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Deflecting negativity!

Dealing with negativity

As a highly sensitive person, I absorb feelings easily and pay close attention to facial expressions, tone and words when I am interacting with others. 281 more words


Page 16 U Gon b a STAR

Bob spends much of the afternoon crouched in front of a radiant heater. The apartment he has been slotted into is a refrigerator with the aesthetics of a swimming pool. 502 more words


How to Know What Foods You Should Eat

Listen. There are people who do really really well on the Paleo diet. There are people who do really really well on a vegetarian diet. There are people who do really really well on a vegan diet. 407 more words


Give and Take

Laying out a plan can be a safeguard, or a threat. You must make provision for change in any plan. If you are like some, you fall in love with the plan and refuse to vary. 231 more words


What is Home?

On a personal level we all think we know what home is. But home means many things, and for some people it is not a happy place. 644 more words


Knots, Mess, Life, Courage and Change

I feel like everything is going crazy.

– It’s already February 21st. How the hell did that happen?

– 2 arguments in the same day with the people closest to me recently. 558 more words


Feldenkrais: When Irritation Is Injury

If we are not cuckoo, the body heals. Because if I’m not cuckoo, how will the body be cuckoo? The body and I are the same thing. 894 more words