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Gov. Perry's "Exciting Future Plans"

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) just emailed political supporters pledging to announce his “exciting future plans” at a Monday San Antonio event. Normally, when a politician schedules an official speech that will either be a formal campaign kick-off or retirement statement, everyone knows what will be said. 665 more words

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Kay Bailey Hutchison doesn’t seem to like Rick Perry very much

Kay Bailey Hutchison had nothing good to say about Rick Perry on MSNBC today where she gave her thoughts as she prepares to leave the Senate.

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Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison endorses Romney

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison tells CNN’s Carol Costello that she is endorsing Mitt Romney and calls “war on women” argument a made-up gender issue.

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Hutchison backs Planned Parenthood in funding dispute

WASHINGTON — Breaking with her fellow Texas Republicans, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison defended Planned Parenthood on Thursday and said the state should work to get back federal funding for the Medicaid Women’s Health Program. 12 more words


Kay Bailey Hutchison breaks with Texas Republicans over Planned Parenthood

WASHINGTON – Breaking with Texas Republicans, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison on Thursday defended Planned Parenthood and said the state should work to get back federal funding for its Medicaid Women’s Health Program. 6 more words

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Hutchison: Senate should expedite consideration of "JOBS Act"

WASHINGTON–Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison said on Friday that the Senate should use an expedited procedure to consider the “JOBS Act,” which passed the House overwhelmingly on Thursday. 6 more words

Kay Bailey Hutchison’s Social Security plan draws key GOP ally

WASHINGTON — Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison , stepping up an effort to scale back future Social Security benefits, drew a key endorsement Tuesday from a member of the… 37 more words

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