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The 'Abrahamic Religions' Moral Panic

Just saw something come up in my Facebook feed called ‘Anti-Abrahamic philosophy.’

I always find it odd that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are regarded as on some very different level from, say, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism (leaving aside problematic disputes on whether the latter two are ‘religions.’) 168 more words

Sleazationalism as an idiom

Sleazationalism coined from Sleaze and Sensationalism means the undue importance given by the media to controversial comments of celebrities. Example: The comments made by Muslim celebrity actor Salmon Khan in support of Pakistan was raked up by the Media as sleazationalism


I love good journalism.

Day after day articles are published on the most vacuous of topics that make me question who actually reads this tripe? I wish to outline the merits of good journalism and how it’s frequently undermined by misinformed and trashy writers who seek to do nothing more than string a couple of benighted opinions together.  812 more words

I Deserve It

I’m posting about the spiritual battle that we have to contend with as believers. I’m using Christ as our example. In my last post I talked about the devil attacking who we are in Christ. 553 more words


Trading Places

We might as well get it out of the way early: I do love the footy. No I’m not talking stockings and high heels. This fetish deals with cleats, turf and low scoring athletic contests with no commercial breaks. 881 more words

Everybody Has One (what I'm Complaining About Now)

The dark green leafy truth about your kale smoothie

I’ve been slacking again, sorry! No post on Monday and I had plans to write a post debunking this article about how kale is killing us all that a friend sent me over the weekend. 283 more words

First Apostle

One of the most severe cases of mistaken identity of all time belongs to Mary Magdalene whose feast day we celebrate today. After almost 20 centuries of notoriety, scriptural scholarship has finally recognized that there is no basis for her reputation as “a harlot” or a great sinner. 424 more words