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My little butterfly (o meu borboletinha)

To say, ‘You are beautiful’, reminds me of something I said to a precious little butterfly, and this encapsulates what I meant.

When I say you’re Beautiful…

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The Gifted Sensor

For those who are digging into the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for the first time, the Sensing (S) and iNtuition (N) dichotomy is often the hardest to grasp.  2,019 more words



Flowing through life in different situations, places us in unique ways to no longer confine ourselves to ordinary. Structure with conditions about who we are and who we need to be, snuffs out our inner guide and connection to our authentic state of being. 234 more words

LG Expected to Supply Face ID Technology on iPad Pro, iPhone X, and iPhone X Plus This Year

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

iPad Pro render by Benjamin Geskin and rough mockup of iPhone X and iPhone X Plus

The upfront payment could be worth as much as around $820.9 million, which LG Innotek would use to build additional facilities for production of 3D sensing and camera modules for smartphones, the report claims. 290 more words


Will we touch the light at last?

… and get a response back? Possibly. Recent patents granted to Apple in 2017 and research by the leading LED chip manufacturers are pointing in this direction. 114 more words


Cleansing Sensing

How have I been viewing the world?

How do I perceive things?

Have I ever paused to smell the flowers?

Have I just been nosy… 82 more words

Penman's Ship

Cheap lidar

So my Benewake TF Mini LiDAR turned up.

Now for the fun.

It has to rotate in a circle to create a scan.

I had an idea to mount either of a Seeeduino Film or an ESP8266, with battery, on a spindle to wirelessly send readings – all while it is spinning. 156 more words