Bodily Integrity - Vampire Verisimilitude

There’s been a lot of talk recently in the media about how women should be treated and how to treat those who think otherwise.

Why is this still an issue in 2016? 402 more words

Cedarcrest Sanctum

Sentient Tree

It feels so strange how times have changed,

I look on from afar at every passing car.

Everyone’s so busy, seems they don’t have a clue… 138 more words


Plants Have Feelings Too Ya Know | Vegan Probz

I used to think that people would tell a vegan plants have feelings just to wind them up…

Seems I was wrong 635 more words





If humans are creatures of the heart and soul, azurites are of the mind. They are slender, physically weak creatures but have a notable, though not hugely greater, intelligence. 475 more words


ipfilterX Codename Davos II

>Date 07/10/2016


-Blocked Threats: 45
-Updated Threats: 4
-IP Added Record: +3K


>Parsed lines/entries:21K Found IP ranges:21K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs… 89 more words


Sitting here, alone, in my sparsely furnished two-by-four room, scratching my life-affirming sentient mind in feeble attempt to conjure a unique, though provoking line of expression that would merit expansion beyond a simple page; significant to the pulse of the day as to garner the increasingly precious idle moments of perspective readers knowing full-well the level of competition imposed by like-minded, sentient scribes, equally motivated to infuse their seemingly unique style upon the world stage of celebrated authors past, present and future; yet knowing full well the potential of such, rivals the ability to fly unheeded by the force thrust of rocket engines or the simple adjunct of the wind propelling propeller attached to the top of a benny-cap of old; now imposes a sense of dread spawned by the true knowing that achieving such a lofty goal, as levelled within this introductory text, stands increasingly less probability to materialize as to render any further energy of mind transformed into words; wasted.

Poettry & Prose

Church World

Churches are struggling these days, including those of the Presbyterian variety.  I read this morning of First Presbyterian Oswego, Kansas that is closing its doors after decades of service. 455 more words