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Get up, stand up

You stand shivering in some dirty dormitory with no clue of how you got there. A while ago, you were at your house and now you are in this dark place along with your family and friends. 304 more words


Sensitive much?

Urgh.  An email.  A bloody email.  How can one little electronic message aggrieve me so??

I sent an email at work today, and it was replied to, and the reply has sent me FREAKIN NUTS.  348 more words

Don't Step on a Crack

Since I was a child, I always avoided stepping on cracks, even the cracks between sidewalk tiles. I thought for a long time that it was because of the little rhyme, “don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your mother’s back.” I can be overprotective of my mother so it is not too surprising that I would avoid cracks just in case the saying was somehow true. 309 more words


Dead Space 2 Mouse Fix

What is this?

This fix makes Dead Space 2 use raw mouse input without any additional smoothing or acceleration. It works with VSync and high frame rates and is easy to install without having to fiddle around with FPS limiters or config files. 705 more words

Game Fixes / Mods

Moving Together Toward Greater Sensitivity

It was her tone. Her tone on the voicemail went right through me. Her words would roll off (or I would try to let them). They weren’t a big deal. 861 more words


The exhausting life of a people pleaser

Welcome to my exhausting life. I am not driven by money, wish I was, as I might be a lot richer. Unfortunately, yet fortunately for those around me, I am driven by making others happy. 280 more words

Metro Mouse Fix

What is this?

This fix makes Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux use raw mouse input to solve the issue of different sensitivities for horizontal and vertical movement. 696 more words