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I wrote this poem as a “my last straw” commentary about the fearmongering sensationalism that passes for journalism. It is equally applicable to the frenetic histrionics of almost any social media outburst, as well. 85 more words


Why you should refuse to follow the News...

For many years now, the News has been morbidly fascinated with bombings and beheadings.  Before it was Al Qaeda, now it’s Islamic State.  I cannot now remember a time when Islamic extremism was not hot topic for the Media everyday.   473 more words


Tanner Reviews The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015 Film)

I have been waiting for this one for a while. The Stanford Prison Experiment is one of those interesting cases in American History that should make all of us thankful that the Experiment Review Boards now exists. 1,328 more words


#ParisAttacks: The media debacle involving a female terrorism suspect

By Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

I strongly condemn and am devastated by the recent terrorist attacks in France, in Lebanon, in Egypt and elsewhere. But I felt that I could not be silent about one of the latest examples of shoddy, irresponsible, salacious media coverage, related to the attacks. 991 more words

I Choose Love

Have you ever noticed that sensationalism is like some voodoo magic? All of the sudden you can go from one emotion to the next in less than 60 seconds. 314 more words

Vol #2, Col #17: No News is Good News

I’m a sucker for a good biopic. Though I can’t quite put my finger on why it’s the case, there’s something just more appealing to me about watching a film that’s based on true events and real life people that once existed. 703 more words

Rose Cora Perry

Thanks: Chapter Two for November 2015

If you, like me, have been nearly driven to fits of hair tearing and teeth gnashing over the growing amount of OUTRAGE! being exhibited by the social media-lites these past few days, you might think that today’s thanks-worthy subject is a figment of my imagination. 420 more words