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From Teen Star to Teen Mom: The Jamie Lynn Spears Scandal of 2007

By Cassie Rodriguez

Image courtesy of Youtube/ People Magazine

In 2007, it was revealed that Nickelodeon actress and rising star Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant at 16 years old. 299 more words

No Solution in Sensationalism

I like to believe there was a time when journalism was journalism: when actual facts were checked with reputable references, not just some guy on Twitter who may or may not have fabricated a document. 1,110 more words


CASE STUDY: Has sensationalism shifted from tabloids to social media in English football media coverage?

The England mens national team have continuously faltered in major tournaments, and with the hoodoo dating back to 1966 – there have been a number of different famous headlines that have hit the front pages since. 493 more words


Bread and circuses

Have you ever found yourself being glued to your laptop or TV screen not being able to stop watching a news program? Have you ever caught yourself enjoying violent, cruel, scandalous news stories? 482 more words

Thought for the Day - Yellow Journalism

I recently used the phrase “Yellow Journalism” in front of a young person, and they asked me what it meant. I explained that it was a term used to describe reporting that had little or no legitimate research behind it, which featured eye-catching headlines, exaggerations, scandal-mongering, sensationalism, and at times, pure fabrications.  87 more words

Thought For The Day / Quotes

Why (almost) everything reported about the Cambridge Analytica Facebook ‘hacking’ controversy is wrong

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If you follow the Guardian or the New York Times, or any major news network, you are likely to have noticed that a company called… 2,504 more words


A Reflection for Monday in Holy Week: Stop blaming Judas

Once again in church I have sat through St John running down Judas.  I know it is not a popular thing to be critical of the gospel that stands in the Beloved Disciple’s name but without taking away from its profound nature, his treatment of Judas is a disgrace to the Church.   374 more words

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