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MASSIVE news from Sentai Filmworks

Massive news from Sentai Filmworks!Taken directly from Sentai:

Today, Sentai Filmworks officially announced plans to dub, not one, but seven fan favorite anime titles from the Spring 2015 through Summer 2015 simulcast seasons. 303 more words


Five Dollar Gaming: Dual Heroes (N64)

About seven years after bringing it up in the Bloody Roar Retrospective, SCXCR is finally going to cover the game that made him utter the words “War Gods is better than this.”

Game Reviews

Fishing Indoor

Figma Astro Sunred is quite the antihero.


Goseiger Last Epic Blu-Ray


It’s been fun going back to our older releases and bringing them up to our current standards. Goseiger was always a special show to me so needless to say I enjoyed watching  this again and I hope you enjoy it too. 37 more words


[First Impressions] Voltron: Legendary Defender

It has been a week since this series was released on Netflix, and I could not have been happier to sit down at dawn on Sunday morning to binge-watch all 11 episodes. 952 more words


Gekisou Sentai Carranger VS Ohranger Blu-Ray


Here’s that something special we promised you! Taking place after the end of Ohranger, this movie finds our Cho-Riki heroes tracking down the last member of Baranoia, only to find a group of unremarkable civilians instead. 120 more words


Megaranger vs Carranger Blu-Ray


Gingaman vs Megaranger Blu-Ray is in the pipeline and Ohranger vs Kakuranger will be released sometime in the hopefully near future.