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Spirituality is the art of supreme nonsense

Question: Why do you talk to people like this?

Acharya Prashant: There is this tree out there and it has a few leaves and when the wind blows the leaves also blow. 347 more words


Transient Sensitivity

The first time I came out of sleep this morning into a still-dark world where ice crystals were bouncing off my window panes I was reminded of my dentist appointment three days ago. 370 more words

Lavender Clouds II

“I am that every stroke of cracks on the glass. Waiting to break apart and scatter all over the place with my sharp edges. On nights like this, 
I will tell you to run.”-xehnx… 323 more words


it's been a hot minute.

a lot has changed since I last wrote, and I so wish I could say it’s only been for the best. I’ve been off my meds for the past few months and it’s been surprisingly enlightening, but I’d be lying if I said that I was okay with staying off them long term.   216 more words


I’m an empath
I can feel you wondering
How life looks from this side of my eyes

It’s a hard path
To be given access to your truth… 228 more words


Highly Sensitive is a good thing.

Sensitive is a term I want to take back.

I’m currently listening to The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron. It’s an uneasy ‘read’ for me as it brings up a lot of home truths. 366 more words

Life Lessons


In this post I talk about my own experiences with asthma, hayfever, sensitivity, medication, exercise and breathing techniques. While I have seen how medication has relieved my own symptoms I feel that there should be a focus on breathing and a complete path to removing a dependence on medication as quickly as possible. 2,055 more words