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Gratitude Post #23: Candles

For almost a year, a former roommate and I decided to use candles for our main light source. There were some interesting side effects. First of all, our evenings seemed much calmer, as we didn’t have the artificial light interfering with our natural states. 221 more words


Fat Hatred

This weekend celebrated the second Women’s March in Seneca Falls. There were over 10,000 people there to voice their concerns. Voicing concerns is everyone’s right in the USA. 717 more words


Sensitive souls

He might not be good company, he warned me, as he hardly slept at all last night. His mind was racing. He had bought The Guardian, and was enraged about Carillion- the payouts to the fat cats, successful only at filling their pockets; and the fact that “George Gideon Osborne, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Second Lord of the Treasury” had been connected to hedge funds which had started short-selling the company before its profit warning in the Summer. 419 more words


Why am I so sensitive?

Why am I so sensitive?

All my life I have been told I am sensitive; and for the most part it has always been a compliment; although at times I didn’t take it such. 742 more words


Sensitivity is knowing
How to listen with all your senses,
Using the five physical ones to
Feed information to the psychical senses,
And using that knowledge to see behind… 6 more words


Sensitivity Reading Reinforces and Encourages a More Diverse and Aware Publishing Process

Written by Kiran Gokal

With the growing awareness of diversity in books, and more importantly, accurate representations, the need for sensitivity readers has grown substantially. A sensitivity reader is pretty much exactly what you hear: they are readers who read to minimize sensitivity. 600 more words