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Lanquin and Semuc Champey

If you ask anyone who has travelled to Guatemala which attraction they most recommend, the answer is almost always the Semuc Champey pools. Lanquin is the town near Semuc Champey (about 10km away) where backpackers stay and go on tours during the day to the pools or caves. 687 more words

February 2015

Common Fears about Traveling Alone: Safety

For some time now, I have wanted to write a post on solo travel, or travelling by yourself.  There are other blogs out there on this topic.  952 more words

Semuc Champey, Guatemala

These beautiful cascades are the must see destination for every tourist visiting Guatemala. The aqua pools sit on a natural limestone bridge above the River Cahabón which flows underneath. 326 more words


Guatemala - Central America's Hidden Gem

This post is somewhat longer than my usual articles, but I just couldn’t write less about this miraculous country. I honestly could have kept going for another five pages. 1,761 more words

Central America

Gorgeous, Green Gems in Guatemala

Livingston is a laid-back town situated at the mouth of Rio Dulce. There seems to be a fair few good places to stay and eat but us being us, we were lured to a more beautiful and peaceful spot. 1,400 more words

Central America

Six Days of Silence in Guatemala: Day 3

Day 3

It’s the morning of our second day camping under a tiny metal roof shelter on the banks of the Cahabon River in central Guatemala.  1,179 more words


A Few More Things I've Learned in Central America

As the days go by, I learn more and more. Some interesting, some not. I recently learned I love Guatemala. It has everything to offer, well maybe not beaches, but it has almost everything: volcanos, Semuc Chanpey, coffee, lakes, mountains, everything. 269 more words