What is Sacred Activism - Part 1

In the September/October 2006 issue of Spirituality and Health magazine, Andrew Harvey in an article on Sacred Activism is quoted as saying: When the coming crisis reveals itself fully, it will threaten us at the most fundamental depths. 895 more words


mix… by ian-giw featuring lightweight furniture

Handmade lamp
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Rustic lighting
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Komodo home decor
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We Write

Letters to words to sentences to paragraphs to infinity.
It’s odd.
A grey machine of communication,
If at all.
A blank canvas
Held together… 131 more words


The rough draft of Sentient: Insurrection is finished. And I’m actually already 1/2 way through the second pass. WooHoo! Happy dance! Happy Dance!

#Sentient #amwriting #editing


This Haiku: Sentient Smile

Too enthralled my soul

looking deep into plaid eyes.

Next, the blessed ink.

Why New Zealand's Animal Sentience Law Falls Short

In what many are considering a landmark change to New Zealand law, all animals are now considered sentient beings—meaning, animals are recognized as having and expressing feelings and emotions. 882 more words