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It's All Just Stuff

This year I decided to embark on the biggest purge of my life, which involved going through all of my belongings to determine what I wanted to keep and what needed to go. 248 more words


The Dumb Book

The Dumb Book

An old man died and he requested that he be buried with a book of pressed plants. The book did not mean anything to anyone else, but while the man was still alive he would look through this book and recall the memories of his past. 266 more words

Hans Christian Andersen!!

SOUFEEL Charm Bracelet Review + Discount Code

When searching for a sentimental gift, a charm bracelet is a great choice. Each charm can commemorate a certain event and/or memory. As a person who likes jewelry that means something, I was thrilled when… 523 more words



“A nigga so goddamned stressed out it feels like fuck everything right now”

-Kendrick Lamar, Far From Here

You know how it feels like when you lose your mobile phone? 627 more words

I Should Really Hold onto That for Later

I haven’t fallen asleep in a library for a few weeks. That is probably a step in the right direction. Though I did realize the other day that everything I own is for sale at the right price. 1,411 more words


Another point in the book vs. e-reader debate

Great piece by Nick Bilton in the New York Times: In a Mother’s Library, Bound in Spirit and in Print.

. . . that doesn’t mean I want my mother’s old Kindle to remember her by.

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Little Things

Little things,

Why are you sweet?

Why are you important?

Why do you mean the world?

Why do you not want to fade with time? 26 more words

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