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Being Nude Anywhere Is Thrilling

..And I don’t really know why.

Maybe it’s linked to the idea that my parents were repressed. Or I was taught it’s a big no no so I lived in a repressed state for my life. 193 more words

The Journey


The wondrous, watered-down, diluted, diminishing, dissolving, disappearing me.
Disillusioned by my devotion to delusional self-devotees.
Watered-down wet fantasies, tempered tantric thoughts, suppressed sexual desire.
Stunted, stifled, so not me; stuck in stagnancy, suffocating, drowning in sadness. 152 more words


Something different...

Wouldn’t you like to try something different

Sometimes, when the winds are strong

and the coldest of winter is knocking at your door…

Like tonight, you know? 124 more words



I ask for your barrons, and abandoned your disbelief. A sensory sight of abigoius illumination. A serenity of the fickle mind. Aborting oneself, before the prevalence of pain, condoning to mercy. 113 more words



Juices flowed;
Licked slowly;
Flavors savored intensely;
Desires satiated.



Tempestuous yearnings
Once Embroiled
Between heart and mind
Now erupt as flames ignite.



Volcano’s hot lava… 30 more words

Short Stories


Why do you either love or hate? It’s like a suffering abyss.
Time, people give excuses to sleep, it’s because they lack passion.
You watch yourself slowly giving in. 191 more words



The Witch with Flaming Hair is as Fierce as She is Fair