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What Does Empty Space Smell Like?

How To Navigate While Blind

Cloe has been blind now for almost four years. She lost her eyes to glaucoma. (Jack Russell Terriers are prone to that.) When we moved to this house, she had been totally without sight for six months, so she has never seen what it looks like. 461 more words



(The precise aroma of falling rain is known as petrichor. It was coined petrichor by Isabel Joy Bear and Richard Grenfeld Thomas, two Australian mineralogists who… 835 more words

It controls what you spend and who you love? Could it be your sense of Smell?

Your sense of smell controls what you spend and who you love

By Georgia Frances King August 16, 2018

Smell is the ugly stepchild of the sense family. 2,553 more words


What makes you smile?

It’s Springtime here in Australia, blossoms are blooming, Azaleas are in flower in a range of glorious colors & the scent of Jasmine, honey blossom & Gardenias are in the air… 364 more words


Bau: Sense of Smell

I love my morning walks. My new environment is a lot different from my old one and I am beginning to discover all sorts of interesting smells which is super tremendously stimulating. 53 more words

Bau: Let's Go Home

“Let’s go home,” she says after our morning walk.

Those words used to send thrills through my heart. I loved my old neighbourhood with its variety of odours. 182 more words

A Dog's Diary