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The Journey

The team has all arrived!

My trip began on Thursday afternoon, it was very hot, and traveling with so much luggage meant the fresh feeling of being recently showered disappeared long before getting on the plane. 224 more words

300 Days.

Keeping with the tradition that I have going now, I thought I would post a short overview of the last 100 days of my service. Just as 100 and 200, 30o has gone by quickly as well. 749 more words


Have a love and disco-filled weekend!

This week I visited Ile de Ngor, one of three islands just off the coast of Dakar. We took a five-minute ride across the water on a motorized pirogue and landed on a picturesque beach with lovely views of the city. 287 more words


Condé Nast Traveller: Where to go in February

THANKS TO PLUMMETING TEMPERATURES and a distinct post-holiday gloom, the shortest month often feels like a drag. So what better time to escape to brighter climes? 1,143 more words


my side gig: drug pusher

Recently I’ve formed a new habit.

Any time Mamie or Tantie complains of an ailment, I pipe up, “I have something you can take for that!” 626 more words


coffee chronicles

An update on my quest to find freshly brewed coffee in Dakar:

A while ago, Tantie (Mamie’s younger sister; real name Armand) recommended I try Presse Cafe, in the neighborhood of Plateau. 269 more words


here comes the rain

Last Thursday night it drizzled, and after five months in Senegal with nary a drop of rain, the scent of freshly-wet earth read to my nostrils as one of the loveliest smells in the world. 89 more words