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so bleeds the sun as heaven and earth prepares to rest
soon stars will topple down upon the fading day
my immortal spirit fulfilled with sweetness of golden rays…
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Magickal Arts

Applauding #girlswithtoys | Kimberly K. Arcand

It seems as if this is a second week applauding women in science. This response is to a thoughtless comment in the media. Hove a look at women with their toys and let us all enjoy our toys. 46 more words


My Remedy

If you have a migraine

You should try my remedy

I will remove all pain

With our lovely chemistry

Naught to lose all to gain… 11 more words



What is it about the feel of water on a summer day?

I have a very specific pattern, I suppose, when enjoying the water, whether it be a pool, the ocean, or a lake. 204 more words

The Vine

The Vine

I dreamed this earthly part of mine,  
Was metamorphosed to a vine;
Which crawling, creeping, one and every way,
Enthralled my dainty Rose. 135 more words

VI. Beyond that

I awake from dreams of warm flesh.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cozy in pale warm muscles only half-done: college dormroom feel, cozier than ever before, lolling in beige sheets rippled by amateur sculptors’ hands. 53 more words