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Sensory Needs: Behavior is Communication

Because Richie has a significant speech delay, there are many times when he is unable to tell us the source of his frustrations. Over the years, and through several modalities, we have tried to give him tools to communicate his needs. 283 more words

At Home

Sensory Input

One of the things I like best about the house where we are living now is that there is a large tree in the backyard with a swing.  141 more words

Special Needs Parenting

Doomsday predictions as expressive behaviour

By Gordon Rugg

There was a classic article on Pharyngula recently about a group who donned bright yellow t-shirts to announce the imminent end of the world. 1,763 more words

Useful Concepts

The Peace of Resistance

Handsome seeks a lot of sensory input throughout the day. He gets that input from things like walking on his toes, licking walls or windows, wearing headphones, bouncing on an exercise ball, and also pushing himself into tight positions. 372 more words


Bedtime talks

One of the things I enjoy the most are bedtime talks. Conversations about our day, hopes and dreams. I cannot imagine myself doing nothing else then reading a bedtime story and seeing my boys fall asleep after a little chat. 881 more words

Sensory Integration

In the Occupational Therapy (OT) world, sensory integration is a very popular philosophy in addressing pediatric issues across many areas of function. Sensory integration is the therapeutic approach to resolve sensory imbalances, whether someone perceives too much or too little from the world around them, by providing opportunities for people to interact with sensory stimuli in a safe environment. 1,157 more words

Occupational Therapy

What makes the perfect diet?

Recently my parents made a whistle stop trip up to visit before heading off on their week’s holiday and Buzz was, well…… let’s just say ‘the Whackadoodle express had left the station and was heading for Crazy Town at a rapid rate. 668 more words