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Caves+Swing Rope+Views....

Semuc Champey… Need I say more?

By far my best experience in Guatemala. From the views to the group I was with to my amazing tour guide, I couldn’t ask for a better day and experience. 491 more words


Semuc Champey - Heaven, and Hell on Wheels

There are many things you get warned about when travelling to Latin America – pick pockets, kidnapping, drugs, sleazy men, Tex Mex. But failing breaks as your minibus careers around the dirt road on the side of a mountain, so that the bus driver has to roll the bus to stop it falling off the edge of a cliff…not in the Lonely Planet guide. 885 more words


"Don't Buy the Package" ....One of My Guatemalan Adventure's

Guatemala’s National Monument – The Semuc Champey

This is a long story, I know.  It’s more fun to tell it around the campfire or at a great brew pub someplace with friends you haven’t seen in a long time….or maybe people new you have just met while out traveling.   2,800 more words


Lanquin - Semuc Champey

If you ask me, Lanquin (Guatemala) is a little place of heaven right here on earth. It’s a long trip to get here, especially the last eleven kilometres because you will have a VERY bumpy road. 526 more words

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Cahabon River

Cahabon River, Semuc Champey, Lanquin, Alta Verapaz (2015)


Semuc Champey, Guatemala: Day 5

If you have that little devil inside of you whose thirst for adrenaline and adventure must be quenched, then today is a day for you… 431 more words


Semuc Champey, Guatemala: Day 4

Player 1: “I raise you Albania roads and Costa Rica roads.”

Player 2: “I’ll take that bet and raise you Guatemala roads.”

Player 1: “I fold.” 1,313 more words