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Returning Sent Ones: The Challenges of Coming "Home"

I breathe deeply and say over to myself: “You are at home; you are at home.” But a sense of strangeness will not leave me, I can find nothing of myself in all these things. 1,231 more words

Sending Church

What is a Vision Trip?

Three years ago Rex and Jen Bingham* were volunteering in their church’s youth ministry. Now they’re living abroad and working with one of the most difficult people groups in the world (other than American youth). 854 more words

Missionary Formation

Sending Church Stories: College Park Church

Any time I get with Nate Irwin is pure gold. Part of it is the wealth of experience in missions that he brings to the table: a missionary kid in Pakistan, 14 years as a missionary in Pakistan with  712 more words

Sending Church

Caring for the Missionary's Soul

While living overseas I had the opportunity to develop a couple of young men to become pastors. One day I decided to take a break from our typical meetings. 1,454 more words

Missionary Formation

Sending Church Stories: Immanuel Baptist Church

“Andy wanted us to start sending,” recalled missions pastor, Andrew. That’s it. It started with one guy.

“We said there’s no way we can do this,” executive pastor Ben Hedrick quickly interjected. 845 more words

Sending Church

Small Churches Can Be Sending Churches, Part Three

Luke Holmes is the pastor of First Baptist Church of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Never heard of it? No surprise. Neither had Luke, a native of nearby Oklahoma City. 807 more words

Sending Church

The Missions Pastor's Justification

All my friends are dead.

Whoa, don’t freak out. It’s a figure of speech–kind of. Actually, it’s the title of a book. A spoofy children’s book for adults. 664 more words

Reflections On Brokenness