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Funding Assisted Living

An assisted living facility might be the best option for many senior citizens. Most facilities allow as much independence as the individual is capable of, yet the staff is there when needed. 376 more words

Seniors and Driving

Driving an automobile can be dangerous for people of all ages but especially for seniors.  Did you know that the chance of a fatal crash rise after a person has reached the age of 70? 399 more words

The Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

Dogs provide us with entertainment, companionship, love and security. Caring for a dog can ease loneliness, stress, and pain, and this is especially true for the elderly. 799 more words

5 Ways to Ensure Your Sanity As  a Caregiver 

1. Know Your Purpose
Caregiving isn’t for the faint at heart. This is a path that takes a lot of discipline, patience, forgiveness, and lots of love. 509 more words


Welcome to Seniors Helping Seniors of West Cuyahoga!

Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting our WordPress site. Seniors Helping Seniors is a unique volunteer-based program that partners good-hearted, caring senior helpers with other seniors in need. 258 more words

Elder Care

Bill would help protect seniors seeking care referrals

A Grants Pass businesswoman is one of the driving forces behind a proposed bill in the Oregon Legislature that would set regulatory standards to protect elderly people at a vulnerable point in their lives. 69 more words

Oregon Legislature

Monitor important vitals at home with a wearable not just exercise level

Monitor oxygen level, heart beat, blood sugar and more with a wearable from Worldgn. We are looking for global marketers working from home. We provide the web site and training. 116 more words