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Why Would You DILUTE Something Good For You? I'll Give You 5 Reasons.

A significant portion of my practice is educating consumers on safe aromatherapy techniques. We all know essential oils are highly concentrated substances derived from plants. It seems counter-intuitive to dilute something that is all-natural and healthy. 796 more words


In a recent discussion, I was quoted as saying a woman can walk out of her marriage if she is not comfortable. I never said so. 974 more words


The Uncomfortable Leftovers

I have heard and read several times that you can’t grow to your full potential until you are healed from within. That healing occurs on the emotional level, at times at the subconscious level where we have almost no access. 920 more words

First blog post

SoHope Education Campaign #mylibrarymygrowth

Strides of Hope Foundation-SoHope is seeking to facilitate a children’s library at the children’s ward in Butabika National Mental Hospital due June 16 the International Day of the African child. 256 more words



  1. The state or process of being sensitized.
  2. The process of becoming susceptible to a given stimulus that previously had no effect or significance.

At least two times per school term the teachers from the elementary school I worked at in The Gambia would rally themselves for a “sensitization scheme”. 429 more words

Eligibility Criteria

The architectural design of Uwezo Fund has its roots firmly based on, representation, accountability, accessibility and economy. These principles are in all meant to ensure that Kenya as a nation benefits from the initiative. 250 more words

Uwezo Fund

The Dilution Debate

Hello readers! I’m super excited to share with you my Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oil experience which I have been combining with Western holistic health practices and Eastern medicine.   459 more words

Essential Oils