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Media Accounts of Church Arson Don’t Match Reality

After seeing reports on the spate of fires at black churches, I had to wonder: is this really atypical?  After all, this is a huge country with hundreds of thousands of churches, and there are a lot of fires every summer.  1,206 more words

Current Events

Fair Trial Not Possible in Danvers for Philip Chism Due to Biased Media Coverage

Defense attorneys for accused teen Philip Chism (left) argue that his right to a fair trial has been “poisoned” by extensive sensational news coverage not only of the charges against him, but of the memorials and tributes to the victim, Colleen Ritzer.   397 more words


Much ado about nothing

Dear reader,

maybe you have read the headlines that went through the news recently regarding the estimated number of pedophiles in the british population. If not, here are some examples: 2,123 more words


A Tale of Two Scholars

I tend to focus here mostly upon mathematics and the sciences, but that is hardly all of scholarship, and certainly not the only fields in which academics (and non-academics) produce sensationalist drivel while some few manage to write popular works that are somehow both interesting yet accurate. 2,027 more words

Voices of Doom

Media Sensationalism vs. Mindfulness Meditation

It is a cliché, by now, to state that the media thrives on sensationalism and fear-mongering. This, now obvious and undeniable, fact applies not only to trashy tabloid publications like… 995 more words


Taking Away Race?

Oh, the media. Between the news programs on television, online news groups, and even magazines, the media has flooded our lives and, I’m convinced, has a hold on our brains. 753 more words