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Trustees Report Warns Medicare Finances Worsening and Bernie Sanders is So Adamant in Medicare for All as the Answer to All Our Problems

Peter Sullivan reported that House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi(Calif.) said Thursday that “Medicare for All” proposals should be “evaluated” if Democrats win back the House this year, adding “it’s all on the table.” 3,157 more words

Donna Brazile’s Politico Piece Speaks of Rigging (from November 4, 2017 - for The Daily Nerv)

Donna Brazile By Tim Pierce from Berlin, MA, USA (Donna Brazile) , via Wikimedia Commons

By now, you might have heard about or read the explosive  738 more words

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The Single Payer system/ Medicare for All and now Bernie Sanders seeks 'citizen co-sponsors' for a ​single-payer health care bill

Nicole Gaudiano reported that Sen. Bernie Sanders is now seeking “citizen co-sponsors” for a “Medicare-for-all” health care bill he plans to introduce in a few weeks. 3,876 more words

In my opinion, Donna Brazile, as the former DNC head had every right to publish her book but, her underlying premise that the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton rigged the nomination process is way overstated. 1,293 more words

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Hillary Clinton's scheme in 'rigging' the nomination may have been criminal


Hillary Clinton’s scheme in ‘rigging’ the nomination may have been criminal

By Gregg Jarrett | Fox News

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Perspectives: Politico -- House GOP Tax Plan Filled with Tough Tradeoffs (VIDEO)

House Republicans unveiled plans Thursday for a overhaul of the tax system. It includes fundamental changes in business and individual taxes, including big cuts in rates and new breaks for families. 13 more words