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"Aitaiyo(I Want To See You)" Mika Katsumura

This is one of my favorite songs, sung in Japanese language, from Japan.

This is one of the featured songs(soundtrack) from Japanese drama: “Mirai Sentai Timeranger”, which is the original serials of America’s “Power Rangers Time Force(PRTF)”. 84 more words


Next "Super Sentai" Serial is...

Next “Super Sentai” series’ serial is “Kaitou Sentai Lupin-ranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger”, which will be start on this February 11th.

“Super Sentai” series had started since 1975 in Japan, this serial is the original motif of “Power Rangers” of USA. 21 more words


Beast Fist Squadron Gekiranger – Complete Series Batch

Mega | Torrent


Edit: A V2 of Episode 4 has been added to the Mega folder that fixed a few errors.

Alright, hope everyone enjoyed Boukenger, because now we’re onto Gekiranger. 199 more words


A Saga da Sentai Vermelha: Carta 5

Ao Senhor Presidente das Nações Unidas e demais membros do conselho,

Quero primeiro me desculpar por não participar, de corpo presente, das homenagens e comemorações pela vitória da Terra sobre os centaurianos. 738 more words

Lightning Strike Force/Dengeki/Blitzkrieg Sentai Changeman - part 2

I’ve been adding some v2s for Changeman.  They feature: a smoother font, translations for insert songs, and some very, very, minor grammatical corrections.  So, no drastic changes or anything. 49 more words

Goseiger 1-50 HD


Probably not what you were expecting but here’s an early Christmas gift. EPisodes 1-50 are in HD and are new raws. The movies and extras are all from the old torrent so there’s no change there. 54 more words


Twelve Days 6: Samurai Flamenco

After all this time, I’m finally getting around to Samurai Flamenco! I guess I should say I’m getting around to finishing it. I watched this as it aired, for a few episodes. 885 more words