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what is with all the sensationalism?

On a recent reading of “Bigfoot, bullets and bud: My insane Humboldt County weed harvest,” by Tara Anaïse – as printed on Salon at

Bigfoot, bullets and bud: My insane Humboldt County weed harvest… 160 more words

Étienne Bonnot de Condillac

Sept. 30, 1715—Aug. 2/3, 1780

Etienne Bonnot, Abbé de Condillac was a French priest, philosophe, psychologist, logician, and economist that lived during the Enlightenment period. From his birthplace of Grenoble, he moved to Paris to continue his education as a seminarian. 1,195 more words


Going to Hell in a Hand-basket

Some people say we’re all in the same boat. It looks more like a hand-basket to me!

With our modern ability to disseminate information to the masses like never before, comes the ability to influence society as never before. 740 more words

Thoughtful Commentary

#MeToo Madness

So, first of all, yeah, me too.

But in my opinion this #MeToo campaign is totally unscientific, which means that whatever we think we’re learning from it is most likely wrong, if not trivial. 69 more words


Book of the Month :: Traversing the Fringes

In my youth, I read a remarkable amount of science fiction, the majority of which was fairly safe and non-confrontational fare. In the summer of 1984, as an impressionable and naive 18-year-old, I was urged by a friend to read Iain Banks’  1,443 more words

General Writing Post

What an "Active Shooter" Bulletin Should Look Like On News Outlets, and What It Does Look Like.

I’m gonna make this post real simple.

What an active shooter bulletin should look like on informative news outlets:

A suspect opened fire at (facility, event, etc.) in (town), (state) today at approximately (time). 556 more words

36,361 People Died Violently In Motor Vehicle Accidents in 2015...

…But first let’s figure out why this guy (pictured) killed less than 100 people in Las Vegas over the weekend, because let’s face it, we’re all just… 300 more words