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In a way, time is like the senses. Just as we give readers a sense of the scene with sights, sounds, and smells, it also grounds the reader in the scene to know where we are in the seasons, in the week, in the day. 97 more words


I count my senses
Bringing each one to the fore
Look, hear, touch, smell, taste


Too much stimuli

I got through work-just. I got home, went to feed my cats and threw up, missing the sink, all over the floor and pretty much myself. 210 more words

I do not understand

Where it is you are

Reaching me.



Setting off a cataclysmic


An eruption of thoughts


My synapses are firing steady… 66 more words

7 seconds away Just as long as I stay I'll be waiting...♫

CATWA HEAD – Catya – Bento

L’Etre – Catwa eyes #54

Jessica Applier [ Catwa ] –  COLLABOR88

Tableau Vivant \\ Falling hair – Shortfall –   20 more words

The roads that converge
So many small confluences
To be found on skin


Sensuary Circle for Kids

Semilla Kids & Ina Gold:

We each have a magic rainbow inside of us. And when we enjoy and use our senses being present in that moment. 24 more words

Ina Gold