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Sensory Processing – You’re Going to be the Death of Me

Come join me as I piece together the remains of my sanity following another Teeth-brushing massacre…


The key with Sensory Processing is that it takes the normal, throws it in the air, lets it crash on the floor and then stamps on it a few times for good measure. 964 more words


It's All In The Mess

I have this trick you see.  I know how hard my son has worked at school by the state his clothes or in this case the state of his boots. 786 more words


10 Truths of My Sensory Seeker

If you have followed this blog, Twitter, or Instagram, it is no secret that my daughter is always on the move. In one weekend she played more sports than I have played in my entire life and she is just 2.5 years old. 278 more words


Is Low Muscle Tone A Sensory Processing Issue?

Only if you think that sensing your body’s position and being able to perceive the degree/quality of your movement is sensory-based.  I’m being silly; of course… 518 more words


Son, I Feel Like Crap . . .

It took me 50 minutes to get you to school. Kicking, screaming, biting, hitting, insulting, crying – you name it, I got it!

Before 8 am today I felt like I signed up for a bucket load of shit. 842 more words


Sensory Needs: Behavior is Communication

Because Richie has a significant speech delay, there are many times when he is unable to tell us the source of his frustrations. Over the years, and through several modalities, we have tried to give him tools to communicate his needs. 283 more words

At Home

Sensory Input

One of the things I like best about the house where we are living now is that there is a large tree in the backyard with a swing.  141 more words

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