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Thanksgiving in Kedougou

Early morning last Wednesday, instead of hopping on a bus from D.C. to New York as I’ve done the past two years for Thanksgiving weekend with my family, I hopped on a bus with the rest of the students in my program and our program directors to go to Kedougou.   1,784 more words

Planting the Church in a Muslim context!

We had taken the motorcycle down to Mutare in the Spring of ‘94 to meet with Doreen Tilghman of the General Board of Global Ministries.  We were preparing to finish our work in Zimbabwe and were seeking direction as to the next assignment.  Doreen indicated that there were three options at present:  Northern Ireland, Milan, Italy to deal with African refugees and Senegal, West Africa to plant the church in an Islamic context.  … 672 more words


New Release: ‘#Senegal 70 - Sonic Gems & Previously Unreleased Recordings  from the 70's’

This compilation, by Analog Africa and in partnership with Teranga Beat, offers a unique insight into the musical adventures that were taking place in the major Senegalese cities during the 60s and 70s, and reflects the unique fusions of Funk, Mbalax, Cuban Son and Mandigue guitar sounds that transformed Dakar into West Africa’s most vibrant city. 257 more words

New Releases

Mame Beussane #straightouttaBeusston

Qui est Mame Beussane?

Un agresseur, une agresseuse du 3ème age ? Tout le monde semble penser que c’est une vieille femme. Djiguenn mo soneu rek. 791 more words


INCORRUPTIBLE (2015): New Documentary About The Fight For Democracy By Senegalese Youth

Incorruptible is a documentary about Senegal in Spring 2011. A time when the country’s President, Abdoulaye Wade decided to change the constitution to allow for a third term. 114 more words



Fundamentals of Epidemiology started out as a pretty dry course, but has ended up being super beneficial to whatever the heck I want to do with my future. 507 more words


The Holy City of Touba

Visiting Touba was another one of those experiences that I could have possibly only gotten through SAS. Sure, the bus ride was longer than anticipated, but it got us into the country and immersed into things we would have never seen before. 443 more words