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Chew Shirts

If you had seen us out and about a year or so ago, you may have noticed Early Bird’s shirt neck or long sleeves with holes in them and likely damp. 120 more words

Sensory Overload With a Side of Dinner

“I am 38 years old, kneeling on the floor of a Japanese restaurant trying to catch broccoli being thrown towards my mouth, completely sober. This is parenthood,” I thought to myself as I watched the tears on my daughter’s face turn into boisterous laughter. 807 more words


10 Realities of the OT Brushing Protocol

If you are familiar with occupational therapy in a pediatric or sensory setting, you have likely been introduced to “the brush.” But how much do you really know about this intervention tool? 1,078 more words

Occupational Therapy

And Just Like That

And just like that, the Handsome boy turned 11.

We love to celebrate Handsome’s birthday because it’s usually very low key. A few gifts from family, favorite cookies, and a favorite meal round out a perfect day for the kiddo. 352 more words


Let Me Just Say "WOW"

Ahh…the end of summer and the beginnings of fall bring a crisp, freshness of routine.

The big boys officially start up their homeschool work a couple of weeks before Handsome gets started. 676 more words


Typical SPD "Therapy" vs. Stimming

It’s sad that normally therapy for sensory processing isn’t about what feels good. It’s code for desensitization and other things. It’s sad that most of the time a sensory diet isn’t filled with fun things that feel good. 136 more words

Keeping it real - The kinda-diary of a frazzled mom

Yesterday was not a good day. I hate beginning a post like that, but being the honest mom that I am I have to. Today I felt that I have failed at being my little girl’s most fierce protector, and it sucked. 1,082 more words