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How To Know If You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

Did you ever get told several times in your life “Don’t be too sensitive”, “You’re too quiet” or “Don’t take it personally”? In those moments, did you feel affected inside, as if something isn’t quite right? 846 more words


Bless the Sensitive

I am what I’d call sensitive. Throughout my life, I’ve searched to understand what it means to feel things on such a deep and profound level. 276 more words

Solitude - When Two is a Crowd

Solitude: the quality or state of being alone or remote from society – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I am an introvert and I live with my husband’s family. 504 more words



Hello civilians.

I wish to share something with you today. Well, I worked all my vacation with an organization, and got to realize how dead I have been all this while. 500 more words


Looking Back

Every time I try to write a blog, I hear the sounds of Doogie Howser, MD playing in my mind.  I imagine that I, myself, am sitting back in 1992 thinking inspirational thoughts about important topics and I am able to find the perfect words to write in my journal at the end of my rather eventful days.   395 more words

Your Sensitivity Is a Blessing

I’ll be honest, I’m not creative at all when it comes to giving titles to my blog posts, but I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you that.   672 more words

Think On These Things

On Offence and Sensitivity

There’s a saying I’ve seen go around on the internet lately: “Offence is taken, not given.”

How true is this statement? Is it really a matter of completely having the choice to be offended or not offended at will? 515 more words