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Unique Child

Everyone thinks that their child is unique. Its not a bad thing, is it? In fact, if you ask any parent about their child, they will all tell you that their child is unique and special and that is what they want. 507 more words

I wish you could see him

I wish you could see him the way we do. The joy and hunger for life, but also the struggle, every day. Everything is bigger, louder, more. 305 more words


Flashback Friday - My Spinning Room

CW: internalized ableism, childhood experiences (both positive and negative)

When I was in early elementary school we had just moved into a bigger house and there was a room without any furniture in it aside from a dining chair in one corner. 430 more words


The Beginning

The beginning… Sounds ominous doesn’t it! I’ve decided to call this entry ‘The Beginning’ for several reasons but mostly because this is my first ever blog, and because we are at the start of our journey into getting a diagnoses for my son. 1,034 more words

My Vivid Senses

The wonderful world of perceptions. Laity I’ve been fascinated by all of the different types of minds (human, animal, and other). I can only share from one perspective, my own. 17 more words


Too Much

As I’ve said, Little Man has been struggling as of late. We have one more day of school. One. More. Day. He’s battling, but we’re seeing behaviors we haven’t seen in months. 386 more words