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The Cuppercake Update

Sometimes I forget that when I blog about one of my dogs, I am not the only one reading it.

When I shared with you Daisy’s diagnosis of an insulinoma you were right there with me, following along on Facebook, so the blog updates were not as urgent or necessary.  903 more words

Shetland Sheepdog

My Love Affair With All My Canine Companions

When I was a child living in Ecuador, dogs, as well as a menagerie of animals that belonged to my grandmother, were part of my every day life.  322 more words


Eyesight in the older dog

The eyesight in our dogs changes with age.

Researchers based at the Nestlé Purina Research Center in Missouri have discovered that our dogs become more near-sighted as they age.  258 more words

Dog Care

10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

Source: Parade.com

If you’re thinking of adopting a shelter pet, consider adopting a senior pet.

1. They come with few surprises. There’s no need to wonder how big they will grow, how often they will need to be groomed, or what their personality will be like. 385 more words

SPCA Of Stanislaus

The Old Lady

I’ve written about our old lady dog, Butterscotch, many times. Aging, when we’re fortunate, is a lengthy process. Butterscotch started down the getting-old path a couple years ago. 637 more words


Caring for Your Senior Dog

When calculating dog years to human years, remember dogs age much faster and require senior care sooner.

We’ve all heard that one year for a dog equals seven human years. 651 more words

A Tribute To Older Hounds

Today I want to pay tribute to the older hounds who share our world. Their silver haired faces and wet noses always fill me with love. 525 more words

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