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Mommy, you smell like grandma

The other day Elliot surprised me with a hug while I was sorting laundry. He closed his eyes, gave me a tight squeeze and said lovingly, “Mommy, you smell like Cranky hal-mon-ee (grandma in Korean). 420 more words

As we all know dogs are domesticated mammals, not natural wild animals. A dog is naturally born with a sense of loyalty for it’s owner, and each dog displays this loyalty in it’s own unique way, no matter how sad or upset you are, a dog always knows to give you love and comfort. 185 more words

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The Power of Smell - How It Works

Olfactory sense, or ability to smell, is the human’s fifth sense along with sight, hearing, taste, and touch. Most of the time we are not even aware of our use of the sense of smell in our day-to-day life. 723 more words

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There Used to be Grass Here

Inspired by a scene and conversation about turning the car windows down to observe the scents wafting in along the air of wine country in the book Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker, I pressed pause on the audio book, turned off my air conditioner, and turned down my car windows as I drove home to Appleton from my New London payroll job, along Wisconsin 45 North. 1,094 more words

Failing To Identify Smells May Be A Sign Of Alzheimer's, Study Says

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CBS Local — Your sense of smell may be the newest weapon in the ongoing battle to detect and treat Alzheimer’s disease. 275 more words


Minor First Trimester Woes

The time has come: I feel terrible. And now I’m going to whine about it.

During week 5 I was starting to get tired, sleeping a little less soundly (the dreams are really something), and had short moments of “I have to stop eating this now or I’m going to vomit.” Week 6 has been all the same symptoms kicked up a notch, plus the most sensitive sense of smell ever. 185 more words



There is something inherently comforting in the smell of fresh brewed coffee and fresh baked bread.

It’s homey, it’s yummy, and it’s satisfying.

Why are smells so powerful, though?  106 more words