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Just be

You see the posts on Facebook, read the headlines in the papers, hear the ads on television and radio. Seemingly anything of value needs to be… 188 more words

The Business of Sorrow

Post the Nepal Earthquake
Reporter: Are you hungry?
Child (around 8 years old): Yes, I am very hungry. I haven’t eaten all day.
R: Aren’t you feeling cold?
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The Externality

4.2. Sensationalism

I am surfing the web at home when I come across an article in the online newspaper 20minutos.es.  The heading of the article could be translated to: “A picture of dead children in Gaza, information or sensationalism?” In the picture below the heading we can see four dead children after an attack in Gaza in 2012. 500 more words

The Media Is Lying To You- Read On To Find Out More!

On December 15th 2014, the headline ‘Death Cult CBD Attack’ featured on the front page of the Sydney based newspaper, The Daily Telegraph. The title encapsulated the growing public fear that the ‘siege’ occurring within Martin Place was orchestrated by the IS military group. 271 more words


The Yellow Truth

Extra, Extra read nothing about it!

Sensationalism, defined by oxford dictionary as “the presentation of stories in a way that is intended to provoke public interest or excitement, at the expense of accuracy”. 268 more words


Myra Hindley and Mohammed

“They used to hang killers on the gallows. Now they hang them in the gallery,” For more on Myra, see my previous post.

When serial killer Myra Hindley’s portrait by Marcus Harvey was hung by the Royal Gallery (with children’s fingerprints making up the composition of her face), it was… 152 more words


Attacking A Gay Engineer Won't Un-Crash That Train

If you just read the headlines, you’d think Amtrak 188 derailed because of a mentally unstable 32-year-old gay engineer from Queens who had a need — a need for speed. 691 more words