Monique's Participating in the "Almost Human" Fan Convention!

This is just a quick PSA to announce that I will have a panel at the Almost Human Fan Convention taking place on the AH Fan Con’s Tumblr! 102 more words



“Tom, please get our guest another drink while I fix supper.”

“By all means, Catherine.”

The prim and proper manner of my hosts still struck me as odd. 301 more words

Short Story

Calling Reviewers

The edits for Sentient went quickly, thanks to the hard work of those at Lands Atlantic.  A couple good feeling days helped, too.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently battling with Chronic Fatigue.   92 more words


Second Edits for Sentient

I checked my mail and to my excitement, I found an awaited package from my publisher at Lands Atlantic.  Second round of edits for #Sentient. 340 more words


“I now rescind all cords, contracts and energies connected to negative familial patterning, negative programming, limited beliefs and invisible loyalties that hinder my well-being and prevent me from realizing my full and divinely planned potential. 238 more words


Kirin (Or Of Machines and Men)

The first thing he noticed upon reactivation, was that the air was cold, bitterly so, and full of falling white flakes of ice. The second thing was that his legs were mostly charred scrap metal now, barely attached to the rest of him by nearly frayed support cables and flex-wire. 1,349 more words


Frozen Fire

Finished the edits on #FrozenFire.  Go me!!!  Submitted it to the interested publisher.  I’ll give it a month head start, then start sending it out to other publishers. 93 more words