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#Animation #Nostalia: Battle of the Planets, the original #Sentai

   Being a creature fueled by nostalgia, from time to time I am haunted (in an awesome way) by memories from all of my childhood favorites. This evening I flashed on “ 78 more words


Juken Sentai Gekiranger

Time again to look at another entry in the Super Sentai franchise. This time the show we will be looking at is the 31st entry of the series which debuted in 2006. 636 more words

Super Sentai

"Sentai" (Power Rangers Inspired Short film) by Apsis Motion Pictures

I found this Power Rangers Inspired Short Film on my timeline earlier. It’s called Sentai. This isn’t a fan film of any sorts. This is an original take on giving tribute to the power rangers franchise. 67 more words


Are You Not Entertained? Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 11

Trade offs occur frequently in everyday life – more often than not when money or resources are concerned. In a business sense, trading off usually weighs a more immediate solution against a long-term one, leaving the company or individual to calculated the benefits and risks involved before making a decision. 727 more words


Ohranger 45-48 [END]


We’ll get to VS Kakuranger later on down the road, but for now Ohranger is officially done. It’s a been a fun, if slightly bumpy, ride but we hope you enjoyed it. 21 more words


Gatchaman Crowds - episode 1: The white bird is not lost

The first season of Gatchaman Crowds aired two years ago and I wanted to write a detailed analysis of it since then. But this series has so much to say in just twelve episode that I have constantly failed to finish this task because I don’t know where to start and to end my commentary. 4,135 more words

Gatchaman Crowds