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Senbazuru: A Thousand Paper Cranes

This photo is a little old–I took it in the SOM a week or so ago because something about the desolation and quietude calmed me. Oddly enough, it’s what most of the students or residents will often see when they leave because they arrive at the hospital so early in the morning and so late at night that they rarely see the sun. 543 more words

The Japanese Tradition of 1,000 Origami Cranes

Picture this: One thousand tiny, multicolored, intricately detailed, carefully hand-folded origami cranes connected together by thin strands of string. Think about the time that goes into folding just one origami crane (I can because I’ve been trying to perfect the art since we moved to Japan and it is no small feat). 565 more words

Soul of Senbazuru: Little Bird, Big Love

When I arrived in San Francisco, I was new. I had shed the skin of an old and tired chapter in my life, with nothing but adventure before me. 2,099 more words


the Thousand Cranes are finished.

They’ve actually been finished since December 8, 2013. It only took 2 years since completion to get them hung!

Since completing the project, I’ve had to talk about it a lot with my students, because we often talk about it in lessons. 613 more words