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Game Changing Writing Advice: Sentence Starters

A while ago I wrote a post asking you lovely bloggers for advice on how to stop using He, She, Character Name as sentence starters. I am so overwhelmed by the level of guidance and support I received from that post. 549 more words



Keys are a fantastic resource to use in the classroom, if you can look for unusual keys in places such as junk shops or car boot sales.   101 more words


Teaching Comprehension Skills and Strategies Using Mentor Texts

When I taught, we dug deep into books using different comprehension skills and strategies.  While Karis is almost in 6th grade and she reads on an 8th grade level, I would like for her to dig deeper into the novels that she reads.   237 more words


Class Discussions That Run Themselves

What I Was Thinking…

Much of my classroom instruction revolves around the fifteen cognitive strategies Carol Booth Olson describes in her book The Reading Writing Connection… 1,193 more words


UNRESOLVED ESL POINT No.6: Starting a sentence with ‘And’

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As with so many things in the English language you as a teacher spent months and months drumming in the rule that and is a connecting word, it never never never starts a sentence. 82 more words


Nature Hike

This is my third year of retirement.
I still miss the classroom.
Every week, I meet with a group of retired educators.
A few weeks ago, one of these educators and I decided to volunteer at a school where our former principal is now assigned. 119 more words

Kindergarten Interactive Writing

We are learning a lot about the way words work in Kindergarten.  Just like the big 1st-graders, we have also been labeling pictures.  We each get to draw the line of what we want to label and Ms. 246 more words