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Thirsty Thursday?


My lawn looks fabulous.

Thanks, Marlowe.

My cat is eating again: Liver and chicken.

Way to go, Puff Daddy.

On my way to an adventure. 86 more words


Yes, afraid so. Another list

Oh no!

Another list?

Things to ponder:

  1. Craving saltiness after eating something sweet. Or is it just me?
  2. If the word vacation is derived from “to vacate”, do you have to go somewhere?
  3. 142 more words

Go for it....

A hermit yesterday, a crazed lunatic today.

I need to settle down.

Up at dawn, trying to be productive.

And then?

Don’t ask.

Too many wonderful people crossed my path, and I could not resist. 94 more words



Rock legend Mick Jagger could have had his lifesaving heart surgery in the UK, but he chose to have it in the USA. Jagger’s decision speaks volumes about health care in the two countries. 965 more words

Health Care

12 Simple Ways You Can Help the Environment

On April 22nd of each year there is a holiday that is celebrated by millions of people around the world. It isn’t a holiday that commemorates an important battle or celebrates independence.  1,072 more words

Adult Day Care


2am: Auntie Em: It’s a twister.

Not quite, but close.

Couldn’t sleep with the light show.

8am: Now what?

It that the wolf huffing and puffing at the door? 60 more words


Elderly man falls, teens get him home safely to clean wounds

Erika Tovar of Caldwell, Idaho saw an elderly neighbor fall, and a group of teens immediately get out of the car to help the man up and walk him home safely to clean his wounds. 272 more words