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Semuc Champey, a Hidden Paradise

Guatemala was my favorite country I visited, by far.  It had everything.  There was beach (that I didn’t go to,) ruins, and volcanos.  It had the best stuff to buy and it was all cheap, too.   429 more words


Lake Atitlan, Antigua and Semuc Champey

The homestay in San Jorge la Laguna was an interesting experience to say the least. Here we stayed with a Maya family that spoke zero english. 306 more words



Rio Dulce

Our first stop, the second time around, in Guatemala was Rio Dulce or ‘sweet river’. The stop both allowed us to break up the trip to Lanquin, and take a boat ride down a river with steep canyons on either side. 3,081 more words

Back Roads of Guatemala

Back Roads of Guatemala

 © 2015 By Kathleen Kemsley, from journals kept in 2007

On the back side of Guatemala, coming from Belize, the state of Petén is known as the “last frontier”.  1,566 more words


Solo Travel Fears: Loneliness and Boredom

 Last week I wrote about a common fear of solo travel: safety.  You can read it here.  This post is going to cover the common fears of loneliness and boredom (as well as display photos of my solo trip to Semuc Champey and Livingston, Guatemala). 908 more words

Lanquin and Semuc Champey

If you ask anyone who has travelled to Guatemala which attraction they most recommend, the answer is almost always the Semuc Champey pools. Lanquin is the town near Semuc Champey (about 10km away) where backpackers stay and go on tours during the day to the pools or caves. 687 more words

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