Remember when I didn't finish this?

I sat this piece aside for a few days, added the reflections of those eyes in the shiny black tile floor and then never photographed it!   39 more words



“I had to light a spliff before I walk into the mall.”

A little pep talk so I could bring myself to pick up my last paycheck to a sales job I lost all enthusiasm and interest for. 410 more words


Able to experience things through the senses. Latin “sentientum” < “sentire”=to feel.


Episode 104- Sentient and GenCon 2017 Preview


In this week’s episode:

1) The Pegs discuss recent news and a recent game plays including Founders of Gloomhaven, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Sidereal Confluence, Raxxon, and more; 62 more words


Bicentennial Man // "One is glad to be of service"

Bicentennial Man (1999)

“One is glad to be of service”

Director: Chris Columbus

Cast: Robin Williams (Andrew Martin), Embeth Davidtz (Little Miss/Portia Charney), Sam Neill (Richard Martin), Oliver Platt (Rupert Burns) 1,413 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Talking Empathy with a Vegan

While hanging out in a social media group for “Empaths” I fell into an animated conversation regarding the long time battle between Vegans & Everyone else. 728 more words