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Ten O' Clock Terror

The girl peers inside her closet, then underneath her bed, wondering when something terrifying will happen.

“Tommy said the fear mongers, soul gorgers and dream snatchers come out at ten,” she thinks, “yet I don’t see nothing.” 38 more words

Content-Stealing and Hyper-partisanship

Here is some helpful info about left-wing content-stealing sites (with the precaution that Alternet itself has a mixed factual history itself and I wouldn’t always share from it). 314 more words

Social Media

Go home America, you're drunk. (Media, racism, and fear).

Sensationalism – “the use of exciting or shocking stories or language at the expense of accuracy, in order to provoke public interest or excitement.”

It’s no secret that America is a hot mess right now. 980 more words

Journalism in India: A 24x7 show of Sensational Breaking News

With recent black out order of NDTV a debate has arisen about Free speech of media. But in a country which has almost the 3rd highest number of media outlets, how capable or responsible are our media ? 750 more words


As my study abroad experience comes to an end, there are many things to reflect on: the differences in food, activities, industries, and cultures. The professional experiences have been just as good as the personal ones with my classmates. 452 more words


Harvard Study Shows How Useless Mainstream Media Was in 2016 Primary

In early July, the Pew Research Center found that 65 percent of respondents said the campaign was not focused on important policy debates. A study… 921 more words


When Re-Entering, Use Blunt End

After 84 days living in space, remembering to fly in space was entirely another matter for the Skylab 3 crew.

Gerald Carr, Ed Gibson and Bill Pogue were the next-to-last crew to ever fly in an Apollo spacecraft and the only all-rookie crew to fly in Apollo (no, … 916 more words