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Good for what ails you.

Or, more to the point, for what you didn’t even know was ailing you until you see something that professes to cure you of it and you realise it was ailing you all along. 719 more words

Sudden Bloodhound

I am normally a bit oblivious

to many things;

if it doesn’t stink or scream

don’t expect me to notice it

(and even then, it’s got to stink pretty badly… 117 more words


Sense of smell? It controls what you spend and who you love?

Your sense of smell controls what you spend and who you love

Does this means when you lose this sense of smell your spending and falling in love habits are thrown into chaos? 2,447 more words

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Humility and Grace

This morning started off in a Murphy’s Law mode. I got out of bed, tripped over my own two feet, accidentally nailed my big toe against the end of my bed and writhed in agony because I had managed to hit the one toe that had been injured not long ago. 1,422 more words

Miles To Minutes

Why We Need to Acquire a Taste for Flavor

As a writer, there is nothing I love more than putting on my Alice in Wonderland frock and purposefully tumbling down the rabbit hole of research. 981 more words


Take a Whiff

Yesterday, I was carving the flutes in a walnut bowl and I started thinking about what a big role smell plays among the pleasures of working with wood.  130 more words

Quarry Farm Friday starring Angus the Virginia Opossum

Today’s “Quarry Farm Fridays with the Bluffton Public Library” featured North America’s marsupial. Angus the Virginia Opossum is our resident education ambassador for his kind.

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