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The Bible Says: Billy Graham

by Tom Nettles

(This post is part of a series on Billy Graham. See Part 1 and Part 2.)

In the Billy Graham Museum at Wheaton, the last three figures highlighted before Graham are Charles Finney, Dwight L. 135 more words

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"Men controlling women with DV orders"- Gold Coast Bulletin - 18/05/2016

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Here I am, a month after my last post, once again furious at another News Corporation article aimed at the lowly uneducated masses of Australia. 814 more words


The Upcoming Rise Of TechnoGreed In Music

There is something magical about listening to a live group of church choir singers accompanied by real musicians playing real instruments on a Sunday morning. Their pitches, voice tones and expressions make the experience of listening to them one that everybody should experience at least once in life, especially if there is a bassist, guitarist and drummer near them. 380 more words


Shaping an Icon: Billy Graham

by Tom Nettles

The resolutions of Graham and his team for integrity and tenacity soon bore fruit both for evangelistic success and public notice. Mel Larson, in commenting on the Los Angeles crusade of fall 1949, captured both of these elements when he observed, “Revival flowed through Billy Graham during that time until the entire world was conscious of it.” Graham and his team had been in Grand Rapids, Des Moines, Charlotte, Augusta, Miami and other places prior to Los Angeles. 177 more words

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Imagination and the Thinking Child

According to a recent blog post (The Imagination of the Child) by the principal of an alternative school in the UK, contemporary fantasy fiction is a threat to children’s mental health, and parents who don’t restrict their children’s access to such fiction are feckless. 513 more words

The horror! The horror of Harry Potter! (An Analysis of Graeme Whiting's 'The Imagination of the Child')

Yesterday I was on Facebook, and this popped up in the ‘Trending’ section:

After finding the link to the offending blog post in this Guardian commentary on the topic… 1,753 more words

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