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Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation Abstract May/June 2015 Publication!

Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation

May/June 2015 – Volume 30 – Issue 3 – p E61–E116

doi: 10.1097/HTR.0000000000000150

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North American Brain Injury Societys 12th Annual Conference on Brain Injury… 414 more words


Sensory Approaches to Treatment (Rebloged excerpt)

Sensory treatment approaches offer a person-centered, strength oriented, skill building model of care. Sensory strategies initially focus on an essential underlying building block of self-awareness and self-acceptance. 273 more words

Sensory Integration

Personal Space Issues

Personal space issues

Overcoming personal space issues is one of the biggest hurdles Johnny is facing right now. Because of the social challenges he doesn’t know when he’s crossing the line and why some of his friends are acting the way they are.   1,239 more words


Teaching Autistic Children #AtoZChallenge

Welcome to day twenty in the A to Z Challenge on autism. Today’s post is all about teaching autisitc children. This post primarily addresses teachers, but parents and other interested people can learn from it too. 548 more words


The Delayed After Effect or the Importance of Sensory Integration and Self Regulation

My son is like a bottle of champagne. As he goes through his day, anyone looking at him would think he’s just a little boy just like all the other little boys at school. 894 more words


Meltdown or Tantrum? Its Important to Understand the Difference

Is it just a tantrum or is it a meltdown?  This is probably one of the most popular searches or hits for my blog. When it comes to Autism, self regulation and figuring out the triggers are major challenges for the whole family.   181 more words


Being A Toddler and Autism... "Step Into My Shoes"

Its another day in Autism Awareness Month and I thought I’d share a post from that I’ve reblogged about Tantrums vs Meltdowns and how we experience it as a family.   803 more words