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old scars becoming new fears

Pepper is authentic.  Fully, unabashedly herself.  Her drum beats differently and she stomps her feet to its rhythm with gusto.  This has always been her operating state and it is mix of fear and inspiration for me to watch. 739 more words


How Far Can You Get?

I got about two-thirds of the way through before my brain took the rest of the video off.

I am curious, though: how accurate is this video, readers?

Therapeutic Thursday: ABA Therapy for Autism

If you’ve been following along, you’re aware that I’m parenting an 8-year-old little girl who experiences the world through the Autism Spectrum. Unlike what tends to be shown in media, she’s both quite verbal and social.  1,014 more words

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Visits with Grand-daddy, the pincher

The positive aspect of my grandparents taking me to school was spending more time with them.

Grand-daddy was sick a lot and spent a lot of time in bad. 365 more words

Guest Blog: Top Five Distractions for Children in the Classroom

From Buzzies.

Parents and teachers know that it can be challenging to keep children focused and on task. Classrooms are full of distractions, especially for children with attention deficit disorders or autism spectrum disorders. 210 more words

Sensory Processing

There is nothing 'high' or 'functioning' about her autism at all.

My daughter attends her local mainstream school. Her grades are average and her behaviour perfect. She is mostly happy to go to school and is never later with her homework. 596 more words


5 Tips for Helping Teens and Adults with Autism Manage Stress

In Bugsley’s Blog, we talk a lot about issues faced by autistic children, aspergers and sensory processing disorder.  In regards to these conditions, there are a lot of things that we, as a community, have learned over the years, and there are a lot of things that we still don’t know.  389 more words

Sensory Processing