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News from Colin Hines – Green New Deal potential realised by leading American Democrats

As politicians and other supporters of the Green New Deal in the USA made their voices heard on Capitol Hill in December, Naomi Klein writes: 535 more words

Colin Hines

Too Many Americans Have Lost The Edge *Open Thread*

And how. Every day it seems people have gotten crazier than the day before. Every time I think they couldn’t possibly demonstrate their hatred of any one on the Right, or the United States in general, they somehow find a way. 1,018 more words

A "Power Grab" or Democracy?

Elections in most countries are held on a weekend.  Why?  Because people don’t have to worry about how to make it to the polls after work or on their lunch break.  951 more words

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In Search of a Moral Economy

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders defined a moral economy in a recent Duke University dialogue with the Reverend William Barber II: ““A moral economy is one that says, ‘In the wealthiest country in the history of the world, all our people should be able to live with dignity and security.’” … 513 more words


HHS chief dismisses 'Medicare for all' as 'too good to be true' and the Black Hole that Our Politicians are Creating!

Apologies to all those that read my posts for not posting Sunday evening. My home computer finally crashed. So, here is the weekly post for your review. 3,884 more words

Free tuition for all NYU medical students – a $55,018-a-year surprise but a Possible Solution!

So, finally, medical schools, or really one medical school, is looking at one important aspect of the cost of healthcare and an impediment to a sustainable single-payer system, affordable healthcare or whatever you may want to call health care for all and now with the midterm elections around the corner. 3,931 more words

Five Doctors and Surgeons Tell Us What They Really Think About Medicare-for-all and the Trump Administration Continues to Change the Present Medicare System!

Some doctors support single-payer health care — even if that means a lower salary. I’m wondering more and more, about who is Cookoo, Cookoo today?? I know that Bernie, Nancy and many of our politicians are crazy or Cookoo, but educated physicians? 2,229 more words