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People of Irepodun Expects Better Livelihood After Strike

The people of Irepodun Local Government expressed their appreciation and expectations for the recently called off strike during the Editorial CDS group of Irepodun Local Government visit to the Olobu market for sensitization. 257 more words


Course Notes: Explaining Pain Lorimer Moseley-Style

Why Weren’t you Here??!?!?!?!?!

A late addition to the yearly course list, but a decision I will never regret.


Lorimer Moseley is one of my heroes in the pain science realm and I’ve always wanted to hear him speak. 1,971 more words

Course Notes

EOs and Bad Advice

DISCLAIMER: I am an ER nurse, but I’m also a midwife. As such, I straddle both “conventional” and “alternative” medicine. I use and recommend alternative pharmaceuticals (e.g., herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, etc.), but I’m not above using conventional pharmaceuticals (e.g., antibiotics, lidocaine for stitches, etc.). 3,767 more words


Black Henna Tattoos- What are the risks?

What is black henna?

“Black Henna” is not henna.Henna is derived from the henna flowering plant and has been used since the Bronze Age to dye skin,hair and materials. 984 more words

Black Henna

4 ways to promote Communal Harmony in the workplace

The world has changed. People no longer live localized lives. They have moved out of their place of origin and gotten all mixed up everywhere. This results in a workplace where we get to spend a large chunk of our daily hours in the company of people of different ethnicity, race, religion, cast, color and beliefs. 607 more words


misuse of essential oils: sensitization

“It occurs upon first exposure, but may be so slight it is unnoticeable.  With subsequent use of the oil, an inflammatory reaction will occur.  The severity of the reaction can seem out of proportion to the amount of oil being used.”

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… is a great movie about Ian Curtis, which you should definitely watch. While I hate to disappoint you, this blog post isn’t about Joy Division, but about dog training and closeted alpha theorists. 2,867 more words