The Maker Dilemma

I promised a sequel to The Robot Who Loved God and here it is. Hopefully, it will address a lot of the reader’s analysis found here… 13,030 more words

Science Fiction

A Belief System for the 21st Century

A Belief System For The 21st Century

by Richard O. Colestock

Copyright 2016

“The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is…42!”

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… 2,910 more words

Quantar Shares Results Of Septio Interrogation

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

TriPoint Station (TRI-FP) – In an exclusive interview with TRINN, Governor Queliar Neamru II (QN) discusses some of the promising results garnished from the interrogation of Septio. 408 more words


Nobody Knows

Nobody knows how things will go on from here. Nobody knows. So don’t worry about it too much. Do what you can to anchor yourself in this insane flood we call life, and help others to do so if you can. 303 more words


Ink spills.

A dry drink of silence
sequestered in light’s breeze

I putter and unfold and reach
into a sentient daydream

And taste syllables of
dawn and feathers of still… 23 more words

Poem And Prose

Bossy hair phase

It was the summer before third grade, and I had decided that my hair was sentient, with me acting as her mouthpiece. She was long and dark and did not want to be cut off. 279 more words

Mad Sheep

Short science-fiction film: Rise

In the near future, sentient robots are targeted for elimination after they develop emotional symmetry to humans and a revolutionary war for their survival begins. 8 more words