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Why e-Wallets are better than having cash?

Until now, you have been paying for goods and services through cash and it has been really hectic. You have to stand up in a queue for hours just to pay the bills and stuff. 355 more words

Ezeepay Digital Wallet

Use Online Payment Gateway Solutions through E-Wallet

We are providing the EzeePay Payment Gateway for the users to make their payments online through this e-wallet. In a simple way, e-wallets are the apps that work as similar to the traditional wallets you carry but digitally. 356 more words

Ezeepay Digital Wallet

Aaj Dollar ka kya rate hai????

Sounds familiar!!!! This is the first question all of us ask when we want to exchange money.  While all of us know in today’s world almost every commodity has a live exchange where there is constant change in prices, currency exchange market is not an exception but being the largest here the prices change in seconds. 336 more words


Learn the fastest ways to make a money transfer to Vietnam

Do you send money to Vietnam on a regular basis? If yes then you should be aware that you help account for the equivalent of almost $7 million that flows through the country’s economy. 372 more words

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Make a money transfer to Philippines safely, securely and on a budget

Helping out your family overseas can be as simple as making a money transfer to Philippines so that they don’t face any hardship.

Current state and key trends of Money remittance to Philippines… 324 more words
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The True cost of Deposit and Withdrawal Fees With Epay Global System

When it comes to having an online payment solution for safe and secure online transactions, nothing would be as reliable and efficient as ecurrencies. Let’s take a good look on the prominent ecurrencies available for us and also the best way to buy or sell these currencies. 230 more words

Epay.com-Most Secure versatile online payment services

Whether it is buyer or seller dealing online money, both of them need a reliable and flexible online payment system. Fund transfer on the internet is in the full bloom, as the method offers numerous options to the payers and payees. 331 more words