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Bite and devour that dances across my tongue, lingering taste

Pressing her lips in timeless suspension

Slow stroke of her smooth canvas leaving sensual droplets, snap shots, lingering touch… 103 more words

Streets of San Francisco

What goes up,
must come down.

Obvious but not easy,
unappealing and so hard,
indeed, for sure, a daunting walk,
that’s the rub.

An unfaltering brisk pace, 53 more words


How treating the senses can change your outlook.

This month has been a particularly trying time for me. My personal life has been chaos and I’m in a difficult work situation all while applying for my Masters degree. 994 more words


Responding to Inane Pregnancy Article

I know that I tend to rant and rave about things that other pregnant women likely suffer through quietly or don’t even see as troubling, and that’s fine. 3,817 more words


a paradise of unimaginable beauty

Our human faculties have wondrous qualities that can transform the pressures and frustrations of ordinary existence into  the bliss of the heaven realms here and now.

25 more words

Evoke, don’t report

Hear the hail hit the roof, feel the heat of the oven, taste the sour orange and smell the new cut grass.

The reader is more involved when the story is more believable experienced through the character’s senses.


50 Word Stories: The Flood

It began as a trickling like rain on a summer's night running down a window. Without noticeable change, the water gurgled and giggled as though a river building to the sea. 19 more words