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I can't get scared at anything... but that was very strange...

What was happening? Who was that person? I stood looking at the door. Suddenly, I saw a shadow crossing the hall, only a shadow, I opened my eyes. 167 more words


One night in October!

I was born in Madrid, where I live, but I travel to Galicia very much.

It was in the month of October, a cold day, typical of the time. 245 more words


Alice in Wonderland

As everyone knows, Alice in Wonderland relates the story of the child Alice in a world of fantasy and surrealism called Wonderland, a place full of crazy species and ridiculous situations, from The White Rabbit and The Queen of Hearts, to the pastries that can change your size. 116 more words


Finally... relax!

January, February, March, April arrives and IES Xoán Montes closes its doors. We are going to enjoy these mini holidays.

Finally, the Holy Week arrives. Spaniards usually pack their bags and enjoy these days in different ways. 119 more words

Senior Cycle Students