have been invited to share my creative transversal research and practice in Riga, Latvia at the end of the month. I was attracted to apply to share my work at this conference because of the questions that frame the event (see below) and I was doubly delighted to find that my travel to Latvia could be offset with an invitation to donate to a forest planting scheme – my type of conference all round! 283 more words

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