Born in Blood

I took the thing all wet and worn into the tenements
The linen wrapped ‘round smelled old while it soaked in some fresh death
It wore and tore, unfurled to show the strength in one’s last breath… 193 more words


Brief book review: Whipping Star - Frank Herbert

McKie began reflecting on his role of sentiency. Once, long centuries past, con-sentients with a psychological compulsion to ‘do good’ had captured the government. Unaware of the writhing complexities, the mingled guilts and self-punishments, beneath their compulsion, they had eliminated virtually all delays and red tape from government.

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A genderless expressionist painting. It’s not exactly what I wanted to do with the white wash ground – but provided a smooth surface to manoeuvre my fingers around the canvas. 59 more words

Acrylic Painting

Fertilizer - Mondays Finish the Story


“Are you laughing at me?“ said Benton, his sprayer raised threateningly.

The two orchids before him stood nearly 8-feet tall and boasted blooms the size of a refrigerator. 376 more words

Short Fiction

Sentient Artificial Intelligence, yay or nay?


is the ability to feel, perceive, and experience subjectively.

– wikipedia

Scientists and philosophers have been pondering if we will ever create artificial intelligence that will rival human intelligence.

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This is Your Day. Don't Miss It.

This is your day. Don’t miss it.

Don’t let today’s activities obscure the miracles. Forget the religious traditions. Forget the eggs and bonnets and services and dinners and family gatherings and blah blah blah… 163 more words

Victory in the "War of the Whales"

April 3, 2015

BIG NEWS: Yesterday, a federal court, siding with NRDC and our partners — and whales — ruled that U.S. Navy training exercises off the coasts of Southern California and Hawaii illegally harm whales, dolphins and countless other marine mammals. 225 more words

The World As I See It