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Signs and Sensationalism

Let me say right at the start that this site will not be dealing with “signs” concerning the second coming of Jesus.

I think looking for signs can be sensationalism, and we do not desire to get sensational, which leads to emotional decisions, excitement without stability in God’s Word. 88 more words

Jesus Christ

The nation wants to know why, Mr. Goswami

When I saw the Newshour aired on Times Now on the 20th of June, I decided that I’d had enough. Enough of the sensationalistic journalism. 368 more words


Consider this scenario for a moment;

Out shopping in nearby Chatswood, on Sydney’s north shore, last week, my wife and I were on our way back to the car after an uneventful but enjoyable lunch of fettuccini, sav-blanc and stimulating conversation. 820 more words


Artist Statement

Degree Show
Nottingham Trent University, 2012

On the subject of shock tactics.

“I’m not purposefully attempting sensationalism so much as none of this shocks me. It’s like Richard Milward wrote a non-fiction novel called… 189 more words

All Yesterday's Parties Are Tomorrow's Nitemares


The last chapter in my book about life as a troubadour is dedicated to my friends and family, who were made to be severely concerned in regards to my safety and well-being, by a mentally ill, lonely, bitter, old, scared little man. 12,058 more words


Sensationalism, romanticism and all that stuff.

I have written on this blog before about sensationalism and the kind of mixed reaction I have to it. I’ve had several conversations recently, though, that had me thinking about it again. 429 more words

The 'Abrahamic Religions' Moral Panic

Just saw something come up in my Facebook feed called ‘Anti-Abrahamic philosophy.’

I always find it odd that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are regarded as on some very different level from, say, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism (leaving aside problematic disputes on whether the latter two are ‘religions.’) 168 more words