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As well as art and music, I think dancing must be one of the most important things to me.  Ever since I was little I have loved it.   311 more words


The flames will penetrate your mind as you immerse yourself in the energy of the Fire

They have in their nature a most powerful force… 243 more words


quadrille: finger tracing spring

finger tracing contours of my thigh

open window; crisp lily white curtains


smell of earth

released from drifts of winter’s

last sigh; loamy; scent of promise… 21 more words


Pleasure We Share

hands on your hips,
tenderly grips,

thighs widely spread,
lowering head,

that heady scent,
which need does vent,

trim dark runway,
pointing the way,

to plump, pink lips, 123 more words

Erotic Poetry

Michele D’Avenia. Sensuality of subjects and the movements of femininity

Contemporary art is a complex phenomenon, the closer it is to us, the harder it is  to understand its philosophy or lack of ideology, contemplation or the call to act, in sensuality or the dispassionate evidence of reality. 267 more words


Taking Care of your Earthly Body - New Moon in Taurus

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To Love Like Alchemists

They … love like alchemists
choosing costly feeling shades
from their essential palate
reduced in the immediate
to rare precious elements
they refine like lead to gold. 94 more words