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Tribute to a lost acquaintance

Painting by Cézanne

Mamadou has gone, his place beneath the bridge a silent memorial now. The street sweepers left his things neatly piled for almost a month out of respect. 157 more words


When Mamajean Met the Kindergarteners: How a Classroom Connection Brought a Well to Africa

What can a group of five-year-olds do to change the world? With the inspiration and support from two great educators – a lot!

Just ask the kindergartners in Annabelle Baylin and Molly DeGesero’s class. 634 more words


Pay as You Go For Your Phone

I touched in this topic in a previous post.

I really like the pay as you go option for phone use here in Senegal. As an American, it’s frustrating to navigate through a plethora of plans with the Sprint and Verizon overlords, and you inevitably end up over paying for services you never use! 344 more words


ASC SUNEOR, a modest club from Diourbel, has had a sensational season in Senegal, finishing the season at third place, just one point behind winners AS Douanes.  1,029 more words


Leaders of the Future

WARNING: In this post, I will shamelessly ask for donations!

This summer, I’m working with 9 local organizations in my community to place 10 students, 5 girls and 5 boys, in internships during their summer vacation. 424 more words

Peace Corps

West African Wax Part 1

No, it’s not the African version of a Brazilian wax…. I am talking serious fabric, at Marche HLM (pronounced Marshay Achlemme)!  The fabric market in Dakar (wax is the term for this fabric with colorful prints). 347 more words

Senegal - Stormwater Management and Climate Change Adaptation Project (AF)

The World Bank Board of Directors has approved additional financing for the Senegal Stormwater Management and Climate Change Adaptation Project. The additional financing amounts to a total of $38 million, of which $35 million is provided by the World Bank. 110 more words