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What’s That Smell?

Have you ever played What’s That Smell? It is a fun exercise where you rely only on your sense of smell to determine the source of a scent. 301 more words



by Helen Currie Foster

Even just thinking of certain smells can yank me straight back to childhood. Oil paint­­s? Mama working on her first portrait. Jello chocolate pudding mix? 1,346 more words

my snoot saves the day, plus: the origin story you've been dying to know since I started blogging!

I forgot to mention in my last post that a) in the last year or so I’ve inexplicably developed a keen sense of smell, and b) it saved Jenn and I from burning to death last night. 470 more words

Senses stimulated

It suddenly turned dark and cloudy . I had walked over on some work and as I was returning, it started to pour. Even if the distance from home was not much, as a BEST bus came up, thought it prudent to jump inside and escape the rain as I had not carried an umbrella. 460 more words

A Common Man's Musings

1st... From Out-Thinking Parkinsons

I discovered a sight that addresses symptoms and explanations which I have found nowhere else. I have divided the things I found most interesting to be shared over the next week of posts. 418 more words

Counting by smell...

Elephants can use their  sense of smell  to determine which container holds the larger amount of food.   Researchers apparently think this is unique,  but one of my rescue dogs could do it.    84 more words

Beauty or Beast

Spring is the season for awakening the sense of smell.  Walking out from an air conditioned building the intoxicating aroma combined with the heaviness of the heat this afternoon almost knocks me backwards. 458 more words

Mindfulness In Daily Practice. Allowing The Moment As It Is To Be The Teacher