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American Idols – The Finalists

The Greeks had a god for everything, and temples were erected all over their cities to facilitate the worship of them.  As time goes by, America is becoming much the same.   763 more words



Tantric verbosity tangling two never should be’s
Effortlessly colliding never could be’s
Softly dying ever would be’s
Busy bees who never knew they shouldn’t
Firefight foreplay with the devils dirty dice… 121 more words


XXX Rated Postings

I really don’t like posting on this site but I had to find someplace to tell my stories.  These postings are not for everyone as they are very risque and risky.   39 more words


Healthy Skepticism: A Survival Trait

I encourage everyone to question, it is an essential survival trait.  Our species is successful because we are curious.  Currently we are encouraged to ask questions but only in a constrained context as defined within a school curriculum and toward innovation and economics. 65 more words



She wrapped me in her quilted smile

then torched the salty fabric of us,

tear stained and aching.

She knees cruel in the balls.

And I love her that way just the same. 37 more words


Want to Create Things That Matter? Be Lazy.

I am currently reading about the importance of “Grit” as a personality trait that leads to success.  But, there are downsides.  This link suggests that serious creative work need blocks of time and that appearing “lazy or distracted” are useful. 108 more words


Enthralled by Dreams of You

Translucent, vehement, denatured,

Your glaring glow heats the earthen shadows.

Your glancing glare writes hunger in my veins

And I could easily love your shape, 130 more words