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Who are you and what have you done with Rachel?

A close friend, who I trust to be honest with me, told me yesterday this is what I’m like. Calm on the surface, even though I feel like I’m paddling like mad underneath to keep it all together. 683 more words

Becoming Yourself

“God does not call you without instruction and He does not send you out without training and direction…. The more time you spend with Him, the more you think, walk, talk and live like Him—and the more you become yourself.” 9 more words


For Doctors Everywhere

When your kidneys are failing there are some symptoms that are often overlooked. Confusion, depression, an overall change in personality. That wonderful person people once knew now snaps at everyone and everything. 343 more words

Bipolar Disorder

How is one to be sensitive?

“Student: How is one to be sensitive?

Krishnamurti: I do not know if you noticed the other evening, it was drizzling. There was a sharp shower. 506 more words


The Highly Sensitive Child - They Know Their Power - Let's Honour That!

Luca (our 7 year old recovering from chronic fatigue) didn’t want to go in the garden last Thursday. It was a lovely day, as warm outside as inside, and so I asked him why not.   290 more words


Martyr on Moving Day

Today was the end of a long haul. My stepdaughter moved into her own condo. Her very first home of her own and truly her own castle. 1,144 more words


Adventure in Sensitivity as Strength

The table’s have turned.

I asked quite a few men (more than appear here, but frankly, I got too impatient and too excited to share with you*) in my life to define a couple of words. 2,786 more words

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