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Staying with myself : feeling my pain

I did not realise I was so sad and in emotional pain this morning.  Instead for two hours I was tussling with my body.  I got to bed far after the usual time and my eating schedule was thrown out by going to friends for dinner and eating too much too late for my body to fully digest it but really it was only when I broke down in tears this morning that i realised that what has happened was that old pain of my past was retriggered of those painful black years that were filled with so much emptiness and sadness, wandering and trauma that I did not know or could not fully feel at the time.  959 more words


The Goodness of the Flash

Today, I’m going to work on something a tiny bit different from things I’ve written in the past. I wanted to explore and discuss the Flash, specifically the CW TV show because the Season 3 finale just aired this week. 1,261 more words


reality slaps you in the face like a pie

sometimes i really don’t understand people. i get too sensitive and people get offended. then sometimes they’re so, so sorry about that they offended me/hurt me. 408 more words

The Aches of Aging

As we get older, our bodies change whether we like it or not. We become less able to do the things we once could and we can struggle with staying healthy. 288 more words


The witness : thoughts on being a Highly Sensitive Person


Sometimes it feels in life as if I am not the participant but the witness.  I stand at the centre of my own life and watch things evolve around me, watching and learning and making sense of. 846 more words

Self Awareness