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Is mass media inculcating democratic values in the nation?

Media is referred as fourth pillar of the state and a strong proponent of democracy. Right from independence, mass media in Pakistan was not allowed to perform its true function and probably that is the reason that in 68 years of independence, maximum time we have been ruled by dictators. 642 more words


Honolulu homeless youth hyperbole, Part II

The “homeless youth” report released the other day made quite a splash and brought lots of attention to the many problems faced by young runaways and others. 638 more words

when the news got social

You would have to have been living under a rock to have missed the way that news coverage has moved to feature in social media feeds, so ubiquitous now that it barely merits a second thought. 1,152 more words

Trump’s Fake News Awards show a perception of the press warped by his own sensationalism | Liam O’Dell

Wednesday evening in the United States. US President Donald Trump unveils the publications that are the winners of the Fake News Awards – in an event met with levels of interest ‘far greater than anyone could have anticipated’. 756 more words



1.) Who decides which stories are newsworthy?

I think that the director is the one that gets to pick which story gets to be broadcasted. 171 more words


The Noise Media

The news media are supposed to be about informing the public. A society needs reliable sources of information to function well. The purpose of the news media – the so-called “fourth estate” of the realm – is to supply that information reliably and effectively. 516 more words