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Drift Update 4/7/2014

This week we got networking working in Drift. And to prove it to you, we’re going to show the update from both of our perspectives. 39 more words

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Drift update - February 23, 2014

We’re back to working on Drift.

What’s fun is that we can apply some of the skills we’ve picked up in our “in between” projects. Eric is doing some pretty incredible work with procedurally generated voxel terrain. 34 more words

Weekend Warriors Indie Dev Jam: March 2nd - 3rd

A humble jam “hosted” by Send More People

Watch the livestreams of seven indie game developer teams from all across the world as they do their passion project of dev. 399 more words

Game Development Process

Today's Progress: Working In-Game Chat!

As you can see from the photos, I got an (ugly but functional) in-game chat system up and running today. You can type in your username and it’ll appear next to your chat string in the chat window. 78 more words

"Astral Battle" - Music by Send More People

I thought it might be interesting for folks to see the music that we’ve been generating for our projects. Even though only one game has been published, we’ve got done dozens of songs. 80 more words

Game Development Process