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2-15-13 And poor Goob is once again back in rescue. He is in a foster home in the Eldora IA area and needs a furever home this time! 286 more words


Big Daddy

2-10 His foster Mom has been calling him Danny Boy which he seems to like.

5-12-09 Big Daddy is not as close to his ‘sis’ as we originally thought so could be separated from her but would prefer a home with at least one other nice cat. 201 more words



4-8-07 I have been here so long !!!! I’m not 6 anymore, now i am almost 8!!!!!All i want is my own home and a warm lap. 171 more words


Caring For Your Senior Cat

It is important, even vital to realise that as our cats grow older, their needs will alter in a number of ways. Once we are aware of this fact and the ways in which their needs change, we can put into place the changes required. 452 more words


Twenty Years on: Strolling down Memory Lane

On July 2, 1995 a litter of 9 kittens was born. At some point the kittens lost their mother and were taken in by the owner of a pet supply store.  1,278 more words


2 minutes awareness exercise

I have recently learnt a variation of a mindfulness STOP exercise (S=stop, T=take a deep breath, O=observe, P=proceed). It is also under 2 mins like the STOP and it consists of only 2 simple steps. 215 more words



It has been a rough week. A very rough week.

Last Friday I took Crash in for some routine arthritis treatment. It should have been an easy day with him hanging out in his cage and getting loved on by all my coworkers. 1,026 more words