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More Than Repair: Elevating Memory with Kintsugi

Humanity can be callous and wasteful, but we often form attachments to things. Can connecting with sentimentality help encourage awareness?

In this age of technology and mass production, we are accustomed to replacing things as they age and break down. 408 more words


Keeping history. (Minimalism, post 8.)

In terms of minimalism, I’ve been thinking about the difference between historical value and sentimental value in objects. I’ve been focusing on sentimental value – I’m enjoying lightening my life, but practicing the discipline of physical non-attachment to… 235 more words


Call me sentimental....

There’s lots of benefits to working directly with a bridal client on a bespoke piece, but one that brings immense satisfaction is being able to incorporate items of sentimental value to the bride. 123 more words


Lost and Found

By some miracle, a bookmark that I acquired in Taiwan in 1989 has remained in my possession, showing very little wear and tear, in spite of my indifference to it. 361 more words

From my Grandparents house to mine...

​When I was young I went to my grandparent’s house for a week every summer. 

At first I didn’t know why my parents wanted my sister and me to go away for so long but now that I’m older I get it!

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The New World of Minimalism

On my way to work, I was listening to one of Alex Elle’s podcast episodes from ‘hey, girl.’ She has a couple of episodes about minimalism, but the episode ( 719 more words

Afro Minimalist

This Retired Marine Corps Pilot Is The Only Private Citizen In The World Who Owns A Harrier Fighter Jet

Art Nalls is a 65-year-old retired Lt. Colonel with the United States Marine Corps. He is the only private citizen on planet earth who owns a British Aerospace Sea Harrier jump jet, one of the most revered fighter jets ever built. 652 more words