Childlike Feeling

Long ago time

a childlike feeling

a sentient crime 63 more words

New to Me - December 2017

Posting this in between the two posts for top games played in 2017 because, well, reasons that will become apparent when the 2nd post comes out later this week. 1,426 more words

Board Games

Biweekly Monster-Brachyids

Brachyids are a large specimen of crab that is half sentient. They use and create tools for fishing and warfare, but their communication is rudimentary and primal, hardly to be considered a language. 536 more words


Future is now

The Good, the bad, and the ugly

Smart technology covers many areas now; Having disrupted building controls, mobile communications, electricity provision, it becomes more entwined with daily life. 435 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Value of Nothing

Calculating Value

If we were to look at the bigger picture created by an interconnected world, we need to see some more value being attached to the intangible benefits of our species. 593 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Are animals sentient beings?

First let’s check you know what sentient means.

Sentient – adjective – able to perceive or feel things.

Most of the UK’s animal welfare law comes from the EU, so it is quite interesting right now as part of Brexit whether MP’s in Parliament are choosing to continue the EU legislation word for word or water it down for a future UK outside the EU. 119 more words

Lost Sentient

All broken and battered,

has our honour been shattered?

why is my name being called out again?

Shallow and gross negligence,

leads to this harsh repentance, 139 more words