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Mom Is Forgetting Things, Could She Have Dementia?

Everyone is forgetful from time to time especially when it comes to things like remembering where we put the car keys or forgetting to pick up something at the grocery store.  321 more words

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Memories Lighting My Mind

But what if the memories suddenly start fading….or if the light doesn’t always come on any more?

Most of us, if we are fortunate, will have our parents live long enough that some (hopefully only a few) of their memories will start to blur. 405 more words


Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,

How can it be one year since you left us- you, who were always so full of life? On this first anniversary, I am checking in, hoping that all of your dreams about Heaven came true for you. 1,238 more words

What Do I Look For When Choosing An Assisted Living For My Mom?

The process of finding an assisted living environment for your Mom usually begins when you become concerned that your Mom isn’t safe at home alone. This is often an emotional decision and for many adult children, it’s an area where they have little experience or in many cases, really don’t know where or how to start a search. 403 more words

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Aging Parents

My folks are getting up there. Late 60’s for mom, early 70’s for dad.

Dad had a stroke in late April and is on the slow road to recovery. 125 more words

My Parents Keep Finding Me On Social Media

I am a fan of social media. It offers the opportunity to interact with people who interest me without actually having to make conversation with them. 626 more words

Senior Parents

Is it possible to be truly empathetic?

One of my friends got sick last year and since that time, I have been going over to her house for a couple of hours once a week for tea and a visit. 2,081 more words