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The Missions Pastor's Justification

All my friends are dead.

Whoa, don’t freak out. It’s a figure of speech–kind of. Actually, it’s the title of a book. A spoofy children’s book for adults. 664 more words

Reflections On Brokenness

Small Churches Can Be Sending Churches, Part Two

Lane Harrison is the church planter and pastor of Lifepoint Church in Ozark, Missouri. I met him earlier this year when he partnered with The Upstream Collective… 813 more words

Sending Church

Sent ≠ Forgotten: A Practical Way to Care for Missionaries

When I was six years old my parents accidentally forgot me at church. Both of them had driven that day, and they simply pulled away thinking I was in the other vehicle. 691 more words

Sending Church

What Global Terrorism Means for the Sending Church

Thursday, January 6, 2015  Two gunmen enter the office of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine in Paris, France, killing twelve people including two police officers. 1,128 more words

Sending Church

Small Churches Can Be Sending Churches

I didn’t approach fellow Sojourn pastor Travis McGowen. He came to me. After he met a co-worker from the same country where I used to serve as a missionary, Travis set up a meeting with me to get some pointers on how to culturally share the gospel. 906 more words

Sending Church

Injustice and Reconciliation in the Life of a Sending Church

The life, work, and untimely death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. continues to speak a mushrooming word on injustice and reconciliation in our world. As churches send their people into unjust, unreconciled places, they do so with the confidence of holding out the only thing that can atone for all injustices and give hope for reconciliation between God and men. 975 more words

Sending Church

What's the Buzz About Churches and Sending?

Last week I was on a personal retreat at a little monastery. With my Bible and journal in hand, I tiptoed away to the surrounding knobby trails, nervously observing the rule of silence and solitude. 986 more words

Sending Church