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‘Tis not love’s going hurts my days, but that it went in little ways.

‘Tis not love’s going hurts my days,
But that it went in little ways.

–Edna St. Vincent Millay, The Spring and the Fall

Just when I’d stopped opening doors…

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Just when I stopped opening doors ....

It’s holiday season.  On Saturday, my US friends and relations celebrated ‘Independence Day’ (July 4th) and in France les grands vacances are upon us.  The next two months will see most French people taking time off and we will also celebrate… 367 more words


Wallpaper: Yuna Kim - Yuna Queen

Trying out a new style…^^” not sure how I like it, but here it is a collage wallpaper of Yuna Kim. This wallpaper is 1920x1080px. Click on the image below to download.


Send In The Clowns

I get five channels now (six if you count the Mexican soap opera network), but the one I watch the most is MeTV.  It’s one of those nostalgia channels in the spirit of Nick-at-Nite, or at least what Nick-at-Nite used to be.*  Their lineup is brilliant, and I see no reason why I should be wasting my time watching reality shows when… 244 more words


Send in the Clowns!

If you were involved in a movie, would you rather be the director, the producer, or the lead performer? (Note: you can’t be the writer!). 309 more words

Daily Prompt

March 22nd - Stephen Sondheim born - "Send in the clowns"

In 1930, the great songwriter Stephen #Sondheim was born.  Here is a song from “A little night music”  #Singing #Feelgood

Send in the clowns

Isn’t it rich? 191 more words

Feel Good

Wallpaper: Yuna Kim - Send in the Clowns

Can’t believe it has been a year since the 2014 Winter Olympics! Here’s a wallpaper of Yuna Kim’s short program to “Send in the Clowns.” I think this has to be one of my favorite of her costumes and programs!  12 more words