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Had dinner with the parents last night. It went well- meaning nothing crazy happened. The plan was to have my daughter set the parental controls on their TV- to hopefully prevent my mom from ordering another season of major league baseball. 120 more words


Four Hundred and Fifty Three Dollars

I took my parents shopping yesterday. It was fine. Which was a relief. Because someone at the Senior Day Care (where my Dad goes three days a week for physical therapy, all of his medical care, and escape) called me Wednesday to ask me if I knew if my Dad was okay. 432 more words


What's The Trouble Bubble?

I’m getting emotional whiplash from my parents. I don’t know what’s what. Today my Dad called and asked when I was bringing the AT&T papers by. 436 more words


Rollercoaster Cheesecake

My Mom is not speaking to me. Again. I took my parents  grocery shopping last Sunday and everything was fine. (Today is Wednesday.) I called them on Monday and they were in the middle of some epic battle- so my Dad couldn’t talk. 214 more words



I am going to see my parents today. To take them shopping. My mom was pretty angry after I went to visit her a few days ago. 913 more words


Two Grande Flat Whites

I decided to treat myself to a grande flat white on my way into work this morning. Things were going along at a reasonable pace… so like an idiot, I thought I’d go visit my mom on my lunch break. 1,357 more words


Loneliness Can Kill You

Loneliness has become an epidemic. Some researchers even claim that it is deadlier than obesity. Studies show that lonely people have a 50% higher mortality rate than non-lonely people. 57 more words