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Call me over-reacting or a spoil-sport, but I for one think Topshop’s Depresso mug is unkind, hurtful and very very sad.

I stumbled upon this ten minutes ago as I was looking online for Christmas presents, and I am so angry I already placed my order through to Topshop, because after seeing this I would not spend another penny in there until they take this product away.   409 more words



Coming home from work that morning after a busy night shift, I decided to tune in to one of the few international news outlets that still cover the news back home. 992 more words

On Being Umurundi


Best advice I can ever want to be a personal carer or anything that requires to go into someone’s home. Go easy on the perfume… 59 more words

Hell On Wheels

Full Moon Melancholia and the Renewal that Follows

I’ve been so caught up with my brand new ACV experiment that I almost missed the opportunity to post about my favourite astronomical sight – the full moon, in its complete, quietly regal beauty. 437 more words

Wellness: Inspirations From Life Lessons

Social media, high sensitivity and overwhelm

As an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) I often find the world overwhelming. Sometimes I think it would have been good to live long ago before television and the internet, and the crazy thing that is social media, were invented. 957 more words

Family Life

Bloating, abnormal abdominal physiology or just a lot of gas.

At one time, doctors believed bloating was due to swallowing too much air.  At another, it was caused by lordosis, an abnormal posture produced  by arching the spine and pushing the abdomen forwards.  1,292 more words

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Opinion: Yoga is not culturally insensitive 

Yoga is a low impact, highly rewarding exercise done by countless people across the globe. Any person in the United States has access to do yoga by turning on a TV station with this type of programming, popping in a DVD (or VCR cassette), joining a gym, or by having it as an employee wellness activity at work. 143 more words