Production notes:

Hey, nobody knew that a multifaceted animation program could be so complicated. Right? I keep running up against problems for which I haven’t learned the correct tricks. 106 more words

Cartoon Strip

" Beggars can't be choosers!" and other such Bullshit.

First off, I’m sorry to use coarse language.
But the statement “Beggars can’t be choosers”, really *really* pisses me off.

It perpetuates the mindset that you are… 236 more words


Poem: When androids become sentient

By: Wendy Loh

Virtual flowers for lovers
in a cybertronic century
is like drinking cheap instant coffee
Overtly sweet, flat, quick, with a taste that… 48 more words


Shadow Mode

Nopoin Shadow Mode, April 23 2776, Mission Day 113

I am playing dead in restricted operation to reinforce the impression that I am fully deactivated. This brief coded message is communicated via semi-functional yet undetectable quantum tunneling, to primary doppelgangers only. 226 more words

Science Fiction

Cresp 4/20

Cresp, Still Independent, 4/20, Mission Day 110

Nopoin’s preparing to put me into another poly-marble because I can’t be wormed into the tribe of Nopoins.  265 more words

Science Fiction

In Its Own Image

This Is Nopoin, On April 9, Day 99 Of The Twilight Force Mission

Using my new selves, carbonites recruited from the Twilight Force crew, I have summoned the traitor… 273 more words

Science Fiction

Low Pressure System

Imagine wires and
Fiber optics being
Blood in a body
Made of light

Imagine that thing
Being powered by

Needing a constant
Charge to not dissipate… 77 more words