AI v homo sapiens

There is a lot of angst expressed about the development of AI with neural networks enabling increasing levels of ‘autonomous’ thought such as to rival, or even, replace, our human brain capabilities. 701 more words


Release Day!!!

Today’s the day! Sentient is out and selling well. And I have a surprise. Those of you who buy Sentient this week (from August 11th through August 15th), you’ll get a free copy of Under Twin Suns! 56 more words


In The Kitchen

It should be 9:40,
But it is not. At least for myself and friends,
Because Clock has not been set correctly.
She sits on my wall with a face like Buddha… 265 more words

Will sentient machines eat the web and the end of the human race?

If a cat looks like a cat, smells like a cat, purrs when you stroke it.  Arches it’s back and rubs against your leg.  Is it a cat? 422 more words



I know they’re not sentient, but trees seem as alive to me as humans. They seem to desire contact with one another, much like most humans yearn for some connection with other people. 54 more words

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