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a practice of sensibilities and sensualities.

Declaration of an anarchist lover: Because I love you, you don’t need me. Because you love me, I don’t need you. In love we never let ourselves be completed by the other.

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Dance In Dawn

Dance in dawn
a silhouette against
the sun~
As the whisper soft veils
fall around you
Rejoice in your beauty
dance you gypsy
in rhythm with your soul.

Sensual Poem

Crone Descants


naked time!


some nights then…
the three year girl twins
would freeze in place
for countdown
then…naked time!
to rowdy monkeyness…
throw play clothes on the floor… 460 more words



The wine is chilling, the beers on ice in the kiddie pool
Steaks are marinating and the salad is washed and ready to go…

The sun’s high over the back garden and it is sultry Baby… 45 more words


The Dance

Magical connection a feeling like meant to be

Blood rushing through the veins

Keeping time with

The music, the sensual beat

Bodies intertwine, fit perfectly… 94 more words

Avoiding Artificial Intimacy

Our world wants a “quick fix”. We’ve all heard it before. The growing momentum of “hook-up culture” is just one symptom of the desire for all the benefits of a relationship with none of the emotional strings attached. 790 more words

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