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Stewardship Lessons from a Folding Table

I received a message from the church’s text brigade. It was our church’s 40th anniversary the following day, and they were asking for volunteers to bring folding tables that will be used during lunch.

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Without Question This Is The Best Vietnam War Footage Anyone Has Ever Unearthed — The Battle Of Ia Drang

The Battle of Ia Drang was the first major engagement in the Vietnam War, with U.S. and North Vietnamese forces clashing in a battle lasting three days. 283 more words



Oh me, Oh my! The struggle of cleaning out my closet and room for my upcoming move is definitely real.  In a sense, I’ve realized that I am somewhat a hoarder, but not those TLC kinds.   409 more words

This World War 2 Veteran's Story From The Pacific Will Make You Want To Open-Mouth Kiss A Bald Eagle

Phil Hollywood was a sailor aboard the USS Melvin destroyer during World War 2, and Phil’s ship was part of the lead attack during the Battle of Surigao Straight. 216 more words


The Art Teacher's Role

Where else do people form more of their opinions about what is and isn’t art, which art is good and which art is not, than in the classroom. 589 more words


Holding tight to heal

                                    The effect in sickness

of beautiful objects,

of variety of objects,

and especially of brilliancy of color

is hardly at all appreciated…

actual means of recovery. 145 more words

For Survivor

Where books go to die

Christmas is over, the New Year approaches and I’m thinking about taking down the tree and packing it lovingly away under the stairs. The trouble is that the removal of the Christmas trimmings will be my signal to start a clear-out. 883 more words