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Sensory Development

As an adult we are able to interact with our environment at a complex level. This is only made possible because our bodies allow us to take in information from our environment (sensing) and then understand this information (perceiving). 88 more words


Melancholy: n. sensing pensive sadness frequently with no apparent cause

I have never experienced melancholy  or being sad without an obvious reason so I frankly don’t know what it feels like but I assume that some forms of depression may have melancholy associated with it. 80 more words

Common Sense

Return to sensing, instinct, and intuition

© by Dr. Daniele Trevisani – http://www.danieletrevisani.com. From the forthcoming book “The Soul Box”

Intuition and instinct are a part of our ancient brain skills. 573 more words

Human Factor

Global Current Sensing Resistor Industry 2015 Market Research, Developments, Applications, Analysis and Forecasts

Global Current Sensing Resistor Market Research report offers comprehensive analysis of the Current Sensing Resistor market. Right from market history to the latest developments of the Current Sensing Resistor market are covered in this report. 105 more words

Are quiet routes 'happier' than noisy routes in a city?

The dissertation work for the MRes at CASA is at full speed. The working title for my piece of research is ‘Does silence produce happiness? Ambient sound and emotions in urban environment’ 225 more words


How well AM I LOVING myself… Summer Challenge

This summer I have challenged myself to observe and feel into how well IAM LOVING myself… Sensing my feelings within, during quiet moments I spend with myself and observing my reflection in the Environment around me. 340 more words

New Energy Consciousness


Selfconsciousness: n. being knowledgeable about and sensing one’s own actions and/or thoughts on circumstances

Most adults react habitually and impulsively to most things and any selfconsciousness that they may have has been programmed into their brain by early prior experiences. 226 more words

Common Sense