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Semiosis – Sue Burke

If, as Nabokov said, good ideas really are hogwash, then there is no point in talking either about a book that creates a really good premise or one that reuses a really trite one. 428 more words

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The application of Semiotics

So after leaving a lecture very confused about a sign, signifier, symbol and interpreter. I decided to read into it I read This means this, this means that: A user’s guide to semiotics by S Hall and was published in 2007. 332 more words


Semiosis by Sue Burke

I really enjoyed Semiosis.  It’s a thought provoking read that explores some intriguing notions.

The book begins by introducing us to a number of people who left earth to start a life on a far distant planet that they named Pax.  915 more words

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Book Review - Semiosis by Sue Burke


I’ve let this story percolate a bit in my mind before I decided to start this review. I’m pretty sure that anything I have to say about it won’t really do… 461 more words



I just did not get the story at all. There just was something lacking, for over half the book I didn’t feel that anything was happening for that matter. 111 more words



If you would like to experience a new and unique perspective on the cliche of “humans colonizing a different world and encountering aliens there”, I heartily recommend the book Semiosis, by Sue Burke. 531 more words


Semiosis by Sue Burke

4 out of 5 stars

Genre: Sci-fi

For fans of : Arrival, Children of Time, and classic sci-fi like Rendevous with Rama

Overall Feeling: This is my absolute favorite  kind of science fiction: alien planets with a focus on human nature and linguistics and new ideas of what human societies could look like. 1,161 more words

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