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You ARE An Artist!

Handsome received the sweetest compliment today. Compliments for Handsome are few and far between, so when we get them, they are extremely meaningful to us, and they are never forgotten. 608 more words


Sensory Diet: An Introduction

When I first heard the phrase “sensory diet” I thought I was going to get a list of foods that I should or should not feed my daughter based on her sensory profile. 392 more words

Sensory Processing Disorder

Road Trip

By the grace of God and by the power of Gray Skull, I survived the road trip to Philadelphia with the Handsome boy.

If you ever want to know what torture is like, try spending 9 hours in the car with this on repeat. 938 more words



Seriously. Y’all just have no idea. I have to deal with this everyday.

He will come and find me, grab my finger, and pick his nose with  8 more words


The scary things are sometimes the best

Sometimes the biggest and most terrifying steps in life can be the ones that save us.

Six months ago, I walked away from the job I’d known for 8 years (in a field I’d worked in for my entire life) to start my new career. 348 more words

When our children are their advocates

Seeing our children advocate for themselves is the goal of many parents. We teach them the rules of living in the social world and we teach them to question that which they do not understand. 1,033 more words

All twisted up with learning cursive

Last year, I had an opportunity to write about my experience with sensory processing disorder. It was an in-depth piece with a broad overview of the symptoms and characteristics that I encountered, as well as areas where I continue to struggle. 895 more words