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Song Highlight: "Closing Time" by Semisonic

Readers of this site will by now know A Diverse Sound is a place where I talk about anything and everything relating to music. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, just a guy who loves sharing what he’s hearing. 243 more words


BDWPS Podcast: Episode #61 (Class Reunion Edition)

In the latest episode of the BDWPS podcast, we revisit some of my favorite songs from 20 years ago (my senior year in high school). It’s an episode filled with memories and some great music from the past, including tracks from Fugazi, Archers of Loaf, Semisonic, Sunny Day Real Estate, Shudder To Think, The Descendents, Satchel, and Blur. 58 more words

Bob Dylan

I was talking to one of my guitar-playing coworkers about music and he asked me about how I find inspiration to write. I told him it’s both way easier than he might think, and also much harder than he might think. 610 more words

Music Which Inspires Me

Getting Closer!

I am 10 days away from starting my walk across Saskatchewan!  My school year is all wrapped up.  It is always a little sad at the end of the year knowing that another year is gone but there is also a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. 509 more words

Huntington's Disease

Dan Wilson Announces New Album Re-Covered out August 4th

New Record Finds Wilson Reinterpreting Songs from his Storied Career as an In-Demand Songwriter

On August 4, Dan Wilson will return with Re-Covered, a unique album that finds the Grammy-winning songwriter reinterpreting songs from his storied career that he wrote for and with other artists. 762 more words


Music and Happiness

Why does hearing a song transport you back to the time of hearing it and remind you of events in your past?

A study of responses from people with Altzheimers (author Petr Janata Associate Professor of Psychology UC Davies’ Centre For Mind And Brain) found; 756 more words