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Words For Your Mother When the Seasons Change

i live

in a state of perpetual provocation

even my organs protest

i feel them churning

with discomfort

their screams haunt my insides

casting a dark and foreboding cloud… 153 more words

Buddhism and Kamma

Am I early or am I late?  It’s a global time.

This debut blog captures a word found within Buddhist insights online. First, a thank @LeeBokSeong2 for sharing insights and providing myself with this opportunity along with a greater understanding for a common theme found within my own writing – Kamma. 259 more words


Tznius Rules!

Let’s play a game. You list all the tznius rules from high school or tznius kabbalos you were encouraged to take on, and we see how they compare. 348 more words


It hurt because it mattered


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Why You Should Have More Empathy – Wall Street Journal

“Sensitivity to other people’s emotions helps relationships; you can learn to be better at it,” the Journal says in the item by Elizabeth Bernstein. In what seems like another life, back when I was going through marriage counseling, I learned that I needed to have more empathy to improve our relationship. 8 more words

If you’re anything like me, there are times that you have an unlimited amount of compassion for everyone else but you. If I don’t practice having compassion for myself, I tend to absorb the energy of others very quickly. 135 more words


The Flower Full Moon

Tomorrow night we will enjoy a Flower  Full Moon – a name which originates from Native American wisdom.

I was born on the night of a full moon and I always find my intuition is stronger then. 80 more words

Self Healing