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Saving Phoebe

There’s a poster with a picture of a gray tabby cat on it. The cat has its eyes closed & seems to be smiling. The message on the poster is this: 1,198 more words

Cats of Wildcat Woods

The world of social media is wonderful for discovering cat rescue groups, individual rescuers and blogs. I first crossed paths with Cats of Wildcat Woods… 1,336 more words


No Puppy For You!

Within the last few weeks, several of Daniel’s friends have gotten new pets. His friend Jeff’s family got a Great Dane puppy. His friend Mateo’s family just got a mastiff puppy. 826 more words


Senior Cat Sunday

There have been many changes taking place at the Toronto Animal Services South location where I volunteer, I will be writing about this in a separate future post, cat adoptions have been on the increase and intake has been on the decrease. 568 more words

Adopt Don't Shop


Pete is quite the character. He’s very vocal. He also know what he likes and, conversely, what he doesn’t like. ;-)

He’s quite the grumpy old man but, at 88 (in human years), I guess he’s entitled. 242 more words

Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Hyperthyroidism simply means the thyroid glands are over-active and producing too much thyroid hormone. The thyroid glands are located in the neck, and control metabolism. Therefore, cats with hyperthyroidism have a faster metabolic rate, and will burn energy more quickly. 660 more words

Pet Advice

I recently shared my story of my beloved cat Sidney, who had hyperthyroidism and later suffered from terminal cancer. I thought I would share what I learned about her over-active thyroid with you in hopes of encouraging people to consider adopting special needs cats and being aware of the signs of hyperthyroidism in your cat. 632 more words