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Love, Honor, and Smell: How Scent is Viewed in Other Cultures

When you think of the five senses, how would you rank them, superior to inferior?

You might instinctively say that sight is the superior sense. Next, you’d probably go with hearing or… 412 more words


That Smells Familiar

Winner: Jacqui (with photobomber Rinne)

Jackie stayed just a bit ahead of 7 players to finish first tonight. Otherwise, we would’ve needed an eight way playoff! 314 more words

Smell This: A Study in Scent

Sniff, sniff – there’s something in the air.

Is it fresh cut grass, the aroma of borscht cooking? Is it the stench of durian?

When compared with our other four senses, our sense of smell goes rather unnoticed. 437 more words


Easy does it

Smoke free for: 4 months, 21 days and 22 hours

Weight gained: 5kg

Quitting Smoking

Writing Prompt

Sense of smell can take us back to a particular moment, place, or time more than any of the other senses.

There’s a candle shop on 15th street that can really take you back.


What Do I Smell?

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog. Things are a little different here in county jail than in federal prison. Believe it or not, time is one issue, along with the motivation and desire to write in this gloomy place. 726 more words

Smelling the flowers… or not.

When I was little, we learned about five senses: vision, smell, hearing, touch, taste. Currently, it is believed there are actually eight: the five we all know, plus vestibular (sense of position & movement of your head in space, influences balance), proprioceptive (where your muscles and joints are in space and in relation to each other, influences our capacity to move), and interoceptive (e.g., hunger, thirst). 1,073 more words