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Where do you need to be vulnerable?

I can’t imagine that you haven’t seen Brené Brown’s TED talk on vulnerability, but go check it out.  It’s stunning.

And it’s what got me thinking this morning as I approached a sensitive conversation…

Success In Small Business

A Short One

I have just been out for a walk.

This might not seem like particularly startling news. Especially when I tell you that my walk was just 2 kilometres long and I was out for under 20 minutes (the 2km actually took 18 minutes, 24.7 seconds). 865 more words



The process of harmonization goes hand in hand with the development of sensitivity. If you start listening, for instance, to the nutritional needs and (pseudo)allergic reactions of your body you’ll inevitably become more sensitive to foods. 23 more words

A Friend

His friend was in some ways a bigger person, but seemingly with a smaller life on the outside. Even as they sat there on a bench on an early autumn morning in the sunshine, he was experiencing a much wider and richer moment of the piazza, than Vito could. 94 more words


Once more with feeling: Climate models don’t exaggerate warming

(Source: arstechnica.com)

If you follow climate science news, you know that one of the hotter topics is “climate sensitivity”—the precise amount of warming you get for a given increase of greenhouse gases. 836 more words


It takes strength to be gentle and kind.


The Emotional Life of the INFP - Anxiety

In a previous post, I discussed several emotions of the INFP and how, what, and why the INFP feels. As most of it was a brief overview of how the INFP feels and what triggers emotion, I decided to go more in depth and discuss a few specific emotions of the INFP. 1,364 more words