Elon Musk Is Trying To Create Sentient Sex Robots


The billionaire entrepreneur tweeted Tuesday that he’s preparing to launch Neuralink, a new venture that the Wall Street Journal reported would focus on “neural lace.” 417 more words



My mother used to gush about how well beer went with chocolate and I agreed, so every time I enjoy a nice amber ale and there’s chocolate nearby, I have to indulge. 387 more words

AI Project, Part 4 - Machine Learning Methods, Part I

Sorry for the long wait. I’m Ethan Block, and this is part 4 of an ongoing series about my artificial intelligence project. I’m joined by Clark Hubbard, who I’m sure loves artificial intelligence as much as I do. 897 more words

Artificial Intelligence


Living world

price of a dream…

River of blood, 32 more words

Where Are You?

The title of this post isn’t meant to ask where you are in a spatial location, but in terms of time.  Where are you—where are we all, for that matter—in the life of this universe?  551 more words

Composure Magazine - VÉRITÉ

VÉRITÉ feature written for the current issue of Composure Magazine.

An excerpt:

Vérité pulls you in with her resonating vocals and an intense independence that we all can envy.  676 more words