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ASD Sibling Rivalry

Holy cow, you guys, it’s been four friggin months since my last post.

I have found it hard to get any real time to write with the kiddos being out of school, recently, but before that? 1,177 more words


Inner me

I will concede that all the clocks are wound,
And even tolerate a sense of place.
Know the outer limits to which I’m bound.
Seek out those answers, that may fill a space. 86 more words


Perspective After a Good Night's Sleep

The night of sleep, long but fitful, did not serve to reset my heart and mind. Potamus’s sweet voice, saying “let’s get up mama,” roused me from my already-awake-but-not-wanting-to-face-the-day musings. 440 more words


Day 9: the Inner World of a Highly Sensitive Person

I want to share something that bothers me a lot and to be honest has held me back from connecting because I want more mess, I want real. 463 more words

The Journey

introduction to measurements


Accuracy : It is the closeness with which an instrument reading approaches the true value of the quantity being measured.

Precision: It is measure of degree of agreement within a group of measurements. 175 more words


Case Solution for The Real Green IT Machine (B): Sensitivity Analysis of a Proposed Capital Investment

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      The Real Green IT Machine (B): Sensitivity Analysis of a Proposed Capital Investment

Authors :           Luann J. 177 more words


Words that Harm or Heal: A Guest Post from Jeannie Ewing

Welcome, Tomato Pie Fans! I’m taking a hiatus from blogging to finish the sequel to DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME. Meanwhile, I have a series of guest bloggers taking care of the place. 714 more words