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Life hacks for fathers


My friend hosted me on her podcast this week.  It was time that went by shockingly quickly!  I think there is some fun stuff there!

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'Raising the Shining, Reflective Shield': the urgent need for art and sustainability policy for Ireland

Update: I have been invited by Dr Nessa Cronin, NUIG to present this material again, on art and sustainability policy for Ireland, in Galway, in Autumn 2018. 522 more words


Boring Marriages

Sometimes you hear people say that they are in a boring marriage.

They aren’t stimulated intellectually like they once were.

They aren’t as excited about spending time with their spouse anymore. 894 more words

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Google Developer Days India 2017

Last week in Bangalore, one of the greatest events gathering Google technologies enthusiasts took place. I wanted to share with you my impressions of GDD 2017 and how the conference went. 731 more words

Seminars & Conferences

Switches or Dials - Part 1

Switches or Dials

In the psychological world, there is an area of diagnosis called “personality disorders.” These include Narcissism, Borderline, Avoidant, Dependent, Paranoid, etc. There are 10 of three types (clusters). 586 more words


Understanding Sexuality Podcast


I got to be a part of a great podcast a few days ago.  This expresses some of the roots – going WAAAAAYYYY back (in time and in philosophy) for the issues of sexual identity that we face as a culture today.  Check it out!

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