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On December 2011, Tropical storm “WASHI” had hit our country Philippines. It is known as Bagyong Sendong here in Philippines. It caused catastrophic damage in the country. 468 more words


The Shifts is a documentary film about the typhoon Sendong that lost many lives and properties of many people. It shows how the people struggle to survive, try to save their love ones and while others are trap inside their own houses. 393 more words


December 11, 2014 at Cassalida, CASS rooftop, I was able to watch shifts – a feature documentary film on sendong and its aftermaths. Heartbreaking, sad, tragic, painful, scary and eye-tearing, all these words crossed my mind as I watch the film. 274 more words

Lessons Told in Storms

There is something ridiculously wrong about how we can look back on the past years based on storms that have affected the country.

Ondoy 2009… 634 more words

The Long Road to Re-establishing Roots

UN-Habitat and partners share learnings with Sendong’s internally displaced people

Last September 30, a team of homeowners’ association (HOA) officers and community mobilizers under the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) Community Mortgage Programme(CMP) in Cagayan de Oro (CdeO) flew to Roxas City for a learning event conducted by UN-Habitat. 370 more words