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First There Was Electricity, Then Rody the Inflatable Horse

There have been lots of great inventions over time that have made life better, from electricity to the automobile, but I’m not sure any rival with the amazing… 389 more words


Christmas Themed Joint Activities

I’m posting before doing any so that you can have the all in one place list if you’re looking to do something like this this month, too. 714 more words

Pure Love

I can hardly contain my excitement to share this. For a couple of months now, we have all (hubs, myself, and two boys) been working with the Handsome boy to learn how to say some simple phrases. 720 more words


Gorilla Gym

One of the best purchases we have ever made for our family was an indoor trampoline. Before we knew about autism and sensory needs, we knew that our boys were wiggly and active and needed an outlet for that energy. 459 more words

Sensory Changes: An Article Review

Autism and a Changing Sensory System is one of the dozens of articles that I have been saving for review. Unfortunately, I seem to be adding them more quickly than I am reviewing them. 478 more words


Chew Shirts

If you had seen us out and about a year or so ago, you may have noticed Early Bird’s shirt neck or long sleeves with holes in them and likely damp. 120 more words

10 Realities of the OT Brushing Protocol

If you are familiar with occupational therapy in a pediatric or sensory setting, you have likely been introduced to “the brush.” But how much do you really know about this intervention tool? 1,078 more words

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