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Sensory Savers

I carry a set of earplugs with me. I keep a pair in my car and in all my emergency kits.

I hate earplugs, but… they help me blend in while getting me through the most difficult circumstances. 263 more words


Characteristics of Life: A* understanding for iGCSE Biology

The iGCSE specification says that all living organisms share the following basic characteristics and then lists 8 bullet points.  This seems unnecessarily unhelpful because every student in the whole word learns MRS GREN for the 7 characteristics of life… 347 more words

IGCSE Biology Posts

monday money worry

My antianxiety medication zaps my libido, but I still want to hug and kiss and hold hands, just not have sex. But sometimes we do it anyway and it’s still fun. 127 more words

Sensitize your soul

Sensitize your soul,
for God loves to settle
and settle and settle

© Meisaan Chan



It’s hardly news that Lady J does not handle her imperfections well. However, there is one type of mistake I make that bothers me more than any other by a long shot. 736 more words


Empathy & compassion

Quan Yin, bodhisattva or goddess of compassion; the Chinese interpretation of Avalokiteśvara

Sensitive. Or: oversensitive.

These are terms I hear bandied about to describe people who react deeply to anything from wool clothing or sock seams to sarcasm or “charged language.” When I was a child, people told me I was sensitive; initially, I thought that was a kind of compliment, and sometimes that was the intention. 533 more words