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Oldies but Goodies; Senior Dogs & One Peacock

These dogs and one peacock all have something in common. Each one of the animals below have aged with grace. I would consider myself lucky to remain as loving, selfless, dignified, and spirited as them.


Short-Haired Dogs And Coats/Sweaters

The above picture is of Dexter, a very handsome boxer mix, that used to stay with us often.  Since Spring is taking its time to arrive, make sure that your canine companion is properly attired when you go out with him.  99 more words


Boris :: Setter/Spaniel mix :: refuge in Cognac

Such a handsome dog who has come unstuck and cannot understand why :-(


Boris is 9yrs old (castrated, vaccinated and micro-chipped) and is very confused and bewildered at finding himself in the refuge in Cognac because his mistress has gone into an old folks home :-(  How can any dog begin to understand why life has taken such a stark and sudden change and why?   104 more words


Is age just a relative thing?

Sam here…mom’s busy doing heaven only know what tonight so I thought I’d take over the blog (it being Thursday and all so she’s probably watching Scandal, the slacker). 615 more words


Wonder Mutt Wednesday

See?  Even dogs can have discriminating taste.

Enjoy the ride.

Is your critter a finicky eater?  Or are they equally happy with banana peels, used tissues, or cat poop?  Have you ever asked??


A Dogs Golden Years

This article is to educate pet owners on the aging dog. The proper care of the elder dog & to extend those forever memories in the last stages of his/her life. 284 more words

Pain Management

Scrappy-Doo :: got one just like him! :: in Carcassonne area

I have few doubts this little fellow is related to one of mine I rescued from Carcassonne – identical!

This being so, I can categorically say, hand on heart that this little fellow is a gem :) 179 more words