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Sensitivity and contentment in the singleton existence

Earlier this year I read a book by Dr. Elaine Aron called The Highly Sensitive Person and suddenly my entire life made more sense. All the hours tucked away with a book and the general dislike of busy, social events had a valid reason. 630 more words

Earths Best Sensitivity Infant Formla With Iron 232 Oz

Iron deficiency means significantly less than sufficient iron ranges in the entire body.Iron is an vital component of haemoglobin – the oxygen carrying pigment in the blood. 284 more words



The latest radiation

Causing constefrnation…

Electrical fields

With cancer yields

Beyond normal consideration!

Field sensitivity,

The latest proclivity…

Has started litigation… 86 more words

By Jonathan Caswell

Stop Confusing Empathy With Oversensitivity

I’ve stayed quiet for a while on this topic as I’ve patiently read through numerous articles that have been surfacing on the inter-world about the pros and cons of a changing culture of increased awareness for institutionalized problems, particularly in universities. 962 more words

Stork Whistle High Sensitivity 20 mIUml Midstream Pregnancy

After one of these pealess whistle fails during an important basketball game in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada, an American named Ron Foxcraft proceeded to come up with a pealess whistle. 280 more words

Numerology - Life Path Number 2

Life Path Number: 2

If you have a Life Path number 2, or if your first name starts with a B, K or T, this applies to you! 467 more words


From Her Eyes

Tom’s ability to see and feel what Amy does gives him the unique viewpoint from which to know what a woman wants! Amy did not hold back her feelings on this… 113 more words