Talking Empathy with a Vegan

While hanging out in a social media group for “Empaths” I fell into an animated conversation regarding the long time battle between Vegans & Everyone else. 728 more words

Game Buzz: Sentient Flip Ships

Today, I want to give overviews of a couple of games coming soon from Renegade Games.  We’ll start with

Sentient is a game designed by J. 1,187 more words

Game Buzz

Stream of Consciousness Impressions of Sentient

Sentient is a new 2-4 player, 45-60 minute card selection, dice manipulation, area control, set collection, thinky puzzler game from Renegade Game Studios.  It’s designed by… 1,379 more words

Game Impressions

Finding something I lost... perspective

So. I lost my iPhone a few days ago. It was flicked from my office desk. I went through all the stages that everyone who has ever lost or had their phone stolen. 455 more words

Flexjet Is Launching A New App For iPhones

Fractional Share and Jet Card seller Flexjet is planning to launch a new App this summer for iPhones. According to a preview seen by Private Jet Card Comparisons the new app features:  138 more words

Wholly Holy Black Hole

I will write free verse
of the universe, letters as galaxies,
implied points clear as constellations,
stars appear closer than they seem
when seen from light years away across… 31 more words