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Laika :: Griffon/Yorkie cross :: Brittany

Two dear friends who have to stay together now they have lost everything they know…

and her best friend Bambi

These two dear souls have nothing now their owner can no longer care for them :-(  They are currently sharing the same box in a boarding kennel in Brittany thanks to a friend of mine who is paying their keep… but we need to find them a home together as soon as possible. 164 more words


Buggy :: Jack Russell (Parsons) cross/mix :: Refuge Lotois in Cahors

Dumped unwanted – was due to be put to sleep

Buggy is 9yrs old – castrated, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

This poor boy was unwanted by his owners and has spent a long time at the end of a chain :-( 132 more words


Meds, Meds, Meds

Every Friday, I sit down and fill up the pill holders.  That’s the day it really hits me that my dogs are OLD.  Emmit is only 11, so I would imagine that he may be around for a while.   77 more words


Exercise for Old Dogs

When you have two really old dogs (and it’s 90 degrees outside), long walks are out of the question.  It is my responsibility to find other ways to entertain these guys.   116 more words


About Me (seniordogmom)

My dogs may see me as “Mom”, but I actually have an extensive dog-related resume going back over fifteen years.  I have worked at one of the largest animal shelters in the country; been an APDT-certified dog-trainer; managed/worked at Veterinary clinics; and even worked in research to help get a pain reliever for dogs to clinical trials.   120 more words



So this is my first blog ever and I was a little hesitant with starting this process of writing. I thought this would be a therapeutic way of coping with the loss of my best friend but it has been difficult for me to try to compile my thoughts and feelings about the whole experience. 195 more words

Adopt Dont Shop

Velma :: Springer Spaniel :: St Paul La Roche in Dept 24

“A retirement home, you say? Oh no dear, I’m not ready for that yet!”

The lovely Velma is 12yrs young and here is what they say about her :- 326 more words