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User-Friendly Interpretation on Sensory Processing Science and The Learner’s Consciousness: Part Two

In the previous article, we discussed the science behind sensory processing skills, the brain centers involved, and the signs and symptoms of the modulation disorders. We also mentioned that the most efficient ways to encourage development of these skills was through a sensory diet targeted toward executive function skills. 2,085 more words

Sensory Processing

Our Journey Through Occupational Therapy: SENSORY DIET

Since we posted our first blog about Our Journey Through Occupational Therapy: The Diagnosis, we received a great number of responses and support from friends who have had similar experiences. 352 more words


Making a Sensory Diet Work for Your Child

Because each child is unique, there is no cookbook recipe for creating a sensory diet. The starting point is to look at your child’s behaviors, especially those you find a little quirky. 422 more words

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OCALICON 2014 Mini-Series: Making Sense of Sensory Issues

In the previous two OCALICON posts, I reviewed thoughts and ideas related to preparing teachers and caregivers to prepare individuals on the autism spectrum for success in school and the workplace. 2,202 more words

Three Years Later

If I could have a conversation with Savanna, who has ASD (Autism), and she could magically understand things the way we understand them, just for this conversation, it might sound something like this: 3,156 more words

Parenting Special Needs Children

10 Ways to Play With. . . Part 4 of 4

Many of the children we see at our clinics have difficulty with motor planning.  Motor planning is a complex skill which allows a person to generate an idea for a motor action, efficiently time and sequence the movements necessary, grade the force required, and execute the action.  383 more words

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