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Jungchow - Sensing and Intuition

The two perceptive functions, sensing and intuition are the two basic ways in which we perceive, or take in, the world. These functional choices therefore determine something very fundamental: how we view the nature of the world and what it is that we find important about it. 1,194 more words


Will Essential Oils Cure What Ails You?

If you’re toying with the idea of trying out some essential oils, you’re probably wondering what could possibly go wrong. It seems like there wouldn’t be too much of a risk with an oil that you rub on your skin or use as an air freshener. 519 more words


Why some People are so Obsessed with the Myers-Briggs

I think one of the most baffling behaviors for people uninterested in mbti is just how persistent their pro-mbti friends are about the whole affair. It’s probably super-embarrassing like having a friend who claims everything is the fault of the Illuminati/ex-girlfriend. 807 more words


Even the rain has a soul

For some people, listening to a recording of rainfall through a decent sound system brings peace and calm. They might even need this type of “white noise” in order to fall asleep. 249 more words

Don't They Know?

There is a heaviness in her head, it expands, seeming to press against her skull,  she checks her blood pressure. It is normal, better than normal, and yet the feeling remains. 258 more words


INFJ perspective ramble on free will and the burden of obligation

Listen to me ramble about food, cooking, sensory exploration, obligation (me trying to figure out why I have such a strong reaction to it), free will, and finally, a forecast on a fabulous home health and wellness kit nobody can have yet! 51 more words


Project Soli

Very interesting project from Google ATAP which uses a miniaturized radar device to detect hand gestures. Because it doesn’t use structured light, it has the potential to work outdoors and in difficult environments. 42 more words