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Aging Parents

My folks are getting up there. Late 60’s for mom, early 70’s for dad.

Dad had a stroke in late April and is on the slow road to recovery. 125 more words

My Parents Keep Finding Me On Social Media

I am a fan of social media. It offers the opportunity to interact with people who interest me without actually having to make conversation with them. 626 more words

Senior Parents

Is it possible to be truly empathetic?

One of my friends got sick last year and since that time, I have been going over to her house for a couple of hours once a week for tea and a visit. 2,081 more words


Good-bye to The New Old Age Blog

For years now The New Old Age blog at The New York Times has been a must-read for people with aging parents as well as for people who blog about aging and caregiving issues. 324 more words

Aging Parents

Taking The Bait

I was going to write something happy, snappy, and positive about the New Year, but frankly, this morning I woke up with the feeling of despair and a little guilt. 387 more words


Weight gain, nose hair, and hot flashes

This holiday season I have been thinking about how my life has changed since the day I accepted Christ as my Savior in 1965 (see my 12/11/14 blog). 967 more words


one word

This has been a rough year. Sometimes, I think I am just going to run out of gas, and get stuck on some Godforsaken, no end in sight, dirt road in the middle of the Mojave Desert. 800 more words