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5 tips to discern fake news from real news

The term “fake news” is itself newspeak, a device to silence opposition. An attempt to part a sea of rhetoric neatly between truth and lies, us and them, right and wrong. 810 more words

Fake News

Dr. Phil and Sensationalism

*I wrote this back in November for The Mighty and even though they accepted it, it must have been cut because it never showed up there. 655 more words

Mental Illness

Inefficient Media and the misleading portrayal of events

Free media (press) in a democracy is as important as the democracy itself. This notion has been backed by many renowned political leaders of the world. 656 more words


I often wonder....

I often wonder if millions of people turned off the news in all its forms, what would happen? How would we form opinions on people, places, and things?   135 more words


The Walls

Grubby hands tarnish the murals

Walls push away eager souls from communicating

Bathing in lucre; devilish euphoria and sensationalism

Gluttony! Overstuffed revelry

Delectable moments become insipid with greed… 39 more words


How Trump proved everyone wrong!

Jokes aside..

I Have been following the U.S Presidential elections since the day Trump announced his candidacy and the way he has used the media, the establishment, the weaknesses of Clinton and the power of the ballot being secret is pure GENIUS.. 433 more words