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Wednesday evening Part Two

We talked about the indoor plants for a while, which were the reason, I mean excuse, to get the gorgeous lady to my house and to get to know her better. 2,865 more words


canceled appointment, the dentist and...

“I’m sorry I completely forgot that I rented the studio out this afternoon. I will have to reschedule for the next week. Luckily I stopped down to clean which triggered my memory before you wasted you time to meet me.” 375 more words

Sexual Abuse

I can't get no satisfaction

My thoughts today are a reflection in respond to a friend’s blog who is going to be about the overkill of patient satisfaction and the impact on the cost of medical practice. 1,042 more words


How Far Can You Cast The Stone?

How do you know if your idea works? You try it out. If It works at the basic level, you exceed the level and you push it until it fails. 301 more words


Just Listening

Composed 4/25/14
Description: n/a

I live through the ears
My eyes       dart
I can pretend
I can plead
If I don’t see their faces
But my heart l o n g s… 42 more words


conversation to self

Its been a couple of brilliant days, full on days. Trying to keep to my therapeutic (Blah blah) schedule ;)

I managed a slow walk to the beach, beepers and stick in hand, music for my ears. 255 more words


I have sailed these seas

I have sailed these seas,
Lost between the still waters and the land,
Far from the maddening crowd.

Is the voice that resonates
And the thought the same. 158 more words