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#LifeCoaching THE most exquisite experience is when one is in contact with the Infinite.



#LifeCoaching The ONLY way to clear blocks is by connecting to the Light.


Stress, is it worthy?

Stress can be caused by many causes: at home, at work, from outside sources.

Sometimes little stress can be motivational if it pushes us to achieve what we want, but stress can be very toxic, and we need to be very careful on the why we keep staying in situations, jobs, relationships, that cause us a lot of stress. 90 more words


Getting the best from 2017

It’s already two weeks into the New Year! I felt I should share these simple tips that would help you live a more focused, happy, healthy, grateful and fulfilled life. 265 more words


The Pacific Islands are the Perfect Locations to be During Winter Months

The Pacific Islands are the perfect locations to be during the winter months. With a complete reversed weather condition, the summer weather condition keeps the islands and inner lands dry with moderate temperatures to relax on the beaches with numerous resorts, commonwealth games taking place and performances, keeps tourists and visitors flying in and out of these locations. 207 more words



Meistarklase par inovatīvajām Anti-Age tehnoloģijām kopā ar Mauro MandozziNeoglis uzņēmuma direktoru un Neoglis (Itālija) dermaceitikas izstrādātāju.