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Sensitivity - how important can this be?

Having opened up to some members of the church I am attending I have been blessed with warmth and support from those who have come to know me.   218 more words

Short Notes on ROC Curves

ROC stands for Receiver Operating Characteristics and it is widely used in machine learning to analyze the classifier’s performance. It tells a classifier’s behaviour when a new data given to the classifier and helps in choosing between different classifiers for your application. 402 more words

Machine Learning

Living with Passion

It’s important to me to live my life with passion and depth. I’m with Thoreau, who said:
“I wish to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I cannot learn what it has to teach, and not, when I come to die, discover that I have not lived. 405 more words



I’ve always felt a strong need to write. Trying to put my thoughts into words helps me to figure out what’s really going on inside of me. 135 more words


The Tree and Me

A few days ago, while I was taking a walk around my neighborhood, I passed a tree that looked so odd that it caught my attention. 77 more words


Children and Chronic Fatigue - Having a Strong Sense of Self!

We’ve had the most amazing day today. Luca is really regaining his cognitive ability and its clearly making him so happy. He had an idea to make quite a complicated football game  out of a cardboard box,  disposable chopsticks,  2 dolls and lots of tape! 252 more words


Fungicide Sensitivity Assay - screening resistance of a pathogen against a fungicide

A plant that is able to maintain its normal physiological and biochemical functions can be termed as healthy. When its normal functions are interrupted through a continuous irritation by any biotic or abiotic factors, the plant suffers, either pathological or physiological (non-pathological) disorder. 774 more words