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Daisy Cat

Daisy’s book, Daisy, is out in a couple of weeks and a few people have a couple of questions. What is it? What is is about? 129 more words

Origins: Honey

I promised to post a litter box cleaning tutorial next, but in the middle of recording my phone battery dropped to 5%  so I couldn’t finish it. 802 more words


Today I Cried

It might sound trivial to some, but today is the anniversary of my best buddy Fuzzy’s death. He was the best cat ever. I cried, as I always do when I think about him. 716 more words

Fur Babies

My year, so far - part Tuna

One thing I’ve learned this year is that cats can become extremely high maintenance in their old age.

Extremely. Like, if you knew what kinds of hell you would face when that cute little kitten reached its “golden years,” you would never bring it home. 646 more words


Welcome Stormy. And Good bye.

After I lost Celica Blue, I was ambivalent about adopting another cat. Losing her had taken the stuffing out of me, emotionally and financially. We love all our cats, but there are those who wind themselves around your heartstrings; Celica Blue was one of those cats. 937 more words



As a shelter volunteer, I hear many reasons why people don’t want to adopt a senior* cat. Expensive medical bills are a valid concern, as is knowing the pain of loss will come sooner with an older cat, but when someone tells me “kittens are cuter”,  I have to disagree. 501 more words


The Cat with Nine Lives

I’ve always had dogs until I inherited my daughter’s cat and that cat got cancer so it was an obvious call when to end things. … 446 more words