The Vorrh by Brian Catling - Review

“My name is Muybridge and here’s the answer to the letter you sent my wife.”

The trigger pulls, the muzzle flashes, the bullet cracks, and Major Harry Larkyns is dead – shot at point-blank range in an act of pre-meditated vigilantism. 979 more words


Personal Log

Eye of Roh HQ/Quantar Core

I started my run tonight at Sol Core where I had parked my freighter after delivering a load of commods for Machined Parts, and then took a few days R&R.   277 more words

Pilot Log

Personal Log

Corridor Station

I launched intending on doing more common-ore mining but saw a battle marker in Quantar Core sector, so I turned around and docked my Khamsin at The Stone Temple and switched to my Phoon. 202 more words

Pilot Log

To Shrimp or Not to Shrimp?

Today I had a little learning experience on my vegan journey.

Everything about my day was going smoothly, but for lunch I ended up at a small seafood restaurant with my family. 229 more words


Thomas Was Alone (PS4) -- Review

After playing a couple of huge, nearly endless, AAA titles, I wanted to play a couple of smaller, indie games as a change up.   873 more words


Sentient Attack Damages Antiflux CP

Thane Carios

(Amananth)  Multiple C-17 bombing runs on the Antiflux Custom Producer in Amananth sector resulted in moderate damage to the building.

The attack began around 21:00 UTC and continued for nearly an hour.   82 more words


Track of the Day: Head On A Plate - Wooden Horsemen

Local beauties Wooden Horsemen have released the first single off their upcoming LP, Sentient, slated for released early 2016. Read our review of the last Wooden Horsemen show we had the pleasure of seeing, you can also check out some great live footage of the band at the Juniper Room at the end of summer.