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Black Water by Joyce Carol Oates

In Black Water, Joyce Carol Oates plumbs the literal and figurative depths of death and suffering.  This is a technically brilliant novel.  Who else could lay out in stark bareness the whole plot of the book on the first page and then page by page, chapter by chapter, build up the meat of the book around these initial naked facts? 261 more words


A Fourth of July Feast...in January

Dinner number two complete! And this one was completely different from the last. Instead of the rugged, earthy nature of “The Last of the Mohicans” feast, we had a very American, very modern dinner in the style of Fourth of July picnics. 1,309 more words

Food And Recipes

The path of Caroline Kennedy

I had a friend whose brother recently passed away.  My friend is the sole remaining survivor of his family.  Both of his parents and his sister had passed away years ago.  325 more words

Doug Wead

Lack of Healthcare Reform Means that the American Dream is Dead.

It appears that the American Dream is dead as the Democrats have essentially no chance in passing some sort of healthcare reform package. The stunning loss of the senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy has now given the Republicans the ability to filibuster any significant healthcare legislation. 609 more words

Healthcare Reform

Mr. Brown Goes to Washington

by Kait Walsh

Scott Brown won the 41st seat in the U.S. Senate for the Republican Party tonight as the new senator of Massachusetts.  Just after 9 p.m., with over two million voters turning out to the polls today, Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate for senator, conceded from the special Senate election.  306 more words

The Dresses: Glee's Real Golden Globe Victory

None of us were really surprised, were we, by Glee’s victory in the Golden Globe category for Best Musical or Comedy Series last night.  It was as inevitable as a Democrat filling Senator Kennedy’s seat.   99 more words


Hey Obama – can you hear us now? No incumbent team need apply!

BettyJean Kling

Another nail in the Democrats coffin- Hey Obama – can you hear us now?

I was wrong about one thing I said it would take a year for the people to figure him out. 680 more words