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Deep Listening: Connecting to the Senses and Emotions

Deep Listening: Connecting to the Senses and Emotions

Professor David Popenoe, of Rutgers University[i], argues that one of the biggest observations of the last few decades is the deterioration in the bond between parents and children. 4,872 more words

HSP Issues

Earthbound Valentines


Soda pop fizz & foam and root beer or grandma’s ginger ale floats

Amaretto pie and anything almond-paste baker bound

Stuffed with stuffing, macaroni and cheese, or pastry puffed… 170 more words


5 Medical Scene Sounds

Looking for more inspiration on your medical scenes?  Check out our full post on mastering the look and feel of a haunted hospital hallway.

Sports day. 

Second year for Z to attend sports day and again I think he loved it!

Of course still being little they don’t run races, imagine trying to get his class to run a race?! 270 more words


A light that senses when you’re reading — Yanko Design

Think about it. You’re tucked in bed and you just want to get through a couple of chapters of that gripping book you’re reading. You lift it off its stand and it’s already open to the page you wanted.

28 more words

We need to talk about bras

I want to talk to you about bras. Not in a titillating, coquettish way, but in an autistic, sensory way.

I remember when my life changed. 486 more words


Playtoz mini stacking hoops review

While I was at The Autism Show we cam across the Playtoz stand, as mentioned in my ‘Autism Show Run Down‘ blog.

Playtoz support centres where adults with learning and physical difficulties hand make some of their range making it completely unique. 436 more words