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Vince Vaughn And Don Rickles Eat Dinner, Bust Balls, And This Is My Favorite Interview About Comedy In Years

Don Rickles was a Comedy legend. He was best known as an Insult Comic because he could pinpoint someone in the audience and roast that person on the spot. 234 more words


Sentimental Value

Hi my name is Muthoni and I have a slight hoarding problem.Was I using, ‘Sentimental Value’as click bait? Maybe :D but you will see why I used this title further down. 435 more words

This Is Me

Who You Belong To

A reading from the book of Ephesians 2: 19 – 22 “Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant or insecure, remember to whom you belong.”

Human beings have a way of making the other feel unloved, even the very people who delivered you into this world and were entrusted with loving you – your parents, can make you feel worthless. 373 more words


April 8, 2017 – It was a beautiful Saturday – thunderstorms, rain, wind, no chance of sunshine. You know, the ideal weather for every Californian. Luckily, the motivation to donate was enough to encourage many people to face the elements and give to a good cause. 311 more words


R.I.P., favorite sweater.

Q: How to tell when it’s time to let go of that favorite sweater?

A: It will tell you. In no uncertain terms.

I had my favorite sweater for over 10 years. 656 more words

Random Silliness

The Ring

There is one stainless steel ring I keep wearing all the time in this last period. Not because it has any particular material or sentimental value, but simply because I like the design of small flowers it features, flowers that manage to make some difference and let my thoughts drift away from this strange reality that is currently suffocation my mind, body and soul. 1,709 more words

Raggedy, Monsters, and Stuff.

When I was a young child my sister and I would make our Christmas lists on Thanksgiving.  It was a family tradition, the lists went home with our Grandparents to be mailed to Santa Claus.   1,514 more words

Daily Living