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Media Meltdown

In my last post I shared how we had started taking Handsome in to worship with us at church and allowed him access to his tablet during that hour. 1,773 more words


5 brilliant books for helping your child with autism & spd

Our son Penguin was diagnosed with autism when he was four. The signs had been there long before then, and he would probably have beem diagnosed at age three if it wasn’t for us, his parents, who were reluctant about getting a diagnosis. 2,238 more words


The Honor

This morning was just like any other morning around here lately.

The Handsome boy wakes up with a leaked diaper, needs a bath, clean clothes, and layers upon layers of bedding need to be laundered. 776 more words



Well hello there friends! Happy New Year! And thanks for coming back around after the Christmas hiatus.

Things are still plucking along as usual around here. 689 more words



I wish we knew about Chewelry when Early Bird was shredding shirt sleeves while his new teeth came in. If you’re new to the term like I was, Chewelry is a melding of “chew” and “jewelry.” It’s therapeutic sensory soothing things that can be worn like jewelry but are safe for chewing on. 510 more words

First There Was Electricity, Then Rody the Inflatable Horse

There have been lots of great inventions over time that have made life better, from electricity to the automobile, but I’m not sure any rival with the amazing… 389 more words


Christmas Themed Joint Activities

I’m posting before doing any so that you can have the all in one place list if you’re looking to do something like this this month, too. 714 more words