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Holding tight to heal

                                    The effect in sickness

of beautiful objects,

of variety of objects,

and especially of brilliancy of color

is hardly at all appreciated…

actual means of recovery. 145 more words

For Survivor

"It is our.... that we should treasure"

Following up a recent post I wrote regarding cleaning up our house, I came across some very insightful words about one of the hardest things to part with: those sentimental memories from our past. 211 more words


Where books go to die

Christmas is over, the New Year approaches and I’m thinking about taking down the tree and packing it lovingly away under the stairs. The trouble is that the removal of the Christmas trimmings will be my signal to start a clear-out. 883 more words


My Precious

Time check, 1:04am, still trying to stay awake to enjoy my rest day. Last day of my rest day.
Earlier or should I say yesterday I unearth one of my treasure-the remains of my first and second salary. 460 more words

Rest Day

Cobbling back memories

In a culture where it is common to buy and throw things away at an increasing rate—phones, friends, furniture—Chia Chong Sin is in the business of preservation. 396 more words


Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

When it comes to things which serve more of a functional purpose over aesthetic I’ve always had this motto: “Does it still work? …Yes? Then I don’t want to buy a new one.” Winter boots, cell phones, and trash cans have stayed in my possession until they’ve reached their very last breath. 501 more words

Constellation - Stuff: Objects and Materiality in Society

Today was one of those surprisingly good days. I arrived today really hoping that todays lesson was going to be as interesting as the initial presentation that Ashley gave two weeks ago, and I wasn’t disappointed. 404 more words