Composure Magazine - VÉRITÉ

VÉRITÉ feature written for the current issue of Composure Magazine.

An excerpt:

Vérité pulls you in with her resonating vocals and an intense independence that we all can envy.  676 more words


Sentient Machines

Kids media is full of sentient machines, from Thomas The Tank Engine to Brum, these things trundle around as of their free will, sometimes even holding their human counterparts “hostage” as in the case of Thomas where the human seem to be mere observers of the activities. 107 more words


AI Project, Part 3: The Beowulf Cluster

The third installment of an ongoing series regarding the development of an artificial intelligence by Ethan Block, and the efforts to prevent and destroy it by Clark Hubbard. 573 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Prayer of Good Health

“TAYATA OM BEKANDZE BEKANDZE MAHA BEKANDZE RANDZE SAMUNGATE SOHA” With this mantra heal all sentient beings from all sufferings both internal as well as external ailments and bring good health to all.


AR/VR: Sentient

The work I produced focused on the homeless issue in Portland, and I guess, in a larger context, the issue along the West Coast. I’m a snap happy photographer with a mentality that rarely stops me from taking a photo, no matter the scene. 610 more words


AI Project, Part 2: Artificial Neural Networks

A little late, but finally here. This is Part 2 in an ongoing series regarding the development of an AI by Ethan Block, and the efforts of Clark Hubbard to prevent the AI from destroying humanity. 1,116 more words

Artificial Intelligence