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Wow! After 3 1/2 years of close, personal time with Dad as companion, driver for him or him and his second wife, personal support worker, care manager, and advocate, plus the debt incurred for cost of living here that is well above the poverty wage here for most local jobs and having to quit both jobs … the jobs I initially accepted in order to be on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with Dad’s passing just over 1 week ago, I can now move forward to get my own life back on track. 478 more words


The Overuse of Benzodiazepine by the Elderly

Even with over 30 years of warnings about the dangers benzodiazepine poses to the elderly, the use of sedative-hypnotic drugs like Valium, Xanax, Ativan and Klonopin, rises sharply with age. 96 more words

A Message from the President March

The SMCGP Board of Directors has recently established three new sub-committees on: (1) Membership, (2) Club Participation, and (3) Luncheon Attendance. If you are interested in joining a sub-committee, please contact me or any officer or director. 811 more words

My Graduation Day

    Down from the hill, down to the world go I;
    rememb’ring still, how the bright Blue Eagles fly.
    Through joys and tears, through the laughing years, 814 more words

Glimpse at the ECHO Senior Staffers

Grade 7 ECHO Members

An ECHO policy reads that a staffer’s duty is not to write about a member of the editorial staff unless he or she is a news writer. 3,524 more words


The Explanation

Brains of older people are slow because they know so much.

People do not decline mentally with
age, it just takes them longer to recall facts because they have more information in their brains, scientists believe. 121 more words


The price of justice: $9 a day?

“Hey, you ready to do your civic duty, Wolf?”

“I am, but I have been called to duty several times in the past 10 years, and all I have done is show up, sit around, answer questions, and get dismissed.  509 more words