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The rain tickles- sensory processing

I don’t think I like the rain.  Parts of me do, but parts really don’t.

At first glance, its a constant noise, drumming on the roof.  342 more words


NaPoWriMo: Morning Senses

* Skipped the prompt

The sun peaks
through the cracks
in the blinds
like a whisper
that catches the wind
at just right moment
to carry the words… 49 more words


Sensory Overload in Chennai, India

It is hard to describe to people the overall sensation of what it was like when we arrived in Chennai during our visit to India several years ago. 382 more words



The roar of the edge slicing through the hard pack assaults my ears.  The cold wind bites my face.  My nerves are frayed and my muscles ache from the strain needed to stay upright.   82 more words

Kingdom Life

Sensation Vs Thought


If a craving (or aversion) arises in my mind, would it be more strategic to observe that thought itself objectively, or to just direct my attention to my body for an observation round? 574 more words


Of Baritones and Contraltos

Write me some lines
from the innermost cavern of your heart
The one that bleeds profusely but quietly and
blazes with emotions
too powerful to hide… 255 more words


Underlying Curtains

A secret organ wakes
to say something anything
the voice sticks to the melody
or plays the potentialities
its ripples seeking underlying
geologies of daily… 92 more words