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The Post Discovery After Effects and Perks of Meditation

Finding out about my Asperger’s has been a wonderful and relieving revelation in many ways, but it has also caused some strife and heartache. It is difficult at first to take in the information that you are autistic. 794 more words

Aspie Traits

Conceal Don't Feel..Anxiety

*excerpt from original post May 3 2014  When The Words Fail He Sings….”Let It Go..”

As Johnny is finishing the last two months of Grade 3 we have experienced spikes in his anxiety.

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Sensory Processing – You’re Going to be the Death of Me

Come join me as I piece together the remains of my sanity following another Teeth-brushing massacre…


The key with Sensory Processing is that it takes the normal, throws it in the air, lets it crash on the floor and then stamps on it a few times for good measure. 964 more words


It's All In The Mess

I have this trick you see.  I know how hard my son has worked at school by the state his clothes or in this case the state of his boots. 786 more words


The Soothing Nature of Positive Repetition 

Repetition is a funny thing. When I worked for Corporate America, certain forms of repetition made my stomach tense up and left me wanting to climb out of my own skin. 225 more words

Aspie Traits

10 Truths of My Sensory Seeker

If you have followed this blog, Twitter, or Instagram, it is no secret that my daughter is always on the move. In one weekend she played more sports than I have played in my entire life and she is just 2.5 years old. 278 more words


Is Low Muscle Tone A Sensory Processing Issue?

Only if you think that sensing your body’s position and being able to perceive the degree/quality of your movement is sensory-based.  I’m being silly; of course… 560 more words