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Commissary Guardians: Modernize? OK. Privatize? No Way!

Military associations and the resale industry that supplies groceries to base commissaries are sounding alarms over a provision in the Senate’s fiscal 2017 defense authorization bill that would direct the Department of Defense to privatize up to five of its 240 base grocery stores for two years to assess if a commercial grocer can run the entire system. 57 more words


McCain seeks sixth term in uncertain terrain

PHOENIX (AP) — At age 79, running what may be his last campaign, Sen. John McCain finds himself on treacherous terrain.

A household name in Arizona and still beloved by many, the Republican is also confronting hostile and unpredictable forces this election year: The swirling voter anger that propelled Donald Trump to the brink of the GOP presidential nomination, and the resulting backlash from other groups, particularly Latinos, a growing force in his state. 910 more words


Jobs Americans won't do? Making Chicago cheesecake

The new UN High Commissioner for Refugees (after visiting Senator John McCain in Washington and signing an agreement to get more money from US taxpayers) visited Eli’s Cheesecake Company in Chicago. 405 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Me, My Conscience and I *Open Thread *

Sometimes politics boils down to just having a talk with your conscience. At long last it does for me. For many years as a Democrat I silenced that voice again and again to do what I thought, what I believed, what I was told was the best thing for my country. 1,018 more words

Trump fires off preemptive attacks on Romney

This is from World Net Daily.

Mittens is a two time loser that could not win in a uncontested race for dog catcher.

It is time for him to STFU and go away. 599 more words