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What if, What if, What if?

This is the flavor of anxiety we saw tonight in our 4 year old.

We are going on a family vacation to Cape Cod in June. 955 more words


Sensory Support

Sometimes, children have sensitivities (i.e. the texture of fabric, certain sounds, etc.) or don’t seem to be bothered by sensations (e.g. extreme cold, pain).  The paediatrician, occupational therapist or educational psychologist would usually conduct an investigation by asking about various circumstances in which these sensitivities (or lack of sensitivity) would be displayed.   111 more words

5 Podcasts For Your Tired Mama Soul

Podcasts are kind of a new thing that I have gotten into. Before babies it was really easy to find time to read a book or watch a show to do some self-care. 343 more words


Glenbower Wild Garlic Pesto

Last Monday, 16th April, I spent a wonderful morning with Jessica Bonenfant Coogan and Lou.

I had met Lou Stepney-Power and her boys, Tom and Sam during one of our Creative Killeagh Sensory Trails. 225 more words

Thomas' Toddler Plastic Water Bottle Waterfall

Thomas LOVES water play! He could sit for hours in the bathtub and pour water back and forth between containers if I let him. Now that the weather is warming up I want to turn our backyard into a hands on experiment with multiple learning centers that he can learn from and play with. 317 more words


"Why is this kid so freaking DIFFICULT?!" An important consideration when dealing with frequent meltdowns, temper tantrums, or aggression in small children

Do you know any young children who are difficult, uncooperative, or aggressive? If a kid younger than 5 or 6 is frequently acting this way, usually it means that there’s something with which he or she is struggling but doesn’t understand or know how to articulate. 909 more words

Finding Reilly

What a difference the sunshine makes! Tonight when Reilly came home from school he typed Dory fish into my phone and  instead of looking at photographs of them I decided to take him along to the Blue Reef Aquarium at Tynemouth. 324 more words