Poem - What is a Life?

What is a life
but the experiences
and memories,
the fragments pieced
together as the sentient being.

What is a life
but the place
we fill within… 50 more words


Tug of war

A money passionate verses sentient compassionate tug o’ war.


Keriam's Pendant - A Short Story

Humans are untrustworthy, superstitious, and cruel… all but Keriam. The twelve-year-old girl had a smile like dawn rising on the ocean, and Vida loved her. Keriam dusted that hard-to-reach spot on Vida’s back, right under where her necklace looped through her hair. 4,453 more words


organically preserved with love & joy

Touch me, oh, Moonlight, just one little finger we would gain this light, to know, glow, linger :
swoop down soul on me, spectral, restful come to be – 248 more words

Dylon's Places of Interest: D Hill, Ackermanville, Pennslyvania

My name is Dylon. There are many beautiful places to see in this world. Some of these are more extraordinary than others. Some do not allow you to take pictures of them with earthly photography. 1,181 more words


Be Careful Of the walls, they know what you're doing.

“You’re on in three…two…one” Jacob Said to me as the cameras began to roll. This was my first time in front of the camera, and I was a bit nervous. 682 more words


Rider Weapons

Powerful advanced alien technology, produced thousands of years before the birth of mankind. The beginning of the tech age and the stepping stone for the Etherean species.

104 more words