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Reasons why travel makes you a happier person

Travelling is an interesting activity that can be experimented by almost everyone and that can make you feel happier. Lots of people say that, and Anna Alapatt, in her blog, gives some reasons why travel can be the solution to scape from the stressfull life and daily rutine. 248 more words


Os Ancares

Os Ancares is an area  of mountains which has the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation. This area runs across two regions: Galiza and Castilla-León. In Os Ancares you will find streams and small waterfalls, as well as tiny villagess, medieval castles  and churches, celtic “castros” (forts), traditional dwellings such as the “pallozas” (thatched cottages). 191 more words


Glenn Cooper

Glenn Cooper was born in America in January 1953. He is one of the most famous author of thriller, adventure, mystery, conspiracy and historical thriller narrative. 235 more words




Schizophrenia is a mental illness that often causes abnormal social behaviors (such as  little emotion, poverty of speech, inability to experience pleasure, lack of desire to form relationships or motivation), difficulty distinguishing between reality and their imagination (due to allucinations). 241 more words


Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression is a human right. The meaning of this expression is the right to express our ideas and opinions without any type of censorship. 288 more words


Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya or Knights of the Zodiac, is a Japanese manga written and drawn by the mangaka Masami Kurumada. It was published from 1986 to 1990 in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump by Shueisha. 223 more words