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We Need an Asian-American President

I bet you saw the title and thought of how strange the idea is, how implausible, laughable even. The President of the United States being Asian? 734 more words

Heroes: Reborn

Thursdays NBC 8pm

With the 13 episode reboot viewers will quickly learn the cheerleader from the original 2006 series wasn’t saved,and has been dead for a whole year.  956 more words


Everyday Cosplay: Katana Girl

When I found out they were making a new Heroes miniseries, Heroes: Reborn, I was a bit concerned. Heroes was, as they say, great when it was great, and it sucked when it sucked–and the last two seasons… 460 more words


TV Review: Heroes Reborn

I am a comic book/super-hero guy. I have loved superheroes since I was a kid. As a child I watched Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, I watched the (really awful) made-for-TV Capt. 1,566 more words

TV Talk

Cult hit reborn with new hero

With the advent of Heroes Reborn, it’s not just a cult TV series that’s finding new life – it’s also a new start for Zachary Levi. 665 more words


Brahmin Bulls will change your perception of father-son relationships!

Often times the phrase two halves of a whole holds a far deeper meaning than romantic relationships. The intricately woven father-son drama Brahmin Bulls is a father’s attempt to reconnect with his past while a son sets out in search of his future. 196 more words

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Brahmin Bulls set for its UK release on Septemeber 11th

For Sid Sharma (Sendhil Ramamurthy), life has not quite worked out the way he planned. A thirty-something disillusioned architect struggling to save his failing marriage, … 350 more words

What's Happenin'