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Sentence Starters

I noticed a lot of French learners focus on starting sentences during the oral portion of their exams, so I offer this collection… 658 more words

Sentence Starters


‘My undying love for Minions is intense and never ending.’ I knew this was a terrifically senseless interruption. Though I also knew that it would bring equal disaster and disruption to Group so as they so often did, the ends seemed to justify the means. 1,674 more words


Super Season Sentences

At the moment we are making our own non-fiction books about the seasons. Each page has a heading, picture and information sentences. 

Which is usually the coldest season? 53 more words


Part Two: How Many Days to America? by Eve Bunting

This week’s post is a continuation of a discussion from last week of how I used Eve Bunting’s book,  How Many Days to America?, to teach my students some important lessons about the immigrant experience in America. 656 more words

Accountable Talk / Sentence Starters

Here is a start. Please make a copy for yourself and edit it as you see fit. It would help if you also commented with your thoughts so that I can improve my sentence starters too.

Sentence starters

There are different ways to open a sentence. One is a ‘where’ starter.

e.g. At the end of the lane, stood an old house.

How many openers can you think of like this? Remember to finish each sentence.

Editing Tip #98 - Repetitive Patterns to Avoid

When it comes time to dust off the first draft of your story, after having left it for at least one month, there are certain things you will notice straight off: 378 more words

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