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Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

When it comes to things which serve more of a functional purpose over aesthetic I’ve always had this motto: “Does it still work? …Yes? Then I don’t want to buy a new one.” Winter boots, cell phones, and trash cans have stayed in my possession until they’ve reached their very last breath. 501 more words

Constellation - Stuff: Objects and Materiality in Society

Today was one of those surprisingly good days. I arrived today really hoping that todays lesson was going to be as interesting as the initial presentation that Ashley gave two weeks ago, and I wasn’t disappointed. 404 more words


The Sorrow of Parting, or Accepting Farewell to My Yellow Socks

Disclaimer: I promise I write about more than articles of clothing. My last post about pants and the sock incident detailed below just happened to occur in close proximity. 680 more words

Why meeting your Airbnb guest in person matters

Accepting your first guest – or any guest, for that matter – through Airbnb is exciting. You’ll be counting down the days until they arrive, keen to show them your pad and ‘hood, and even keener to ensure they have a good time while in both. 550 more words

First Rifle of the Outback

As part of my dissertation I interviewed friends and acquaintances on objects of sentimental value to them. One of my interviewees, upon discussing a bullet shell from his time in Australia, was particularly difficult to get information out of. 109 more words

Creative Writing

A Box of Jewelry

I wrote this post on August 11, 2013 (or maybe August 18, 2013?).

We are moving, and because we are moving, we are also packing.  On the top shelf of my closet I have a lot of bags.  249 more words


It's All Just Stuff

This year I decided to embark on the biggest purge of my life, which involved going through all of my belongings to determine what I wanted to keep and what needed to go. 248 more words