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Politics Journalism: A History of Americanisation and Sensationalism

The relationship between journalism and politics in Britain is a patchy, long and entirely co-dependant one.

 British Politics

As a democracy; Britain is a society of… 1,066 more words

Inspire Me

Leaving Reason Behind for the Sake of Sensationalism

“Forget what you learned in high school, this new carbon molecule has 6 bonds” – proclaimed the title of an article that popped up on my Facebook news feed. 496 more words



Written, produced and directed by Billy Wilder, ‘Ace In The Hole’ was initially screened in theaters under the name ‘The Big Carnival’. Kirk Douglas stars as Chuck Tatum a washed up journalist who finds himself in rural Albuquerque after being fired from several newspapers. 805 more words


Watching Nightcrawler: A wake-up call on media morality

Films are a luxury these days, compared to the old times when they were a commodity. Writing a film review is easy now than it has ever been, as we cherish things that have become a rarity, and moreover, if I tried to write a film review when I watched more than one film a day, there wouldn’t have been enough hours in a day. 1,640 more words

Film Review

What One Woman's Concern for America Created: You CAN Make a Difference

Teresa Shook is a 54-year-old woman who lives in Hawaii. Ms. Shook was not especially political. After the election results were confirmed, something inside her changed. 655 more words

news reduced to being elitist, splendid; rationality at stake

the stories of a woman professional abducted from delhi-ncr, a young it professional murdered in office premises of an it major in pune, a rejig in india’s eminent conglomerate’s top management, add to this, shallow analysis of events and shortsighted speculations about future, are all that we are served with by print and electronic media, barring some meaningful news. 243 more words


Writing and the "T" word

A week into our new presidency and I’m inundated by writing about our new president–on Facebook, on blogs, in poems, in short prose pieces–in other words, just what our new president wants:  attention. 214 more words